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  1. Most of the pics are photos of the existing metal casts. A few of the new sculpts look like 3D renders.
  2. +1 +2, ditto, me too, /signed, etc.
  3. An Anhurian Crossbowman and Swordsman would be great for guards, brigands, and other low level fantasy minions that a GM would want to field en masse.
  4. Mega-Mutant - http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mutant/latest/50180 EDIT: Mutant Y, as well - http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mutant/latest/50269
  5. Come to think of it, a few more espionage-style figure would also be sweet! Henchmen, KGB, enemy spies. . . .
  6. I agree. There are a few, but a nice selection of modern (and I'm including 20th century soldiers in this category) military figures would be great. They would also need some opposition -- Germans & Japanese, Cold War-era Soviets, guerrillas and irregular militia fighters, etc.
  7. A model to represent hooded, robed cultists. Generic and versatile.
  8. Giant Robot -- the big, hulking, warbot variety.
  9. Here's my two cents: I'd like to see some love for 1930s-era pulp minis. There's some overlap with Reaper's various lines, both bonesium and metal, but there are some gaps. I've listed some existing models that I'd like to see added to the Bones line, but there are other ideas that seem to require new sculpts. Also, I approach the line from the perspective of a gamer whose group tends to use battlemats for combat. I look for minis that will fit within a 1" footprint, or 2-3" footprint for large models for when I'm using a battlemat. I'm predisposed against minis with irregular bases due to some exaggerated stance, which has led me to avoid some otherwise cool reaper minis over the years. Finally, like many other posters, I look to Bones for large models and affordable multiple-model sets. My preference is to see a focus in these areas. Existing Sculpts: Mundane and prehistoric animals - Bears, lions, wolves, etc. Perfect for expeditions into the wilderness. 03570 - Sabertooth Tiger 02466 - Carnivorous Ape 03052 - Kabaka Kwana, Ape Lord 03422 - Dire Crocodile 02527 - Dire Boar Ninja & Martial Artists 50182 - Ninja of the Ghost Dragon Clan 50190 - Chan Li, Martial Arts Master 02732 - Kazumi, Male Monk Thugee and Middle East 50193 - Thugee Cultist 02297 - Kaballah the Colossus 02447 - Sallah, Arabian Hero 02388 - Jalahandra Warrior 02406 - Shadow Assassin Cavemen & tribal - a couple of models to represent technologically primitive warriors. Reaper has a number of minis that could work here, such as Caveman Pack (02395) and Malapango Savages (03145). Robots - The medium XAIRobot (50164) would be great, as would one or more Cyber-reavers (50097). Western gunslingers - a few generic figures for black hats would be nice, such as 50240 and 50251. Modern thugs - similarly, a couple of modern lowlifes would be great, such as 50272 and 50047. WWII ally and German infantry - American Infantry (50075) exist, but I don't see any (non-zombie) German Wehrmacht counterparts. They would presumably need to be sculpted. Miscellaneous 50056 - Carmine Defazio, Mob Hitman 03029 - Sasquatch 50010 - Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD (Iwould love a two- or three-pack of these guys for secret service types, cyberpunk corporate security, etc.) New Sculpts: Modern male and female uniformed police officers - We have Deputy Tisdale, but a couple of uniformed officers that could work as both your average beat cop or private security guard would be great for modern games, supers, etc. Modern male and female Person-on-the-streets Civilians - Great for Supers and other games where the GM wants to field affordable, durable groups of non-combatants. Gorillas Giant octopus or squid, assuming a tabletop gaming-friendly sculpt could be produced. A guard dog of some sort would be nice, either selected from reaper's current catalog or a new sculpt. Pulp Cultists - The stereotypical hooded robed variety. Equipped with firearms and/or torches perhaps. Pulp criminal with handgun - The guys you always see shooting at the hero in the old serials.
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