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  1. i'm happy with the apprentice power up, and that'll use up most of my remaining pledge credit so that gives me: 30th Anniversary Dragon Legendary Tales: talons of Winterfall Briarwood Vale The Apprentice (Unpainted)
  2. i need to find a way to spend the rest of the funds i have not allotted yet. Probably the light house, if we don't see anything else interesting to me honestly though this is probably my last kickstarter. We dont play DnD anymore, i dont paint anymore. I haven't painted in months, and even that was very half-heartedly. I just dont feel it anymore
  3. i'll probably use the rest of my funds to get the lighthouse as well. was hoping to see the pathfinder dragon or one of the other sneak peeks i was hoping would show up
  4. i wasn't at ReaperCon, so wouldn't know about that myself and wouldn't have been able to get them anyways since i wasn't there
  5. i was very selective this time around, and probably still got some things i shouldn't have i honestly haven't been painting much anymore. My minis sit unpainted, my finished ones sit unused. We haven't had in-person game or reason to use miniatures in over a year, so my painting desire has also dwindled to pretty much nothing this may be my last kickstarter for Reaper, honestly. Or at least, the last one where i get anything but one or two dragons
  6. it's a shame how many things from past kickstarters haven't hit retail i wanted, for example, the eastern asian dragon but not the whole set. don't think i'm going to ever see that one released I wanted another blacktooth terror, but again don't think that'll ever be back i wanted another pack of the little raptor pack, but they've been out of stock for 3 years. A nice forumite sent me some so that's a bit less of a want, but 3 years? really? /sigh
  7. I've been watching Lucifer on Netflix, quite enjoying it
  8. 61110 White Sand or other cream color 29143 Griffon golden Brown or other light colored brown (can't' read the number) Harvest Brown, or other reddish hued brown
  9. Haha yea, I have a ginger tabby. But I also figured having them all a cohesive color scheme would be better for quick table top paints than doing multiple colors
  10. Just a quick paint using a few metallic paints
  11. Just quick paints to get them done.
  12. Ah okay. I'll wait to see if anything is added to the pledge manager before spending my last $22
  13. Hm interesting, wonder what will happen to that $22 I didn't spend if I can't add more to it Guess we shall see!
  14. i got my pledge manager email. put in my 3 items, but i still have $22 left over.not sure what i had meant to spend that on. going to sit on it for now in case they add anything like hte chibi pathfinder dragon or the dragon diorama piece ( i can hope, right?)
  15. started invisalign to correct crooked teeth, though the first day was painful and i've been suffering a bit of anxiety on if i made the right decision and if i can keep up with this if it stays this painful
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