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  1. Making slow progress Not sure what color the belly or wing membranes should be
  2. As usual, I went for blended colors and color variety Merking and his royal guards in gold and red Merqueen or whatever with her handmaidens in blue and red Spear merfolk in green and red
  3. Trying something different on my black dragon....oil spill rainbow like iridescent black
  4. Ohhh possibly. I was think a thick book but it does look like it could be a chest. Used to daggers on rogues, not swords
  5. No conversion, I'm just guessing what they are based on their equipment and I have no idea what the last one is supposed to be Oh I see what you mean, I used the rong work in progress Stupid mobile forums How do I get a mod to move this Such a pain I can't even close my own started threads and just do a new one. I wonder what their reasoning is to not allow us to delete a thread we started ourselves
  6. Bad picture but I started base coating. Bard > gold Warrior > red Barbarian (?) > Black Ranger > green Mage > blue ???? > White
  7. Basic base coats on the dunkleostus and shark
  8. oddy mine's face went right in. i was expecting trouble with it after everyone else. i wasn't expecting my sea dragon paddles to not fit into their sockets though
  9. Swamp dragon finished https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96505-bones-5-swamp-dragon/
  10. Finished! Tried to bring in browns and rust colors for a better swampy look
  11. Finished this fellow. Nothing fancy,a bit sloppy in places but oh well Only sealer I have is gloss so he is shiny i guess
  12. My cerebus does not fit well at all, I think I need to boil him. One of his forepaws is in the way of one of the heads The sea dragon's paddle fins also don't fit. Really can't get them into their sockets. Add in his pokey spikes and my fingers quite hurt now
  13. I find it helps to step away from one for a while and work on a different one. I can usually then bounce between them with fresh eyes
  14. Progress on one of the others. I know it is supposed to be 'white' but I decided on blue and orange
  15. Painting the nautilus stair bannisters
  16. yea i've been waiting for another blacktooth terror also the raptors from bones 4 have been out of stock for at least a year, if not longer, which i've also been waiting on
  17. More work. Began the finer detailing and basecoated the masts Also have my nautilus plush for inspiration for the nautilus bannister ends
  18. Sealed the bottom and middle, all they really need is a bit of detail work like on ropes
  19. Progress on the mammoth. I'm not very good at NMM but I also don't want to use metallic gold
  20. More work on swamp dragon and citrine gem dragon
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