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  1. Wow, waaay too many to choose from, but at least you didn't include books in the list too. That said, for entirely different reasons I'll narrow it down to two based on only having a week: 1) Magnum (beautiful house, beautiful car, beautiful women, beautiful weather), and 2) Klaus from the Umbrella Academy because there are some loved ones I'd really like to talk to again.
  2. Haven't been to one in years. Not a huge fan of zoos, but the occasional theme park is fun.
  3. Not sure there's anything I truly miss per second. Maybe my Atari? Or Commodore 64? There was a certain elegance in their simplicity. As for the phone/PC, it would have to be the games. The amount the tech has progressed is pretty awesome. Even for relatively "dumb" games it's nice to always have them handy.
  4. G.I. Joe aircraft carrier. That thing was pure awesome.
  5. Way too many to choose just one. But I would probably go with Galileo if I had to choose just one.
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I really appreciate it!
  7. Not really. I mean, occasionally by virtue of having an expert witness testifying to something that required it, but that's more me trying to translate what she says into English for the jury. Though as I think about it, I would tend to separate algebra from advanced mathematics (the latter being more of what I believe the question is asking for). Algebra, to me, is a fairly broad aspect of mathematics but is really only the first step above (again imho) standard multiplication/division and addition/subtraction. To that end, I probably use it more than I realize without even really thinking about it. I've certainly used things like 3x + 4 = 13 whether in games or whatnot and to me, at least as it was taught around these parts, that's the simplest form of "algebra". I can't say that I have a specific use per se for these, just that I imagine I do it without thinking about it a lot of the time. That said, geometry, calculus and the like, yeah, not so much, except, again for the rare occasion when I need to understand the basics of it for a trial (but that's pretty rare).
  8. Hmmm, 13th Warrior is probably the closest one that I can think of in terms of how often I watch it. The Expendables was close but I don't really watch it (other than having seen it in the theater) and I think the whole point of the movie was to be "bad".
  9. Used to be 40 miles and roughly 45 minutes. Now it's about 10 miles or so and about 15 minutes.
  10. Probably actually get around to painting some minis. ;)
  11. New England Clam Chowder. Hard for me to not order it when I see it on the menu.
  12. Happy happy birthday Chaoswolf!
  13. A few sports trophies from youth, mainly cross country and soccer, but that's about it. Did earn a "Gold Star" at work one time that was given by a court security officer to me "For hilarity in his irritation". Which was pretty amusing.
  14. Read a book from an actual book instead of Kindle, iPad, etc.
  15. Nothing wrong with that. Frankly, if you can track everything off the board, so much the better so you can replay it in the future. The one gripe I had was that the cards that came with that you were supposed to track your character's progress on we're super resistant to pens.
  16. Mrs. Gargs and I finally got around to finishing Pandemic Legacy: Season One last night. I'm not one to brag of course, but we did save the world and all. ;) Seriously though its a fun game and we really enjoyed it. Pandemic is a bit of an odd co-op game in that it gets harder the more players you have, really requiring you to coordinate and work together. The only real issues with Pandemic Legacy is the fact that you either a) have to be really meticulous when playing through it with careful notes or b) only really get one play through (which to be fair can be anywhere from 12-24 games) as it does make permanent changes to the game and board. That said, my recommendation would be that if you like the Pandemic games, then get a group of friends together to play Legacy. You'll still likely take several game nights to complete a full play-through and by that point its well worth the money. Now we will likely be on to Season Two of Pandemic Legacy. :)
  17. Lots of good candidates, but Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith is the first one that comes to mind for me.
  18. Lovely work! I really like the PP models but yeah they put mold lines in the weirdest places sometimes. Pretty sure they have at least one prominent model that has a mold line right through the center of the face.
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