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  1. Emailing [email protected] leads to an auto reply saying they are out of the office until the 12th lol.
  2. Unless you have a PO Box address, those were being sent via USPS along with the RoW. Nope. No PO Box.
  3. It was my understanding that the snafu involved international shipping. I am in the continental US. So I would think that wouldn't affect me.
  4. So if we are in wave 1, we have an order number and no check out button on the pledge manager, and still have no recieved a tracking number is there cause for concern, or is there some issues with the emails still?
  5. As a new kickstarter I needed to ask this as well. At the top of the kickstarter page click the updates tab it should say "Updates 22" at the moment. They are listed there.
  6. Why am I not seeign this Kraken or skeletons people are talking about?
  7. No they did not. I JUST changed the clock on my computer. I set it to 30 minutes fast. When I did that it changed the countdown timer to 0's across the board. So the count down timer is showing the time until YOUR PC clock hits 9am Central. It is not showing what the actual launch time is. So if your PC is a few minutes fast or god forbid a few minutes slow compared to the actual launch then you are going to be late or early respectively..
  8. I hope everyone realizes that the count down timer is based on your PCs clock. Which most have a propensity to be off from others. As of now mine says 30 minutes to launch. If I changed the time on my clock to 10am it would say 0's across the board. I wish the clock was based off of THEIR actual release time =*(
  9. why is it a big deal to be free when it starts? Doesn't it last for like a month?
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