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  1. final steps i did - apply light purple to organs - apply blue veins to organs - highlight teeth and make eye white - redo some more cartilage areas like in the gills - apply more red to the wounds, and then dry brush flesh color over it - dab a darker flesh color onto the blue skin for raw areas
  2. Speedpaint of the bones Zombie shark WIP thread https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91770-reaper-zombie-shark/
  3. - Drybrush white over the body to bring out details - Small areas of a very light green between green already put down and the blue of the body - a more bloody red applied inside the wounds - nightshade purple shadows and lining around the deeper crevices
  4. Rot and decay always starts with the weakest spots of the body, like wounds, so I added green around each injury, as well as beige for exposed cartilage and teeth
  5. Finished blocking in all then raw flesh bits
  6. I like painting zombie animals, and they really let me experiment with color blending so figured I would make a WIP thread for this one Firstly I start by painting it the basic colors of a shark, and I started pink in all the wounds
  7. This shark is cool, I love how wizkids uses transparent stuff in their minis Octopus is a speed paint
  8. Just more quick speedpaints. Probably wouldn't have shared them except I like the snail's shell
  9. Made at last Reaper Con. Sith Lord Darth Clubtail and his loyal Stormtrooper Captain Rex Conversions are the lightsaber weapon swap, and a different tail on the rex Just quick simple speed paints
  10. decided to order the alligator, young gold dragon, young blue dragon, and young white dragon
  11. They are supposed to be barnacles, but painting them realistically didn't work I guess
  12. Finished semi-speed paint of the dragon Turtle
  13. i'm thinking only big projects will get a WIP. like the bones pirate ship. Or something i'm sculpting, or heavily converting. I know some people do like to see how i do some of my blends or color decisions, so if i feel like the project would benefit someone on the forums by having a WIP thread for it to show how i do something, i'll do a WIP thread. But for most stuff, meh. not worth it
  14. I will miss ya Pingo There is a reason I have never, ever gone into Beekeepers or requested access
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