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  1. I mentioned it previously and people showed interest, so here goes: A fun little challenge to paint a mini in the style of Lisa Frank! For those that don't know, Lisa Frank was an artist who did stylized, rainbow colored animal school products in the 80s and 90s. They were very popular when I was in elementary and middle school. A Google search will show you lots of examples! But with bones 5 coming in, I thought this would be fun. The challenge is simple...pick a mini and try to be colorful with it! I plan to use the new Bones 5 giant spider, my
  2. Thoughts while inventorying: - the mammoth is amazing and massive - dear God shavynra comes in a big bag and looks gigantic unassembled compared to the other dragons - my giant spider came with legs on their sprues so I know what is what, yay - yogg saroth whatever has a scary number of tentacles visible in the bag - shadow dragon has hilariously TINY hands for how beefy his arms are - there is so much stuff in dark depths - chicken swarm is amazing Over all I'm missing 1item, but it is also an item I don't care about do not worth the eff
  3. Mystery solved. He was sitting in one spot for an hour due to truck trouble I guess this because he is driving a Penske rental now Anyways box came
  4. my little truck map tracker hasnt moved since i posted this haha. it's now 30 min over its delivery time
  5. mine's not here yet, but it will eventually the ship is out for delivery now too, estimated delivery tonight. so yea they just ended up on different trucks
  6. Me too, refreshing the little map my tracking gave me to see where the truck is
  7. my pirate ship is in my town, so it SHOULD be coming to me. the two boxes may just have gotten split up
  8. now that he's base coated in teh cheap craft paints, i'm gonna do better details in reaper paints next
  9. my main order is out for delivery, but apparently they didn't put my pirate ship on the truck today as it's still 'processing for delivery' and not 'out for delivery'.
  10. So I have been struggling with this guy since I got him. I'm normally really good with big miniatures and love painting them This guy has seen probably 3 different paint schemes The problem is that his details are very 'large'. What I mean by this is that his feathers are huge, the detail on them is huge, there is a LOT of empty plastic for paint to rub off of. I was wasting a lot of paint and it took so many coats to cover one area I first started painting minis with craft paint from hobby lobby. I decided to go back to my roots with this guy. here is the
  11. looks like UPS is content to hold my package until it's actual delivery day tomorrow =( was hoping theyd just put it out a day early since they have it
  12. Mine is still in town but still set for Monday delivery lol Teasing me
  13. It doesn't like to work for me. If I hit space to start a new paragraph, I have to manually click down to type because it doesn't move where I'm typing, just adds space at the bottom. If I want to quote, half the time it won't let me type after quoting If I send a message, it saves the message so that the next time I want to respond I have to delete what is there, and there is no mass delete option so I have to just hold the delete button down to delete the entire saved message I can't use spoilers, etc etc. Just not very friendly on my phone
  14. GOD i hate reaper mobile. SO MUCH i spent 10 minutes trying to reply to this quote and it never would type anything but the quote, so i had to go to my PC and boot it up just to respond. the mobile version really sucks now. I can't even put the quote at the TOP of my post, it won't let me. anyways i guess i could try and finish it. probably should finish it, even if it's a quick job but yea. these forums on mobile are horrible
  15. Wonder if people are still interested in the Lisa Frank challenge I was thinking of doing
  16. i have, but it hasn't helped mine. The top one just bends so much, and it drags the bottom one with it
  17. i gave up on mine =/ it's so bent and twisted, and no amount of boiling fixes it. Just no point, the dragons are so warped from their own weight that no amount of re-boiling fixes them, they just sag right back where they were anyways, UPS says my boxes are in town, but delivery is still Monday. meanies
  18. I keep hoping my box will magically be in Arizona already Anyways, what color translucent did the gem dragon end up being? I ordered two but don't actually know what to expect
  19. i'd like to know too how do they measure up against the picture of them from the KS with sir forescale, are they at least to scale with what we were shown?
  20. I just don't have time to sit at the shows for a slim miniscule chance of winning something
  21. when it's basic assembly like 'put arm in slot' then i'm fine with it but if it's like some resin kits and the teeny tiny, itty bitty heads are separate from the body, and there is no slot to put them in and you just have to haphazardly balance them on the smooth area of the neck and glueing your fingers together in the process, i can see that being an annoyance. that's not often REaper bones though, so hopefully there aren't that many pieces in the KS where you have to pop tiny heads onto smooth, socket-less shoulders haha
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