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  1. i got those Norker new releases, they look very personable and fun. Got the Norker Warriors (2) and Norker Boss on War Pig, didn't really like the archers
  2. i'm in general just backing less KS. I don't have a fancy printer that can do good detail on minis, so STL is out for me as an option. probably will just stick to Reaper KS and just get the big ones that i want to paint
  3. Mixture of green stuff and apoxie sculpt Also this bust was destroyed when I moved sadly
  4. i'll probably go in even lighter than i did on this one (ended up not going as light as i planned on this one..) mostly i like to get the big minis like dragons and was planning on just those. Then came dark depths...and well, i love ocean stuff. And then brinewind...
  5. i'm a bit weird in that certain minis will just strike a chord with me and i feel strongly that i'm going to paint it a specific color. This usually happens during the kickstarter itself when i first see the mini. These minis are usually the big ones like dragons, little guys i just wing as i get to painting them example of one i did for Blacksting, and then the finished miniature. Top one is photoshop to plan out the color, bottom is the real one once i had it in hand to paint
  6. just a idle observation, but Goremaw now comes in one piece already assembled instead of disassembled like my previous two, and is bones black. seems much nicer. the bones Kraken also seems to be bones black, is is a lot nicer for sure than my original kickstarter one
  7. 1. yes i always plan what i build first, however it sometimes changes if i see something that looks a lot cooler in person than it did in pictures 2. Yes i had painting plans when the kickstarter was still active 3. keep track of loose pieces and what they go to, or you might never find the mini it went to. I remember last kickstarter someone had a mystery piece for a fair while, we eventually realized it was the tongue to a giant sloth mini 4. i usually use all the counter space 5. i open ALMOST them all, clean them, glue them, and store them 6. store with lots and lots of shelving space, bead boxes for the little ones 7. missing pieces is one reason i at least dry fit everything right then and there, but i usually go ahead and glue things (except dragons and what not, those i dry fit)
  8. Thanks! The nice thing is that I have one of those terrain stamp thingies that is for treasure and hoard items like gems Just have to learn how to actually use it
  9. Doing something a bit different with this one. going to sculpt a hoard of treasure around his base, and have him be a tunneling menace to dragon, digging into their lairs and consuming their treasures to sate his insatiable appetite for minerals and metals i'm thinking deep reds, with OSL of reflected gold to get some OSL practice in
  10. So sad, one of my favorite actors
  11. I got a response to the email this morning and they have changed it for me
  12. we do have mail forwarding and have turned that on, but it doesn't always affect packages . and depending on how late they finally begin shipping, the mail forwarding service might be already expired i looked up a email for them and sent it there, i need to try and do SOMETHING to get them to talk to me
  13. that's not the issue the issue is that my shipping address is locked and I cannot edit it. I need them to manually adjust it themselves at this rate i'm not going to get my stupid items. if they had shipped on time it wouldn't be a issue
  14. i'm getting annoyed i need to update my address to my new address but i do not see a way to in the survey i was setn three messages over the last month to them has gone ignored
  15. made a reaper order 77291 Kraken 77579 Goremaw, Great Worm 01031 Ghoulie Bag Promotion x 1 04009 Vodellis Winterhand free mini x 1
  16. nice. i got to see its fossils when i went to the sonoran desert museum, always cool to see something local
  17. those of us that can't make it to the livestream appreciate your efforts though
  18. pose wise, this classic pose from Jurassic Park should work for a mini, keeping it contained to a smaller area by curving the head and tail around much like I did my Stegosaurus sculpt
  19. thanks. i'll finish him some day, he's currently boxed up while we pack to move. but he'll get more attention once we're settled
  20. Still in the planning phase, we're actually in hte middle of moving so i won't start the actual sculpt until we're settled but Sonorasaurus is one of my favorites, and is a nice small sauropod that shouldn't make too gigantic a miniature. also been playing with color patterns too already. He stands pretty tall, but his body itself should be on par with some of the larger giant minis of my color patterns, i kind of like #1 of the blue series
  21. i don't even need one ship, and i got one pledged for. i can pass on the glowy one haha
  22. Just a shame. There is a lot of absolute junk and terrible shows being renewed for Netflix and yet something innovative and actually good is canceled
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