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  1. With the Nagendra/not-Yaun Ti, I feel like we may have just been given a sneak peek at the Bonus 24 for the inevitable Bones V. I agree that it would be nice to have a large, not-Yuan Ti Abomination or two, especially if they could be included with Julie's Giant Snake, which has yet to get any Bones love. Yes, we have the fantastic giant cobra, but it's too good of a sculpt to pass up! A male and female not-Yuan Ti Purebloods could also be cool, but the racial features are subtle enough that trying to depict them in bonesium could be challenging. Maybe fitting them in some sort of "snake cult" garb? EDIT: Oh, and a Huge not-Yuan Ti Anathema (basically, a Huge-sized, multi-headed Abomination) would be nice as long as I'm wishing. . . .
  2. I use Reaper's Gloss Sealer as my first sealer coat and haven't had any problems. Liquitex's varnishes, on the other hand, have turned tacky on my in the past. Due to my climate and general paranoia, I never use sprays to seal my minis any more.
  3. Bones models are usually produced with integrated bases unless the casting process requires a separate base. It's probably a good idea to assume the base on any given model (especially the smaller figures) will be connected to some part of the mini unless Reaper states otherwise. In the case of figures like goblins and kobolds, you can expect to see multiple figures attached to a sprue at the base. Some other figures, such as some of the Chonoscope minis, are shown with virtual, "photoshopped" bases. These are typically replaced with sculpted, integrated, thematic bases during production.
  4. A planet where apes evolved from Bones?! It's a madhouse!! Seriously, it's like Reaper's finally reached the D's and is checking off Dr_Automaton's personal Bones wish list! EDIT: Ooh, I'm suddenly craving a Man-ape sorcerer. . . . . . . and a new Bones Kabaka Kwana, while I'm at it.
  5. I've only used a bit of it, but you might try the new NMM Gold Base some time. The color reads as pretty much identical to my eyes, but I think the coverage is a bit better.
  6. I'd be down for a Bones roc this campaign, but I'm already dreading all the Peanuts jokes. . . . And speaking of "rocks", I wouldn't say no to some stone giant love, either.
  7. @ladystorm, who painted the dragons ("Rockies"?)? EDIT: Thanks, Bryan. I had a hunch they were hers.
  8. If he manages to stay that size through the production process, then he'll be perfect for F20 games. I was planning on grabbing Narglauth either way, but he looked like he might be hard to squeeze onto a 3" base from the KS page. Also, he manages to somehow look even cooler in the flesh (so to speak)!
  9. For anyone wondering, monster in the Stoneskull expansion was a "Behir" (scroll down for the 360 view).
  10. This came up over in the Bones IV thread and it seemed worth reposting here: Ninja (plural): A team of five ninja in various, dynamic poses, including female ninja. Fun for sentai squads and games like Legend of the Five Rings.
  11. I'd buy it. The Chronoscope ninja is fine, but a whole ninja team in varying, dynamic poses? Yes, please! EDIT: Oh, an make a couple of them female ninja for added diversity and awesomeness.
  12. Guys, we need to form a sentai crew! Reaper Ninja Morning Team assemble!
  13. Minya/Godzuki -- but, like, with more face tentacles. . . .
  14. Um, you make our toys. Reaper peeps are like just a half-step away from Willy Wonka to some of us!
  15. Nyarlathotep? Demogorgon?? Son of Chtulhu (AKA Cthuzuki)???
  16. I wonder how they would compare with the various skeleton Bones figures. Worst case scenario, just wait a few years until you can make 'em with new Bones Liquid Metal technology.
  17. Nah, I always felt like a jerk whenever I posted about it. Yeah, it'd be nice to maybe have a Cyber-reaver or something, but I'm not about to look this gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I'll go up my pledge by $50 and grab the expansion in the Pledge Manager. Positive reinforcement FTW!
  18. Robots? Did they say robots?! Impossible! Amazing! And XAIRbots to boot! My prayers have been answered! All hail the Space Pope, may His hat always be jaunty!! (Now I can finally ditch this dang "Bones needs robots" avatar)
  19. I've been vaguely curious about this for a while but don't think I've ever bothered to ask. Thanks!
  20. *ahem* TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Overall, I dig the new add-on. The pug doesn't interest me, and the marsh troll sorta looks like he's heading for the end zone in a rousing game of Fishball, but man oh man, give me those other three! The two-headed troll hits me right in the nostalgia bone, and I love the other two. I've been wishing for a nice, lanky, D&D-esque troll, and the moor troll is perfect. I'll pick up the add-on (funds permitting) and then get a few spares once the trolls I like hit retail.
  21. Ooh! Chronoscope expansion! Lotta cool figures in there, but something seems to be missing (*cough* robot *cough*). Surely, one will find its way in there by the end of the campaign. . . .
  22. It's that sweet chaos lord figure that Kuro painted last year. I think the original was limited or resin. All I recall for sure was that a) he looked sweet and b) i wanted him! EDIT: Here he is
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