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  1. I paint for gaming as a general rule; however, Dance of Death may have to be an exception. Though in and of itself that might not constitute a diorama.
  2. Spanish would probably be the first choice for utilitarian reasons.
  3. Ma'al Drakar is probably top of the list. Several others out there too of course, but that's probably the most prominent.
  4. Monty Python, Mr. Bean, Sherlock, are the most obvious ones for me. Foreign language shows/movies though, not so much.
  5. It is well known that Moses dropped a third tablet as he got to the bottom of the mountain. On that tablet was the 12th Commandment: "Thou shalt not use glitter for it is the ultimate weapon of the devil." I may not be overly religious but I figure there are already enough reasons for me to head down rather than up so no need to add "Use of evil materials to the list.
  6. a) sci-fi b) Face. (Shadowrun style) c) Honestly? No clue really, I don't follow most of the sculptors per se.
  7. I wouldn't say they are overused, but certainly not the only one imaginable either.
  8. I will definitely have all my Bones 4 painted by the time Bones 5 ships, this is perfect!
  9. One that I could feel. Was extremely minor as I live in Central Illinois. Was enough to wake me and Mrs. Gargs up and have us go "Huh." Not enough to really do anything else. House shook a bit but nothing even fell over to my knowledge. Did get the after shock in court which was somewhat interesting since we were higher up then.
  10. Define abandoned. Seriously, I have a few projects which I don't consider abandoned, but which very little progress has been made. I swear I'll get to them eventually, honest . . . Oh hey cool new minis for sale!
  11. I have not, mainly because I paint for games and don't currently play any WWII based games.
  12. Playing the game(s) is still easily my favorite part of the hobby. But when I can play the game(s) with something(s) I actually painted? Even better. Which reminds me, I have my first session of a D&D 5e campaign on Friday where I'll be using Corim, Gnome Sorcerer for my wizard!
  13. Not after. I do hold onto some boxes for storage though.
  14. Depends on your alignment.
  15. 6 that I can think of off the top of my head, not counting things like hot sidewalks or car baked potatoes
  16. I have not. I oft times regret not having done so and words can never truly express how grateful I am to all those who have served and are serving. I am also particularly grateful that although I have a lot of friends and family who have served, they've all made it home safely.
  17. "Hey, I can sleep in today!" Sadly, does not apply to today.
  18. There's a pretty friendly sports team rivalry at work. So we will often drop memorabilia and taunts in offices/desks to see how long it takes someone to notice. One of the court officers involved is very OCD so I'll often just mess with his desk a little. Turn a pen sideways, rearrange the papers, etc. Or replace his pens with pens bearing my team's logo.
  19. No. I believe we would have found it by now if it were real.
  20. Broccoli (and yes, it was offered)
  21. May 4: Hmm, so many to choose from. I probably would have to go for the old standby of the Falcon though. May 5: based on the last film? Hunt down the last remaining ship and hit it with everything.
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