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  1. made a reaper order 77291 Kraken 77579 Goremaw, Great Worm 01031 Ghoulie Bag Promotion x 1 04009 Vodellis Winterhand free mini x 1
  2. nice. i got to see its fossils when i went to the sonoran desert museum, always cool to see something local
  3. those of us that can't make it to the livestream appreciate your efforts though
  4. pose wise, this classic pose from Jurassic Park should work for a mini, keeping it contained to a smaller area by curving the head and tail around much like I did my Stegosaurus sculpt
  5. thanks. i'll finish him some day, he's currently boxed up while we pack to move. but he'll get more attention once we're settled
  6. Still in the planning phase, we're actually in hte middle of moving so i won't start the actual sculpt until we're settled but Sonorasaurus is one of my favorites, and is a nice small sauropod that shouldn't make too gigantic a miniature. also been playing with color patterns too already. He stands pretty tall, but his body itself should be on par with some of the larger giant minis of my color patterns, i kind of like #1 of the blue series
  7. i don't even need one ship, and i got one pledged for. i can pass on the glowy one haha
  8. Just a shame. There is a lot of absolute junk and terrible shows being renewed for Netflix and yet something innovative and actually good is canceled
  9. i'd be worried about it going to Disney+, Disney seems to have a habit of meddling in any shows on their platform, often to the detriment of the story telling. probably want it to be less dark and more kid friendly, want the female protagonist to be all powerful and no flaws
  10. noooooooo!! i hope season 1 at least comes out on dvd or something...
  11. Maybe I will use my reapercon credit to get another Goremaw I already have two, but it's such a fun model to paint
  12. Started replaying again for a bit, could use a new friend to finish a research Thanks!
  13. huge softshell turtle we saw while walking yesterday
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