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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Going to be starting this beast soon as well. (Well, technically already started on the cleaning and assembly).
  2. Thank you everyone, I much appreciate the thoughts!
  3. So you just use primer then instead of sat Brown liner, etc.? What about for base colors and such. Do you use reaper paints? How much do you tend to think those?
  4. I know a lot of you use airbrushes on your bones, but my question is how well does the liner method work? I figure it would have to be thinned, but does using airbrush thinner get around the hydrophobic tendencies of bones? What ratio do you use? As always thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Red and green swirled. Just cheap Chessex dice though.
  6. So Day 1 highlights for me: Dungeon Dwellers Troll Bridge Aganzarax Fire Giant Dragon Bust Catapult Lowlights: Most of the spell effects (though I like the disc) Boulderkin Stain Glass Golem Kid Heroes Townsfolk (they are just a bit too static for me) All in all though very happy. Core Set still going to be great for me and there are a bunch of add one I want. Hard part will be figuring out the budget.
  7. I've always been a fan of emeralds and sapphires due to the color, though not enough to specifically buy jewelry with them, etc.
  8. Yeah really liking the dragon bust. Great price too. Will probably pick up two of them. Will make for great scenery around entrance to a dungeon for instance.
  9. Love the catapult. Not impressed with the kids, but that's just me.
  10. Yeah lag issues made it tricky. Got my Wave 1 at least. There were 1000 left when I first hit it, zero when processed. /Whew
  11. Eh, my summer was pretty boring to be honest, so ummm, grilling? And yes, avoid Bones V questions, we"ll have enough of those in the other threads.
  12. Did ok with my list. Haven't quite finished the nativity set, but did get a few other figured done. While I didn't technically paint any of the Dwarven Forge, I did acquire more, so that counts right? I dunno, I'll tell you when I get good at a hobby skill!
  13. Leaving it. Seriously though, it's family and the house I own. We'd probably move but for having all the family nearby and the difficulty that would arise in getting a similar job at a similar rate elsewhere.
  14. Well, initially it no doubt had to do with the thinner. Later on I am guessing I was just over applying then. More experimentation forthcoming!
  15. Currently 67 and sunny. Expected to get up to 76 by the end of the day.
  16. Sorry for the slight derail. Just a quick question. I just started airbrushing and am currently just priming as I build up my control. With the Stynylrez I noticed the primer was very wet and took quite a while to dry. Is this normal or did I just over apply it? I initially put a bit of thinner in (which would explain it if Stynylrez doesn't need thinning) but then was going straight primer. Was at about 15 psi fwiw.
  17. Raps the wooden table before tossing salt over my shoulder. Superstitious nonsense!
  18. Will definitely look into those as well, thanks!
  19. And I've already learned something. I just assumed you couldn't mix in the airbrush cup.
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