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  1. Outrageous! I am quite happy to see that the female crusader/templar made it into the core set. I've been wanting her in Bones ever since I realized she was wearing the same gear as the boys in the Crusaders add-on in Bones III.
  2. The Minitaurs have a small environmental hoofprint. They believe in using all the parts of the human. . . .
  3. I'm half-expecting it to be grouped with the Wyvern in a "Heraldry" add-on, similar to the Mythological Monster pack with the Sphinx and Manticore from the last KS.
  4. Somewhere, cold and alone, the Bones II Stone Giant looks upon this image and quietly cries. . . . Oh, man, what I sculpt! I doubt I'll get it since it looks more suitable to a diorama than the gaming table, but wow!
  5. I'm going with "Balor," myself, and I completely agree with this sentiment. So metal!
  6. If you're interested in the goblins, keep in mind that they were part of the last KS and will be available for retail purchase before Bone IV goes into fulfillment. I'd hold off on the core set until you really feel like you're getting your money's worth. It's easy to drop $100 just on the add-ons in the KS campaigns -- they're all just so purdy!
  7. So... anyone else planning on getting nine more of those Beggars once they hit retail so they have a Mob to throw at their PCs?
  8. Happy Bonesday, everyone! Try not to break your F5 keys!
  9. This, but I'm going to be a contrarian and ask for medium (1" base) drakes, AKA not-Guard Drakes.
  10. Clearly, @TaleSpinner is hinting that he's working on a new, large Eye Beast for Bones IV. "Myopic" = "Beholder", right?
  11. It would have to include a cavalry stretch goal called, "Wild Stallions!"
  12. Also, a good, old fashioned, mundane crocodile (useful for both historical adventures and as babies for the giant mama-dile).
  13. Were I the kind of person who uses a forum sig, this quote would now be included in mine.
  14. Don't forget that if this is like the previous Bones campaigns, backers will be able to forgo the Core Set and just pick up add-ons as their rewards.
  15. Yeah, I'm much more enthused by this not-Balor/Balrog. The one from Bones II is fine but has sort of a stiff, "action figure"-type neutral pose.
  16. (*COUGH* Chronoscope generic "battledroid"-type robot. Robots are the Orcs of many sci-fi games. . . .)
  17. Oh, cool! Do you happen to remember what some of them are? Are they in production yet? I've also always wondered what's involved in switching over a mold. Are they designed with a swappable "Made in X" stamp, or do they have to be somehow physically modified?
  18. The thing is, it looks way too big to be an F20 cockatrice.
  19. I'm pretty sure that there's a wyvern next to the zombie dragon in the pic above. I've never seen a good shot of it by itself, though, so it's hard to say for sure. Crossing my fingers. . . .
  20. Would drybrushing parts of the stone with Burnt Orange, Palomino Gold, and/or an ivory help?
  21. Yeah, I've never had any problems with it, either. One note about the Brush-on: It doesn't dry completely transparent (I think it's due to the anti-shine properties). You will probably want to avoid letting it pool on the minis when applying it or you might wind up with some hazy areas. Similarly, I recommend avoiding multiple coats of the Brush-on. I tried it once of a figure and it gave it a very flat look. My current sealing strategy is to first seal with a coat of RMS Gloss Sealer (which is transparent), followed by by a coat of Brush-on Sealer. The Brush-on by itself is probably fine for my use, but I'm paranoid about wear and would just as soon never have to touch up a mini. YMMV.
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