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  1. Man, it is really ramping up now, and so is my pledge total.
  2. ... Ah, nm, I found it. The ragdoll familiar: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51136-runelords-completed-bones-updated-9213/?hl=familiars#entry758248 and http://www.coolminiornot.com/63380
  3. Does anyone know what the last mini on the right is, or have a painted example of it? I bought these the other day, but I can't figure out what is what on him/her/it. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/familiar/latest/77196 Thank you, John.
  4. I dig the purple and gold color scheme, and her face is especially great!
  5. Thank you, Hellbeard. I really dig the sculpts you have been doing in your thread. I actually do have plenty of experience with human anatomy, and understand the importance of using reference. The little skull was just a quick exercise in making something with the material. I found that working with the green stuff is basically a two-stage process. Moving it around and shaping it while it cures, and carving it once it's hardened. I've not gotten a chance to carve anything out of the material yet. I need to dig into the boxes of my old art supplies and see if I still have any clay carving tools
  6. Hello everyone! Just got some of the green stuff and thought I'd share what I'm doing with it. At first I was just going to use it for improving the bases of my minis, but I quickly realized I'll be using it to mod some of them and eventually do full on figures of my own. First up, I made some rocks for this wizard's base: Next, after finding that working with the stuff is so fun, I decided to make a lil' skull: And for fun, here are a couple of digital sculpts I did when I first got ZBrush earlier in this year. An orc head, and a Chinese style dragon that I got frustrated with and di
  7. Cool, thanks Willen. When I get the time I will give it another couple passes with this in mind.
  8. Thank you, this is exactly what I was stressing about as I was finishing him up!
  9. Here's my first wizard paint job. Still need to figure out what to do for a base, as with all my minis so far. Critiques and words of advice are welcome. I'm still using craft paints, but I got some flow improver and extender which really help. The mini is the Bones 89013: Ezren, Iconic Wizard. ... and here's a gif:
  10. I wonder how hungover the Reaper crew is today...
  11. You can up your bid, no prob. Just click on "manage your pledge" and change the dollar amount (don't change the "reward selection").
  12. It's been going up incrementally. It started around $25,000, and is now $58,000.
  13. I believe those frogmen will be the first thing I paint from this KS.
  14. Oh man, those swamp things look great!
  15. Looking at the 3rd section of that map, I believe Reaper didn't expect to hit $700,000 quite this fast!
  16. This is awesome, and wow, I am going to have to up my pledge. I started with $150 and I already want to up it to about $200. By the time this is over my wishlist of add-ons is going to be close to $450, right? Picking and choosing is going to really hurt my brain.
  17. ... I see what you people meant about the F5 key now. The paint is starting to wear down on mine.
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