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  1. started invisalign to correct crooked teeth, though the first day was painful and i've been suffering a bit of anxiety on if i made the right decision and if i can keep up with this if it stays this painful
  2. then don't read my posts, i don't know what to tell you. we are all allowed to say our opinion. And I'm not the only on here who has that opinion and even if you hate it, it HELPS to talk to people feeling the way I am too new pictures came up of things i would have liked. So i re-stated my opinion since the subject matter at hand was one that was relevant to what i was saying i'm sorry i make you so so so very angry with my opinion but i'm allowed to have it and talk about it. Im glad you love the Kickstarter and think it's the bees knees but not everyone here is obligated to be happy for what we missed on and just because time has passed doesn't mean we cannot talk about it.
  3. indeed. We can have CIVIL disagreements without calling out insults or being nasty about it and YES i'm still bringing it up, and i will continue to do so 🙂 I'm frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, and weary. This is my ONLY place to voice about it, especially when new pictures are shown of stuff we could have had instead of something we have dozens and dozens of already. So yup! be prepared for me to continue talking about it whenever we see something really cool that would have added something NEW to the line instead of more 'just more of X monster in similar poses to the numerous other minis of that monster we already have' i do like that dragon diorama, and i'd love another draogn bust. And the chibi pathfinder dragon. Let's see if Reaper will do somethign with them now that the KS is over, i'd put in more money for those
  4. That doesn't mean we can't sit here and lament what could have been. Instead of that second chibi pack we could have had a dragon. Instead of the 20th set of orcs or bugbears in the reaper line,we could have had our second dragon bust For some of us this Kickstarter was extremely lackluster, disappointing, and uninteresting. So it makes it sad when we see examples of things we ACTUALLY want that didn't get in
  5. Dang...I would have LOVED another Julie Guthrie dragon bust And that dragon is wonderful, huge shame...
  6. Experimenting. He doesn't look like much yet but I have an idea Just getting a base coat on for now
  7. Going for a mahogany kind of look It makes a good land dragon I think, without it's wings
  8. Correct. I was going to buy the water scion at retail but they will not be separated
  9. Got the basecoat on my land dragon
  10. yea i've got it basecoated in light blue, but trying to figure out the best approach to begin...
  11. Forgot I still had this Bones 5 dragon Leaving the wings off because I don't like them and making it a land dragon
  12. i would think so, but some of the things i'd have thought would be at retail from bones 4 that shouldn't be trouble aren't here yet either, or the bones 4 raptor pack that hasn't been restocked for 2 years we'll see though. I can live without them if they don't come to retail, i just want them to paint after all, not really game
  13. Not in the slightest No matter how much the wyverns cost at retail, they are NOT going to be $25 a piece And the nightmare is not going to be a $125 miniature I'm not sure why you think they will be even remotely comparable If I have 0 need and 0 want for 99% of the miniatures in the core / DD expansion why on earth would I drop $175 for the 3 minis i DO want? And IF the wyverns do end up retailing for $25? Then I won't buy them because that price is outrageous for something that size, simple as that
  14. I won't type up my views because everyone is sick of them But I'll say what I like about the things I got: Briarwood: got it mostly for the Shimmerscale, alicorn and fairy dragons. The bees will be interesting to paint. Not really interested in the rest 30th anniversary dragon: while I DO prefer the concept art more, the render looks alright, especially with the added propatagium I campaigned for. I do wish dragons werent given such HUGE long tails sometimes but I'll work with it Owlbear: super cute little family. Will make a nice diorama..might get two, paint one up as snowy owls and one as great horned owls and that's it. I MIGHT get the lighthouse, base on how decent the render looks I will grab the Nightmare from core and the Wyverns from DD if they ever reach retail
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