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  1. Long been a fan of gargoyles (the stone artworks, not the cartoon) and the name has long stuck as a nickname, etc. Other name often used by me is Riastlin from Raistlin of course, which was first used in an mmo many moons ago.
  2. Security at work frowns on it, so no. I do carry one when I go hiking though.
  3. I have but it's been years. While I enjoy it, there's just way too many other things that I also enjoy for me to really get the chance.
  4. Most looking forward to: either stygian barge or nylarathotep. Regret not getting: probably dance of death.
  5. Medium rare. Little bit of garlic salt. Sauteed mushrooms on top.
  6. No. Briefly played sax in school and briefly tried learning guitar. Neither really stuck. One of the bigger regrets for me as I find being able to play an instrument really cool. Sadly, now that I'm an adult I simply have too many other things I want to do to really learn an instrument.
  7. Again, this is pretty much impossible to limit to just one, but rather than list like 72 characters, I'll go with: Rogatien Remilliard, a.k.a. Uncle Rogi from the Galactic Milieu/Intervention series by Julian May.
  8. Hard to pick just one, but I would probably fall back to the first one I really fell in love with: The Galactic Milieu Trilogy/Saga of Pliocene Exile by Julian May. Technically, two different series, but they are related, with a two book series (The Intervention I believe) in between.
  9. Probably Wheel of Fortune, only one I would have a decent shot at.
  10. Ice cream: Vanilla Most everything else: Chocolate Porter's: Why you make me choose?!
  11. Depends on the situation. At work it's mostly written though.
  12. Well, there are the assorted versions of "I will risk my child contracting one of several potentially deadly diseases, even though they are entirely preventable, because I heard on the internet that the prevention method might cause my child to be less than perfect (though still alive) even though there's no scientific proof of that remote possibility". But perhaps less controversial, while in college and standing in line at a Panera-like restaurant: Foreign Student:. What is . . . peanut butter and jelly? Me: Uh, it's two pieces of bread with peanut butter and jelly. Him: *pauses* Is that worth five dollars? Me: No.
  13. My legs, so that I could finally achieve my lifelong dream of not being slower than a turtle.
  14. Pick pretty much any famous athlete and make him/her say what he/she really thought of the questions being asked by the reporter after a big time instead of the standard cliche answers.
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