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  1. Yours was the thread that I was referencing, but for some reason whenever I tried to link to the page it failed. :( Thanks Cash, I'm ready to move beyond the few paints that come in LTPK1. :)
  2. Thanks Pingo: I did find a thread here from about this time last year wherein Bryan indicated that they have almost never had problems shipping paint year round around the globe. For some reason my computer is not letting me link to the thread though. (Of course, its entirely probable that the problem is User Error) :p
  3. Fortunately, I can probably live without if I decide not to jump in. The biggest one for me though is Magnus. I'd love the stocking too, but not holding my breath that it will be around come the 10th. Biggest problem I have is that what I really need is paint. Unfortunately its also pretty cold around here right now (hovering right around freezing). I guess that brings the next question. While we know that paint can freeze and that frozen paint is ruined paint, do we know approximately what temperature the paint freezes at?
  4. This is the other definition I've often seen. It's never worked for me, personally. And it's probably entirely my fault. I never unload enough paint from the brush, and I can never control it. Yep, this is what I saw on a video tutorial not so long ago. He wiped a lot of the paint off on a towel prior to applying it to the mini. Didn't wipe as much off as you would when drybrushing, but it seemed close. That said, I still have lots of problems with controlling the amount of paint on my brush, even my washes go on heavy as a result. Part of getting that whole "You're not painting a wall moron!" through my head. :p
  5. It doesn't have to be a hydrant of course, that's just the first thing that popped into my mind. You could use part of a street light, traffic light, traffic sign. Heck, even a bicycle tire. Just anything that conveys destruction. You could even go with broken building debris. Just give chunks of steel and or concrete a vague resemblance to a building. Since its broken, it could be any shape. Throw some rebar sticking out. These are just some stream of consciousness ideas flowing out of me. Have no idea how to pull it off course. :p
  6. I'm not sure using the barrel is the way to go. The barrel seems more like an origin story item, not something that would show up later (which this piece seems to be for an event after the mutation -- i.e. he's gone off to avenge the wrongs, etc.). Carrying the barrel around doesn't quite jive either. Granted, he's a big dude, but I just don't see him carrying the barrel, even to fuel the blaster. That being said, the broken street idea with some acid oozing around is a great idea. You could even throw in a hydrant, or care tire, etc. to show case some of the destruction. Additionally, to tie in the acid that's pooling around on the ground, you could borrow a page from the Eyebeast article in the Craft (sorry I suck at all the assorted codes to link it easily) and have acid dripping from the thrower to the ground. You could probably follow the same technique as in the article except instead of making it mostly clear, you make it green for the acid.
  7. I'm in exactly the same position as you right now. I'm currently on my 3rd and 4th minis total, so I totally understand the potentially overwhelming nature of it. As others have said, the LTPKs are great (even if I am still waiting another day before ordering my next one ;P). This may seem obvious, but is not necessarily obvious, but try to get yourself a good workstation if you can. Something that you can set up and leave up. Having decided to get into this right before Christmas, I am a little strapped for cash at the moment, so my current workstation is the kitchen table . . . not exactly ideal when dinner time rolls around. I will also echo the good lighting sentiment. Despite having used minis for years as a GM, I never realized just how small the details were until I started painting. Good lighting makes things so much easier. As for what minis to buy, the truth is that most anything can be painted. As such, I would just recommend you find some minis that you like and that are affordable (hopefully your FLGS has a nice display of Bones as that's easily the best bet imho). Start with a few, maybe trying to find some that have less complicated details so you can build your skill set up. Animals and furry monsters btw are really good to start with and tend to take well to drybrushing (one of the main techniques taught in LTPK1). Personally though, I agree with the idea of not buying a ton of minis right now (realizing you are already committed to Bones2). The thing is, with any new hobby, there's always the chance that you'll decide its just not for you, so why drop another $300 on minis only to find out that you don't like painting. The good news is you'll hopefully know pretty quickly whether you like it or not. I myself am having enough fun now that I am kicking myself for having simply stared at numerous unpainted minis for the last decade rather than actually painting them. I'm kicking myself more for missing out on both of the Bones kickstarters, but that's another matter entirely. :p Most importantly, welcome to the forums and the hobby! Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Can't wait to see the finished product of your PC. Looks awesome and the water really came out great. I'll confess I was a bit skeptical at first because I was failing to visualize what you were describing. Glad to see that I was way wrong. :)
  9. I must say Ub3r, your willingness to tackle new ideas and try new techniques is quite impressive. I am sure she'll turn out great as she already is great.
  10. @Foxfire: Awesome! Been a while since I'd seen that. :) More to the point though, more progress! Got the eyes filled in with Carnage Red, did a wash of Walnut Brown on the torso and a very soft, light wash of walnut on the face. Followed it up by drybrushing the fur with Intense Brown. I'm pretty happy with him at this point, especially for purposes of table top quality (where most of the flaws I see in the photos do not show up). I still need to do something with the base, but that's something I have not yet tackled anywhere. Still though, should not be too hard to do something simple there. Also, probably need to do something with the tail. Was thinking of trying to add little lines of white, but I'm afraid that might make it look . . . odd. As always, C&C and suggestions more than welcome. And looking at the last pic, I do of course need to touch up the ears a tad. Most importantly though, I think this was my best drybrushing so far. Really helped offset the wash which I am still getting the hang of as well.
  11. New WIP while I mull around what to do with the spider. Here's the Werewolf from the Castle Ravenloft Boardgame. Got base coat done, and the camera kindly has pointed out a couple areas I need to dot before doing the wash. Good thing though is I'm getting less of these with each mini! Flesh is Tanned Flesh, with the main fur being Intense Brown. Tail is Walnut while the mane is Pure White. Will add some carnage red for the eyes before doing a wash to try to bring out some of the details. Not quite sure yet what I am going to do in terms of shading for the mane just yet since I'm still using just the paints from the LTPK1 (12 Days of Reaper can't come soon enough :p) So any ideas would be appreciated and as always, C&C are most welcome.
  12. So I went back to look at my spider after leaving him sit out of sight for a few days. The first lesson learned is . . . Don't panic! The good is that looking at spidey on the table, its not as bad as I initially feared. The bad news is, in my initial panic, I still think I overreacted and tried (poorly) to lighten him up. The result is that it still looks rather sloppy. Part of this is due to me never really having highlighted before, but most of it is due to the panic. I overreacted, and was frustrated at the time I was doing it which lead to a worse result in my opinion. I'm thinking that he may have been okay had I just let him be after the wash. Instead I wound up with too heavy a drybrush on the body and then a really poor highlight on the legs (especially on one side). I think part of me had already decided I needed to start over and as such, didn't really care. All part of the learning process. So here is how he currently looks: In all honesty, I don't think the body looks that bad (considering my current level of experience), even if its not really what I initially intended. The legs where I tried to highlight are what really bug me. I do really like the blue on the legs though, and even my attempt to highlight on the joints of the blue are ok to me (not great, but decent for a first attempt, especially since I was mixing my own highlight color). The question now is whether to give him the bath, or try to refix the legs. In any event, I have all day tomorrow to consider it while I start on another WIP (gonna tackle some of the Castle Ravenloft figures).
  13. That skirt looks great now and the hawk is really sweet! Excellent work as always.
  14. Thanks, for some reason I read his post the first time as suggesting a glaze. I guess its what I get for reading the forums at work while talking on the phone, etc. :p
  15. Yep, same problem I'm running into so far. Pretty much ruined the spider I was working on (will be giving it a simple green bath). Of course I followed that up with an overreaction and poor highlight job, but I digress. Keep in mind too, that if they are talking about a glaze here, I believe the paint should be even thinner than a wash. Though of course I will allow the far more experienced/knowledgeable to correct my misinterpretation here. :)
  16. This is actually a really good point. Some people will start off better than others - whether from innate talent, or related experience, or lots of research. But practice is what makes everyone better. And it means more than any of the things I just mentioned. To be fair, practice is most useful when its combined with theory and such. Frex if I were to only ever do basecoats, and never add in washes, shading, highlights, drybrushing, etc., my basecoating would continue to get better, but I would still be rather limited in terms of my ceiling. So I certainly appreciate all the advice, tutorials, etc. as they are still essential, even if they must be combined with practice.
  17. Aye, no amount of theory (in my opinion) can substitute for actual practice. I'm confident I will be a much better painter a year or two from now than I am currently. Not because I have so much more "theory" and tutorials under my belt, but rather because I have that much more actual painting. One final question: Reaper's Liners (Black, Blue, Brown) is there anything particularly different about them as opposed to regular paint? I know that the brown liner has in particular been recommended as a base coat for Bones figures but I didn't know if there was particular meaning to the term Liner other than another variation on the color.
  18. Hey thanks for the answers everyone! That definitely clears things up for me.
  19. Alright, I'll tag my questions onto this thread too since they're related. Does this mean then that inks tend not to work as well for a base color? As in, this is why there's Pure Black and Black Ink? The Pure Black being better for a base color? Or can either be laid down if need be? (Coming from the guy who is ridiculously light on paint atm) Additionally, a quick question about washes vs. glazes. I've watched a couple tutorials and read a couple, but I'm not entirely sure I have the difference right. A wash (whether bottled as such or mixed on your own) is designed to seep into the cracks and crevices to bring out details and provide nice contrasts, etc. This is why the black wash on the Anhurian in LTPK1 works so well because it makes the chain mail pop. With a glaze, is it supposed to help with the color transitions on the "flatter" surfaces (like say a shoulder pad)? When mixing up a glaze (assuming you do not have a pre-bottled one) should it be even thinner than the wash? Thicker? Or is it roughly the same and you just use more caution in where you slather it? Hopefully these make some sort of sense since I'm still on my first cup of coffee. And many thanks for the above answers!
  20. Yup carnage red in the kit I got just before Halloween.
  21. Raleigh is a great place to be born. All the cool people were born there. Of course the last time I was in Raleigh was 11 years ago and about 90% of the state lost power! but I digress. @Ravenscroft. Welcome to the forums, and great attitude to have when starting. The important thing is to have fun and learn as you go. Myself, I too am just starting and going through my own learning curve that will require a certain spider to take a simple green bath. But, stil having fun and learning each time I add paint. As for your golem, great start. May not have the traditional look but who cares? Some of the best concepts come from thinking outside the box. Personally, I think it's a fine mini.
  22. Tragedy in the land of the giant spiders. I'd gotten a nice little contrast of blue on the legs, matching the chilicerae. He was looking pretty decent but still needed some touch ups where the base coat hadn't covered initially. Went back, filled that in, still noticed some "holes", went back again, and finally had most of the holes covered, but at the expense of losing the wash effect. So, I decided to do another wash on the back of the body and legs in order to be consistent. Ooops. My wash ended up not having enough water and so came out too thick and dark. Pretty annoying since roughly the same thing happened on my rat. At any rate, I tried to "fix" it a bit by adding some highlights to the body and legs, but the end result just looks pretty haphazard. Partly its due to not having really highlighted before (only drybrushed), but ultimately I think its just a function of the thick wash kind of set the wrong tone and screwed with my paint tones as a result. I'm going to give it a night or two and come back to him to see how he looks, but it definitely appears as though a Simple Green bath is in this spider's future. On the plus side, I do think that the color scheme will work . . . so long as I mix my paints properly. :p
  23. If you really want to continue the theme, make sure one of the other adventurers is named Garcia. :)
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