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  1. Sooo glowy! I love how bright the OSL turned out, along with the sunset effect on the transitions!
  2. The were-odile turned out especially well.
  3. What, no Sir Forscale? I am disappointed. Other than that, looks awesome!
  4. As always, jaw-droppingly amazing! It's a brilliant sculpt and paint job. Thank you for sharing!
  5. I hear it also has a warmer sound compared to digital. That's a great idea. Given how little would be needed for basing, I wonder what the easiest/cheapest method for obtaining some is outside of saving scraps from a kitchen or bathroom DIY remodel.
  6. Seriously. I find myself wanting to work exclusively with Bonesium these days if for no other reason that I can just chuck my minis in a pile when they're taken out of the game, and then store them loose in a storage box when not in use. As someone who likes to play with his toys, the durability of Bones can't be beat.
  7. Back between Bones II and III there were a couple pictures of a presumably resin, painted Goremaw that someone had taken, but I don't remember which thread had the link off the top of my head.
  8. *whispered* Seven days. *CLICK* ...
  9. It's probably not what you're looking for, Siri, but I'll use any excuse to point out this brilliant Crystal Golem paint job:
  10. Nice blast from the past! I haven't seen that mini in years (I can't even remember what happened to my old set).
  11. I just went through and entered them manually. It didn't take too long since the SKUs are in a similar order as the KS part numbers. My list is incomplete (I didn't bother with items I didn't order) but here it is in case it helps anyone:
  12. Ranged weapon-wielding Ogres: An ogre armed with a bundle of javelins, wielding a crossbow, or maybe even just hurling a large rock Ogre Adventurer or Mercenary: A "civilized" ogre wearing well-maintained, demihuman-made armor and other gear, ready to fight as part of a professional army or go dungeon crawling with a party of murder hobos. Huge-scale Stone Giant hurling a boulder would also be cool (as opposed to wielding a club as they're usually depicted)
  13. Thanks! I just finished slinging some paint and thought, "you know, I bet I should check the first post to see if Bryan pinned anything there. . . ."
  14. I can't remember, did @Reaperbryan or anyone else put out a parts spreadsheet for Bones III? It might be nice to have when I have to inventory my rewards.
  15. Unless you pledged for the Bones III core, in which case, wave off, Maverick!
  16. Probably the easiest way for shoppers to deal with this is to just copy-paste their carts' contents into a local document like Word or OneNote if they're not planning on buying right away. It's what I do, at least.
  17. Good news! The entire point of the Bones Kickstarters are to bring lots of Bones minis to the retail market! You should be able to find virtually any previously kickstarted Bones mini you want, including stretch goals and add-ons, at your FLGS and sites like Reaper's online store. And because they're made of Bonesium, they're all available for a fraction of their metal equivalents. How great is that? Oh! And regarding the Core Set from Bones III, Reaper has sold some leftover sets in the past, IIRC. Once fulfillment is complete, keep an eye out on Reaper's store. Aside from that, seems like some people like to flip theirs, so you might have some luck on the secondary market (eBay, etc.).
  18. I'd even be perfectly happy with a good selection of Not-Fallout Chronoscope Bones. . . .
  19. Shhh. I've heard from multiple sources that none of us actually liked Spelljammer. . . . I'd also wouldn't mind seeing a small spider/eel hybrid that could ride on the shoulders of a not-Umber Hulk -- but I'm weird like that.
  20. Ooooh. Crossing my fingers for Bones IV on this one: 03792: Krass Omenthrall, Evil Warrior (new sculpt)
  21. Aaah! Too cool! Although I'm going to miss the old (imaginary) process where Anne meticulously handcrafts every individual bottle and gives it a little kiss before sending it out into the world. Thanks for the video!
  22. I'm thinking we'll at least have a standalone winter wolf model after Bones III hits retail.
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