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  1. hmm okay. i might escape being delayed but we shall see restock eh? maybe i'll FINALLy get more Bones raptors
  2. did hte QnA give any useful info on what's held up in the containers?
  3. i have exactly one power up...the hippocampus figurehead. guess we'll see if that's enough to hold me up
  4. my strategy is to put them together, minus wings and base. I fill the gaps Then i paint. I paint the wings and base loose, and add them after i get the main body base coated, and fill those gaps in after. Sometimes the wings can block tricky areas to paint as for colors, whoo i do so much with colors on my dragons that people dont' normally do. i even teach a class about it at reapercons. But for me, i tend to ignore traditional dragon colors and pain my dragons whatever the heck i want them to be. I'm a big fan of colorful and odd color combos, like blue and copper
  5. For now he is going back into his box, I know I only will have one of this guy and I don't want to ruin him
  6. i've never done anything with busts before, guess i'll have to find where to procure a brass rod and find soem way of making a hole in the bust and the plinth without ruining them i don't really have the tools for this lol, maybe i'll just box it back up
  7. Kind of annoying, my broken toad bust did not come with any way to mount it on its plinth. Not sure what I'm supposed to do, as I've never worked with a bust before and in worried about ruining this thing by trying Was hoping they would have included a hole in the bust and a stand or something to put into the plinth...
  8. Nope I just paint them haha My husband uses them in games, though no idea when he will be able to have a game in person again, plus most of his group has moved away now
  9. So all our pledge comes in one box, the ship in another? Or am I misunderstanding
  10. i'm wave 2, i should have a pretty decent sized box
  11. i got my first dose of covid vaccination yesterday. my arm is incredibly sore today but that's alll next dose is in May
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