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  1. Not really. I mean, I am sure there are miniatures in my collection that won't get painted, but that's more because my miniatures somehow continue to procreate, and they do so at a faster rate than I can paint them. I could have sworn I had sterilized all the male miniatures, but I must have missed one! As for luck, I have a tendency to change which hat/shirt/whatever I am wearing if my team (depends on whether its baseball/football/hockey season) is not playing well. This proved vital in late October/early November 2016 when I changed the shirt I had worn during each game of the playoffs after Game 4 of the World Series. Of course it was all because of me!
  2. I was about to say "THIS IS A FAMILY FORUM!" Then I reread the question, so my answer is: Swimming
  3. I prefer to watch them as they air. Mrs. Gargs prefers to binge watch, which means . . . I binge watch.
  4. Thanks again for all your help everyone!
  5. The plate could have any number of things from steak, to Burger, to lobster, to sushi, to a bowl of ice cream. The glass darn well better have a nice stout. (Guinness usually but that's just because it's more readily available).
  6. Thanks for all the advice! I'm looking at possibly buying some but also have loose bark in my yard now too, which is why I was asking. This helps a lot!
  7. Quick question about using natural bark. What, if anything, needs to be done to prepare it for your mini? I mean obviously it would need primer, etc., if you are going to paint it, but is there anything that needs/should be done prior to using it?
  8. Had two main goals this year: 1: move -- Accomplished! 2: paint more minis than last year. On the second one I am a bit behind schedule but in a good place now that I have moved to be able to catch up.
  9. 28th Bonus Question: Yes, big fan of the movie. Of course it helps that it was filmed right next to my hometown. 29th: Painting them. 30th: Too many. :)
  10. Not counting the rocks in my yard . . . at least 4, or 6 if you count small sledge hammers.
  11. Create my dad so I could talk to him.
  12. First one I can really recall was Candyland. First RPG would have been Shadowrun, followed soon after by D&D.
  13. Green Stuff and similar products can fit around them easily enough. You can then use a variety of basing materials once you've built up the bases around their original pedestals.
  14. Neat! I like what you are using for the eyes there as well, should be fun to watch them progress.
  15. I'm still enough of a newbie that it's all new to me. ;) My main need is to just paint more honestly as finding time is the biggest challenge. That said, I do want to try osl at some point. Won't be this weekend though as none of my current projects have a need for it. Soon though!
  16. Well said @Chaoswolf. I haven't been around as much lately for a variety of reasons (mainly because they've finally blocked the site at work :( ) but I have to agree with the sentiment that this is a really great, and encouraging community. There are not many places on the net where a painter of my meager skills would feel comfortable showing off his work and seeking advice from others. Being able to discuss other topics is just icing on the cake. At any rate, hopefully this is just a blip in the radar so to speak and everything goes back to normal.
  17. I follow Ghool's Painting Tips as he does a pretty good job (imho) of explaining things in a pretty easy fashion for newbies (which I most certainly still am) and he's pretty responsive to his videos and on Patreon. I also use to watch Painting with Menoth John because he was just very entertaining most of the time, but unfortunately he has pretty much retired the channel. Other than that its just more of an occasional viewing of a tutorial or similar but nothing regular.
  18. @Glitterwolf already took my first answer, but as others have said there are plenty of options, so the first one that comes to mind would also be from Star Trek and it would be the Transporter. Not having to actually drive to the beach, in-laws, work, etc., would be a huge plus. The other option would be a 72 hour day each day while still only having to work roughly 8 hours a day. That would almost give me enough time to engage in all the recreational activities that I want to.
  19. Really nice setup. The wall mounted racks is a great idea.
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