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  1. You know, I'm not a fan of the dragon. Mostly because of the scales. They don't really seem to fit, but ah well. I'm sure bones 6 will have lots of things for me
  2. gave up on the oil spill look for the black dragon, just going to do a black dragon with bluey-purple highlights instead. just couldn't get it to work
  3. He has the cutest ring tail
  4. So I lost my cat of 12 years last month, and this month we decided to adopt a new kitten from the shelter. I was just missing having a kitty around the house and cuddle So this is Basil, a 4 month old ginger mackerel tabby who is so extremely sweet, very affectionate and white well behaved
  5. Nah, not these ones at least. If they are startled they just fly away
  6. Here they are tonight. There are more along the right wall above the sliding doors, and even more still flying
  7. for real, we're already using 2 and they drain both in hours
  8. multiple days worth of more bats, and another youtube video compilation https://youtu.be/mGajHrnBWrc
  9. There are so many tonight, they barely left when i turned the light on long enough for me to put the camera out I look forward to checking the camera card tomorrow to see what pictures i got
  10. Finished! Just basic speed paints
  11. Thought this was cool and why not share it with you all? So over night lately, my husband and i have noticed that our hummingbird feeder has been being drained in one night. This is very unusual, but one night we saw a bat on it. So we borrowed a trail cam from a friend, and we saw just how many bats we've been getting! Turns out it's an endangered species too, the Lesser Long Nosed bat, one of only three nectar feeding bats in the US figured i'd share the video compilation i took . sadly it's not super detailed, but it's still pretty cool, and i'm happy to be helping an enda
  12. Doing something inspired by a beetle I saw once
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