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  1. No i ordered them direct from reaper with reaper packaging. That is a good idea will have to email them.
  2. So i recently purchased the Pastels triad which is said to come with paints 09262-09264 What i actually got was 09262, 09263, and 09018(sky blue) I hadn't noticed when i initially bought them as its for a future project called Relic knights i am waiting to receive. Fast forward to today when i just received the True Blue triads which is said to come with 09016-09018. What i actually got was 09016, 09017, and 09264(light blue) which in a sort of symmetry is the missing blue from the pastels triad. So a serious question are 09264 and 09018 the same color?
  3. These are looking good very interested to see some test casts and translation into metal.
  4. There are a few specific colors that i really want from that and missed the kickstarter. And since i am converting my paint line entirely to Reaper master series i want them. Good to know they are going to be released.
  5. Kickstarter Specific Paints how do i get them? The name pretty much says it all but as i see almost all the bones from the kickstarter for sale i expected the paints would be as well but do not see them listed am i missing a section of paints they are included in or are they not going to be produced for general sales?
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