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  1. For everyday practicalities, I'd say indoor plumbing. For longterm benefits, I might have to go with flight simply because it was the first step to the stars and eventually we, as a species, will have to leave the planet behind.
  2. Aye nicely done, and $10 is very good for those. The full unit (10 guys) retails for $60.
  3. Very lovely! Excellent job on the blending too. I'm officially jealous! :)
  4. Kind of depends, are we talking one on one "bare fisted"? Give me the honey badger. Are we talking about access to ingenuity, and typical social/hunting patterns (i.e. pack hunters, schools of fish, etc.?) Then it gets a lot more interesting. A colony of human sized fire ants or similar would be down right terrifying. One on one, but access to ingenuity and tools? Probably human as we would have access to manufactured weapons and bringing all the predators/pachyderms, etc. down to our size would handicap them. One thing's for sure though, nobody would go into the Amazon river. Could you imagine a school of human sized piranha?
  5. I'd have to go with the past simply because I'd be afraid I'd end up like Stallone in Demolition Man and not know how to use the bathroom.
  6. Not sure I really have anything that qualifies, probably the closest would be some of the bigger cases that I've won, which isn't generally something that I would bring up in normal conversation for a variety of reasons. I guess a close second is getting called out in a dedication in a recently published novel. Not so much proud, as honored that she thought to do that simply because I had helped her with some of the plot details by answering questions for her. I would also say I'm one part proud, three parts surprised every time players come back for another session in any of the RPG campaigns I've run. :p
  7. Moving in two weeks. Or more specifically, being done with moving in a little over two weeks. :)
  8. I'm not sure what I would ask, but I'm pretty sure my cat's answers would always be: "Slave! Get me my food!" with an occasional "You may pet me now slave . . . no, not there, here . . . That's enough!"
  9. I have a few: My most recent Pathfinder character was a monk who had the ability to cast Enlarge Person at-will (though only did so to himself). I described his alignment as Lawful Angry. He typically went by the name "8" for background reasons, but his given name was Will Biggsby. In Iron Kingdoms RPG I played troll warlock with a Troll Bouncer for a beast companion. Beast's name was Dalton. In my current Kingmaker game that I am running, one of my players has had a problem with "resiliency" on her character(s). She has named her current character Kanon Phodder. The most silly thing I have done was using the reaper mini Lardguulp (I think?) for one of the bad guys recently. As I was painting him up I noticed he had a chicken or some sort of fowl hanging on his belt, but it was shaped more like the good ole Rubber Chickens that were so infamous in my youth. Naturally I couldn't help but to make said rubber chicken magical and thus, created the Rubber Chicken of Wonder with mostly appropriately silly results for when it's used. Those are the ones that most readily come to mind. Normally I'm pretty bad with names, despite having been a longtime DM.
  10. For me, its probably Kaladrax that stands out the most, though to be fair there are a number of models that are on my "Ehhh, a little more experience first would be good" list.
  11. Cool, I'm very much the same way which is what the point of my post was (i.e. mocking myself) but I also realized it could have been taken exactly the opposite way. I'm very glad that I have access to several of my preferred websites for when times are slow.
  12. Man, if they ever do this to me at my work, its gonna be rough. I mean, I might have to actually work throughout the entire. Who wants to do that? And please, that is not meant as being directed at OP, I always hate it when one of my websites I like to browse suddenly hits the firewall block at work. :(
  13. Hmmm, usually going out to dinner and having a beer with dinner, or sometimes just talking with Mrs. Gargs. Mostly I try not to let things stress me out if I can avoid it and just roll with the flow so to speak, but a relaxing drink can certainly help.
  14. And here I was going to put the blame on my ancient computer here at work. You know the one where any fixes to it are best done with Shotguns and Coffee.
  15. Probably Fantasy. Mainly like it because it tends to usually be easy for me to read before bed (i.e. don't have to think too hard) and because, of course, its fantasy. :) Sci-Fi is up there too and mysteries/thrillers can be a lot of fun. There really isn't much I don't read, just limited time tends to make fantasy an easy selection for me.
  16. I worked retail for several years in high school and college so I do tend to have patience for retail workers, and I am pretty forgiving of servers in restaurants, etc. in part because so many people stiff servers or have unreasonable expectations from servers. Pretty much with customer service, retail, etc., I ask that they be polite and professional and I'm good to go so to speak. As for funny stories, in high school I worked at an office/school supply store. We sold everything from filing cabinets to bulletin board decorations for teachers, etc. Anyway, we always had bulletin boards up in the store that changed with the season designed to draw shoppers to certain areas, etc. They were largely modeled the same way a grade school teacher might do theirs, etc. One year we had a board that was arctic themed (I can't recall why) but anyway, we had put up a headline along the lines of "Explore The Amazing Arctic" or somesuch. I was always in charge of proofreading the boards because spelling was something I was generally decent at and we were a small store and the owners while very good businesspeople were not good at spelling. So a customer comes in and very pointedly tells us "You know your bulletin board back there is spelled wrong." Me (looking at the board and frowning): Oh really? Well thanks, we'll look into that. Customer: Yes, its spelled A-R-T-I-C Me: Hmmm, thanks, I thought I had looked up to make sure, but I must have missed it. (while thinking, I know I double checked it) Customer: Well I would know because I'm an editor of the (insert local newspaper name here). Me (no longer able to resist because he was being so pompous, grabbing the dictionary and turning to the proper spelling arctic): Hmmm, says here we have it right. Customer: *eyes narrow* Quick aside before the punchline: A few months before that, the paper had run an article on the Enola Gay exhibit at the Smithsonian and the protests/controversy surrounding it given that it was commemorating the dropping of an atomic bomb. The headline for the article read "Enola Homosexual Exhibit Causes Controversy" because a) They didn't know that the Enola Gay was an airplane and b) They didn't know it was named after the pilot's mother. Me: By the way, what is the current state of the Enola Homosexual exhibit at the Smithsonian? Customer: *Storms out of the store* My Boss: You know, normally I would yell at you for that, but that @$$&*^# had it coming.
  17. Very nice, I particularly like the job boards since those are things we don't see all that often.
  18. The "best" answers were already taken! I guess I would say I am best at making a mess of things, both on the mini and in the work area. Seriously though, I don't really think I have a "best" aspect yet, though I do think I have become half way tolerable at blending certain shades, though highlights still tend to elude me.
  19. Combination of gaming "needs" and seeing cool paint jobs on similar models either here or at other social media outlets. As for this weekend, sadly no. There will be little to no hobby time for the foreseeable future as I am in the process of packing up one house to move to another. Which is a good thing of course, just no hobby time. :P
  20. Oh, just a few: RPGs Video Games Supernatural Star Trek The Expanse Lord of the Rings Table Top Miniatures Gaming (Warmahordes and Infinity in particular) Board Games Card Games Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books Will almost always check out new sci-fi movies/TV shows, etc.
  21. Pretty much anything can go in a sandwich. As for when it stops being a sandwich? Probably when you can no longer pick it up and fit it in your pie-hole to take bites. But only in rare situations can a sandwich pass inspection if its lacking mustard. Generally those situations involve it being an ice cream sandwich, or possibly, a steak sandwich -- though even there mustard is acceptable. Oh and for those curious, "yellow mustard" is not mustard. :)
  22. Make: Hmmm, probably anything with chocolate. Cupcakes, cookies, something like that. Bring: Beer. Eat: I'll second the deviled eggs. I love them, but have never made them and sadly, Mrs. Gargs does not like them, so not likely to get made by us all that often.
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