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  1. Yeah, I realized this as I was working on my first miniatures (LTPK1). My paint was coming out really thin (which is probably better than really thick) and it wasn't until after I had stopped my first shift that I realized the problem was with the dropper for the water. Even though its a nice small dropper, it was still producing much larger drops than the bottles. The main thing I've learned is simply that I won't need nearly as much paint as I thought, which helps explain the concept of brushfulls, etc. Hope to get back to the kit tonight if I am able to escape work in time, so will see how much I've learned. :p
  2. I will say that it feels as though its ok to go a bit out of order on Kit 1 (can't get #2 yet) but still I feel its important for me, as a complete newb, to otherwise follow the instructions. Mainly I've only gone out of order so as to enable me to use all of the same color washes at the same time etc., as opposed to having to mix the same wash up a few times.
  3. Agree with the above. I was a bit worried when I saw that initial mudman look, but he's really come along nicely. Good job!
  4. We have paint! So I've been working on both of them together and going a little bit out of order from the instructions, mainly because I did not want to have to keep making up the same wash and then losing some if I did not finish everything. I had hoped to get a little further last night but the Bears surprised me, so I was forced to actually watch. :) Anyway, here's our poor guard. Face and hands base coated. I had started by trying the Bette Davis Eyes method and wow, are this guy's eyes small! Oh well, that's what retouching and first time minis are for. And a couple of shots of our rat: Not surprisingly, the rat seems to be going a little better, though I did notice a number of "holes" in my paint job, so I'll have to go back over those before adding in the wash. Got the skin and fur done for now but will touch it up before doing the wash. Also noticed a bit of flash on the tail that eluded me on my initial inspection somehow, so will go back and touch that up. As always, any tips, critiques, etc. are more than welcome. So far I am feeling pretty good given that these are my first attempts. Definitely realized I need to get better lighting though, and likely will need to pick up some reading glasses if I want to keep doing faces! (Fortunately I mostly GM though, so might be able to get away from that for a bit lol).
  5. Okay, got the first coat of primer on, but think its going to take another coat. The primer just seems really thin, to the point that the silver of the pewter is still showing through. Oh well, live and learn. But first, a few images (mainly for in case there's a glaring error that others are seeing that they can point out to this total newb ;p) Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality. As you can see, he has a bit of a case of swordus limpus. But nothing like a rub down and a bath to get him back in the mood. Nothing major to show on the rat yet though, the bit of flash really doesn't show up in the pics, so even more making me ok with just leaving it in. Edit to add: And here they are with the first coat of primer. Am I right in assuming a second coat is in order?
  6. Looks excellent, and I love the idea of the gouged eye. Out of curiosity, just how big is that bad boy?
  7. Thanks for the input! I will probably try to mix up a little slobber mixture to see how it looks, otherwise, I'll just try to blend it into the fur. Unfortunately, its a bit of a jagged edge, so may not look great either way, but the important thing is to just start painting! Hoping to get started tonight, don't know if I'll get much beyond priming, but at least it will be a start.
  8. Wow, thanks for the excellent and quick replies! While it wouldn't be a huge issue if I screwed it up a little, still feels better to have a decent handle on what is meant, especially as it should help save on paint. ;)
  9. Hey all, First off, just wanted to give a shout out to how helpful everyone here is. Second, I do have a quick question regarding thinning paints. I thought I had it figured out previously but want to make sure. I see a lot of 1:1 or 4:1 ratios given which I am assuming is pretty much an estimate as paints and climates differ. However, as I was reviewing the LTPK1 instructions I saw mention of a "brushfull" of paint and "brushfull" of water. Is this a case of merely soaking the brush in water and then swirling it around in the paint you are about to use? Seems simple enough, but wanted to make sure. I was probably overthinking the process before. :p Thanks again in advance and for the patience in answering newbie questions.
  10. Agree with the others Buglips, thanks for this very informative tutorial. As a brand new painter, its one thing to read "wipe it off on a paper towel until only the raised parts are collecting paint" and another to see a picture of said towel.
  11. So as I was prepping my minis for my first ever paint job, I came across a tiny problem. The rat has an annoying bit of flash under its mouth that is pretty impossible to get to. Even my exacto knife doesn't seem to be able to get it, and I am afraid to force it. So, should I just leave it? Or can I fashion a neat bit of slobber color for it with what's in the kit? Any suggestions would be great. Will try to post a pic tomorrow, but hard to see on the camera phone unfortunately. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. I think one of the many great things about the L2PKs is that they give you license to mess up. When you know you're just learning, you're more patient with yourself, and even when they don't come out perfect, you can still be pretty happy with them. Good luck getting started! Absolutely. It's like saying "It's okay if these turn out bad, they're supposed to be bad since you're just learning. It's not like this will be your PC for the next five years." More to the point though, one of the biggest hurdles I will have as I start my journey is that, at least right now, a lot of the conceptualization side of things does not come naturally to me. (i.e. I want a dwarf with red hair and beard, but as we know, red hair doesn't exactly mean red paint, so what color to buy, etc.). The L2PK certainly gets me going in the right direction, plus gives me a lot of paint to work with and experiment with when I am done with the minis. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for the second kit though as I would prefer to do the beginner ones first without skipping to 4 and 5.
  13. As a complete newbie myself, I have to completely agree with the awesomeness that is the L2PK. I just got the first one in last night after having spent far too long lamenting my unpainted minis because a) I was too intimidated/afraid to start and b) had no idea where to start in terms of colors, etc.
  14. Ahh, thanks for the information. Good to know, especially since my budget is a bit tight, it will be good not to drop money on an advanced kit just yet. :)
  15. Just a quick question from a complete newbie. Is the reason you keep 3 out of the list because despite being numbered 3 its actually the most advanced, or is there some other reason? Back on topic: Pixel, I gotta say that your minis look really good. Of course, this is coming from somebody who is not even a novice yet, but even I can see substantial improvement. As someone who is just now getting started (am in the info and supply gathering phase) it gives me hope that I'll be able to make a go of it too! Edited to correct typo.
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