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  1. So I have finally taken the plunge and gotten an airbrush. I've been perusing the Airbrush Compendium, but was curious if anyone had any recommended sites for tips and tutorials since most of the Compendium is a bit old. Primarily going to be priming initially (got some Stynyl Rez primer) but just looking for other basic tips, including even what y'all mix your paints in before transferring to the gravity fed airbrush since the well there doesn't really work well for mixing. As always, thanks in advance!
  2. I'd like to think I'll mostly be remembered for being considerate and thoughtful. Probably though I will just end up being remembered for being a smart arse.
  3. Butter and syrup. Anything else is just messing with perfection.
  4. As for metallics, I also like Privateer Press' P3 line, though they can be difficult to get a hold of at times. I would suggest build new colors slowly. See what you paint and look for which colors you find yourself mixing up often or wish you had already. If you figure out how to deal with mold lines on Bones, please let me know! A good light source is also important. Most important, have fun!
  5. I would cure my ulcerative colitis which is a chronic condition. Would allow me to be more active and more comfortable in public. As chronic conditions go, it's not too terrible, and is largely managed, but it does still cause problems. Plus I have to give myself a shot every other week, which is annoying. I told Mrs. Gargs I knew I was getting older. When I was younger I collected "things". Toys, memorabilia, etc. Now I collect doctors.
  6. I still consider myself a beginner, so haven't really taught anyone anything. My friends that hobby have all been in the hobby business longer than I. Occasionally help Mrs. Gargs with something, but our hobbies don't really overlap much.
  7. Hobbywise: I have some Dwarven Forge terrain to paint still and would like to generally keep my fairly consistent production (for me) going. Also have to start hammering out the rest of the Reaper Nativity set and start cracking into Bones IV. Non-Hobbywise: Hmmm, not sure really. Have a couple big trials at the end of the month, but that's about it.
  8. Not sure I've ever really eaten anything that qualifies as weird, though that likely is largely dependent on where you are from I suppose. Oysters on the half shell are thought of as "weird" by a lot of people in my area, but then in my area a lot of people have never seen the ocean and think that fish sticks count as real seafood. Personally, I will try most things once, though there will likely be a line drawn somewhere (I'm looking at you haggis).
  9. I'd go with cookies, but then I'd never stop eating so it would be a horrible cycle.
  10. I definitely run into it, particularly with shades and highlights as my blending still sucks and I always feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, it usually ends up as a so so tabletop quality which is pretty much what I hope for (I'm not experienced enough to do anything better than that). Faces though always make me sad. I really do suck at those. Lol
  11. Im guessing he's referring to negative energy in the rpg sense which is similar to necrotic energy. A.k.a death effects and the like. Draining of one's life force, etc.
  12. Stop holding my tongue when dealing with people. (Particularly at work, though it's not the co-workers that are the problem).
  13. No. Usually I actually prefer it doesn't. TV/movies are for entertainment for me. If I want commentary I'll watch news or talk with friends/co-workers, etc.
  14. Meeting Mrs. Gargs. For the non-sappy answer: I was driving one day when there was a bit of snow and ice on the ground. Two lanes going in my direction and there were two cars side by side ahead of me. One of them skidded a bit and fish tailed into the other, causing both to start to lose control. I tried to brake and immediately began to spin. I stopped the spin after a half turn, which allowed me to skid backwards, directly between the two cars ahead of me as they had bounced off each other. I am told it looked really cool. I was just thankful I didn't need a change of clothes afterward.
  15. Probably about 6 or 7 years ago for work. And no, I no longer own one.
  16. A few things. My job has resulted in my name being in the paper on a regular basis. Often weekly. Additionally, when I was in college, I was on a campus safety poster (as a model, not as a "be on the lookout for" lol) Finally, and perhaps coolest, there is a character in a couple of novels named after and based on me. Very minor character though. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Pretty sure the Secret Service has a file on me.
  17. Well I don't wear sandals unless I'm on the beach, in which case I won't have socks on. But I'm about as fashion unconscious as it gets, so most of the time I don't even notice what is on someone else's feet.
  18. In terms of painted: nothing really that stands out. Mainly just haven't gotten enough done to really have one stand out. As for unpainted though: Kaladrax and then Reznik 2 (from Privateer Press) are probably the two I'm most looking forward to.
  19. Yes, yes, no. As for the last of those, pretty sure my body would rebel if I tried to put it through learning how to skate. Lol
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