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  1. Probably my tendency to "sing" whatever song is currently stuck in my head which results in a) getting said song stuck in everyone else's head and b) many hurt eardrums.
  2. If I could Scrooge McDuck it, I'd be all over a pool of money. Otherwise, I'd have to be boring and say water. I really don't like the thought of being covered in anything like chocolate, beer, etc.
  3. Off the top of my head, my niece wins this one hands down. For a quick background though, my father-in-law has MS and worse, has the rarest, and worst form of MS. The result is that he is prone to falling and when he does fall, he usually needs help to get back up. So a couple of years ago, when my niece was about three (maybe a few months younger) she was living with my in-laws. As a result she got to know "Papi" real well. So we were visiting and the following occurred: Brother-in-law: Hey, what's Papi do? Niece: *falls to the ground and holds out her hand* Uhhhhh Nnnngggg Uhhhhh *all while writhing on the ground* Fortunately Papi thought it was funny too.
  4. Nope. Not telling! All hail Dean Winchester. And yes, he's absolutely right. Unless of course shotgun happens to be the wife. :(
  5. Yeah I'm going to have to go with cats too. I'd hate to learn what they actually think of us. I'm guessing Garfield only touches the tip of the iceberg. :)
  6. As others have said, "Where's the bathroom?" would be first, followed closely by "Coffee!"
  7. God of Coffee. As for whether or not I'd be benevolent? Depends on whether or not had my coffee yet.
  8. Don't really have much to be honest. About the closest I can think of was when my sister and I decided to collect a bunch of lightning bugs when at my grandfather's, then we put them in my mom's suitcase for her. Why? Beats me, in my defense I was 4. My sister on the other hand was 9. :)
  9. Thanks, makes sense, and I should actually be able to partake in the next basing box of Goodwill now. ;)
  10. Ok, so silly question, but washing the bark: before or after "baking" it? Just curious since thanks to a recent storm I now have an abundance of bark.
  11. I have a chronic condition which makes it so that I always know where the nearest restroom is. Fortunately it's pretty manageable, but it does occasionally lead to abrupt ends to conversations.
  12. Watched a lot of TV growing up, but not sure there was a single "Favorite" among them. Some of the top contenders though included: Cheers, Cosby Show, Star Trek TNG, MacGuyver and Quantum Leap.
  13. Honestly, this is pretty much me right here. :) Assuming I had powers, I would like to think I would occasionally use them for minor good deeds, but I really don't see myself as the Avenger type going out there and looking for evil, etc.
  14. Still waiting on my notice. :( Unfortunately I was moving right about the time that they started shipping so I changed my order to ship all at once so I didn't have to deal with trying to figure out which address to ship to, etc. At least with the latest update it sounds as though I should get a shipping notice soon. :)
  15. I'd be a terrible surgeon, my hands just are not steady enough. Ironically, although my job requires that I talk all day in public I'd be a terrible politician because I'd get so fed up with all the BS surrounding politics. Other than that, pretty much anything that required me to work outside all day. I just don't do that well in the heat. :)
  16. If its before 5:00 p.m. probably coffee. Otherwise, a beer, or on a rare occasion Scotch.
  17. Worst song? Nah. Worst video? Very, very possible. :) though I do have to give credit to anybody who can make it seem as though I am a capable dancer.
  18. Pretty much anything by Fallout Boy, but special mention to "My Songs Know What You Do in the Dark".
  19. Absolutely jaw dropping!
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