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  1. i love that one. Never takes itself seriously, breaks the 4th wall, just a highly entertaining movie
  2. won't be anymore progress on this thread as i no longer have a program to sculpt with
  3. hmm looks neat but not my thing, i don't really have a use for sci fi minis
  4. I got a lot more than I intended. My plan for this one was just big fun things to paint Then came dark depths Then we had dark depths,so of course brinewind would go well with it But now we had brine and dark depths, so brinewind extras right? But with all that sea stuff, a pirate ship would be perfect ...
  5. Not for me. That is too much lol. From kickstarters I usually get one or two models. Just fun things to paint. That's not worth dropping hundreds of dollars on a resin printer so that I can get the one or two models I want from each STL Kickstarter
  6. I can understand that, though digital kickstarters are useless to those of us unable to afford fancy resin printers that can do the models actual justice and not just be low detail lumps Anyways, not like I need more miniatures. So maybe it's a good thing a lot of companies are going STL files only and not physical models. Saves me the shelf space and money
  7. Alpaca from the Netherlands, using real alpaca wool. Super cute And he comes with accessories
  8. Got my replacement head in today, so now I can start painting the hydra
  9. I have assigned mine colors too The 'black' is going to be a iridescent oil spill color scheme, so black with oily iridescence. Should be interesting to paint The 'red' may end up red for real, or maybe gold. Not sure The 'blue' is going to be earthy brown tones, and wingless The 'white' is going to possibly be blue The 'green' is going to be baby alligator hues if warm Amber's, golds, greens and striping Shadow dragon...I dunno yet
  10. Was interested until i saw STL. So many kickstarters going STL now, lol. IBig shame for those of us not able to.afford.thode high quality resin printers and no point wasting time trying to print them onth our basic one I do like the goblins riding the crab. But the preprints are a bit out of my budget right now. I wish them luck though
  11. Still waiting for my replacement piece, not sure how long it normally takes
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