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  1. Cheerios (either original, honey nut, or apple cinnamon) and Raisin Bran
  2. *agrees with the wolf* Looking real good, will be fun to watch them continue to progress!
  3. Does dragging my arse outta bed to go to work every Monday count? (Note: Mrs. Gargs gets up and leaves before me) No? Okay, then it would have to be the hole in one I got a number of years ago. Actually looked like I knew what I was doing . . . except there was nobody around to see that it actually looked like I knew what I was doing.
  4. Basically. Its Agrellan Earth from Citadel. Just put it on and it does the rest. Only trick was to then find a color that matched it for the "splash" effect on the bike, but the P3 Beast Hide was pretty close. If you do use it, one word of caution, the thinner you put it on, the more it will crack, but if you put it on too thin, then the base will just be brittle and flake off. I'm far from an expert at it, but it's definitely worth practicing.
  5. Thank you! Thanks for the comment! I was considering adding more splatter but was afraid of overdoing it, definitely worth considering though. I suppose I could use an old toothbrush and kind of flick it on, that might keep it from getting too much. Thanks!
  6. I could probably go all day on this one, but instead I'll just grab a couple from Supernatural. These might not be my overall favorites, but they're the ones that stick out at the moment. First: Lucifer (yeah that Lucifer): C'mon, just let me out, you know you need my help with this! (in fairness he wasn't actually entirely wrong) Dean: Yeah, we let you out, you help us fight the Darkness and we win, then what are you going to do? Lucifer: I don't know, move to L.A. Fight crime? Bonus points for catching the reference -- which is what made it so humorous to me and Mrs. Gargs. Second: Castiel: Sorry we're late, we were fighting Lucifer. British Guy: Wait, you mean THE Lucifer? Castiel: Yes. ** Pause ** British Guy: Well, did you win? Castiel: Yes. British Guy: *Nods* Bravo.
  7. So finally got around to finishing up a project now that I am fully moved into the new home and work is settling down a bit. This is the first of two Desperadoes that come in the box. One cool thing about the Infinity line (imho) is that the two bikers are completely different, even the bikes are different. Just nice from a variety standpoint. These guys are described as bikers first, soldiers second, so I decided that even though he is technically military, that he would have a little bit of bling on his bike. This guy is my usual table-top quality as that's really about as good as it gets for me at this stage, but I am always looking for any comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. There are parts in a lot of my projects now where I feel the improvement and others that still show me my newbieness. The leather on the hat, coat and gloves was done using the Oiled Leather triad. I'm not a huge fan of the Burnt Orange for the highlight, but even though I had issues with the blending (a notable issue I have in general) I think it kinda/sorta worked here for the items. It just makes them look a bit rougher, which I think is ok, at least from a table top standpoint. Finally, based on a suggestion from my last bike that I did, I added some of the terrain color to some of the lower parts of the bike to show that he's been riding through the cracked earth desert for a while, etc. Please let me know your thoughts on this as this was kind of a blind experiment for me. Too much? Too little? Should I have simply glazed it on instead? As I said, I'm always looking for suggestions as I very, very slowly improve. :) As always, thanks for any and all comments, suggestions, critiques, etc.!
  8. Taking away the obligatory professional sports star I would probably go with astronaut as the idea of traveling to space is just too cool. That said, no complaints about my actual job, so I guess I got lucky there. :)
  9. Great thread everyone. I too am strongly considering an airbrush, primarily for priming and some basecoating and this helps a bunch. Now to figure out if I want to make the jump, or just spend the few hundred bucks on minis and paints. ;)
  10. Ok, this puts me in even better standing. I think the tubs in the first picture probably more or less evened me out. Then you added the several hundred . . . errr . . . 20 skaven and that put you over the top. :) only thing I disagree with is I don't see a problem here. After all, we always need 20 more than what we have. Of course, convincing Mrs. Gargs that there are only 20 minis in next year's Kickstarter shipment might take some doing.
  11. Sweet, this should buy me a little breathing room with Mrs. Gargs' since I thought I had sent lot of unpainted minis. Though to be fair, I probably do have more unassembled minis. :)
  12. Absolutely. As for school, that's a bit more difficult. Probably be one of enchantment, evocation, or transmutation. Impress the people with enchantment, scorch the enemies with evocation, and transmutation for the really annoying people so I can turn them into a newt.
  13. Moar Gargoyles! (Yes I know they do have some Gargoyles, but you always need at least 20 more)
  14. On my way to work: keys (when not driving obviously), phone, wallet, badge and occasionally shades. Sometimes a pen if I accidentally took one home the previous day. At work: pen in the shirt pocket. At home: nothing.
  15. That's a great looking setup and I love seeing what everyone does for their work stations. I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my hobby room. :)
  16. To truly get away from it all would probably be a cabin in the woods and then I just have to hope I don't make a wrong turn or that the hills have eyes. A close second is going to the ocean but that tends to still be a bit crowded.
  17. What level are you playing at pinky? I'm always impressed by anyone that can play hockey since I can't even cross the short side of the rink without breaking my face in 7 places. As for the playoff beard, the greatest version I saw of that was in 2010 when the Hawks were on their Cup run. Somebody in my neighborhood posted a sign in his yard "This is my playoff lawn beard. Go Hawks!" And no, he didn't cut it until after they won the Cup. :)
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