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  1. True, true, but it's never been my thing and I could never get the hang of doing it when required in art classes. ESPECIALLY the splattered colours that could've been done by a 2 year old. Boggles my mind when I hear of what some of them sell for >.< I just dont' get it. Now the composite pieces you speak of, I will acknowledge the artisitc value in that =)
  2. *Shudder* Abstract art....definitely not for me, I just can't see the appeal of it....=P
  3. Random interesting fact I learned today....The closest relative of the hippo are whales. Who'da thunk it? =D
  4. Well I've heard that troll flesh can get up and wiggle off on its own!! Is this true? I haven't met any trolls, they all run in fear of the clacking of pincers and snapping hydra heads
  5. Darn humans and their delight in killing first, asking questions after!
  6. Yea, it's not his fault...it's that goblin society learned behavior he hinted at to me before!
  7. Man wish I took latin classes. That sounds like fun!
  8. You still did an amazing job in the short time you worked on him! If the troll flesh had behaved, I bet you could've done it!
  9. Ah okay, wells then =) I think I have one of those laying around somewhere from when I did ink wash paintings
  10. I use Apple Barrel currently, by squeezing out some onto the plate. Depending on how much more liquidy the Reaper paint is, I'll either just use the plate or use a little plastic palette with the 'cups' or whatever they're called =)
  11. I do have some sculpey, and I can make little things as long as they're not required to stand up [otherwise they start leaning >.<] but something like Tiamacrab would need some support. A friend of mine makes use of foil, squeezed tight to remove air, as a supporting armature for sculpey. This works for baking it, since the foil can go in the oven with the sculpey and reduces how much sulpey you use and how thick it is. So i might try that
  12. Mmm I can't travel, I don't get many days off work and travelling is expensive =/
  13. Tiamacrab is not a small miniature. You have a duty to your fans. True, true...Tiamacrab would be a rather large sculpture. Have to figure out how to support her first though, what to use as an armature =/ I don't work with wire, I have no experience in constructing a armature of wire lol!
  14. Hmm greenstuff. I want to pick some up some day, and experiment with it. I'd love to get into sculpting, even on a small miniature scale
  15. Hmm. When I paint, I usually sit down and paint until I'm done for the time. I can look into a wet pallette though, if my paint starts drying out faster than I'm used to, since Reaper paints are more liquidy than my craft paints [or at least, that's what I'm given to understand =P]
  16. What's your normal humidity level? If you live in a wet place like Louisiana, a well palette or paper plate will probably work OK. If you live in a dry place like Colorado, you'll probably want to use a wet palette. (I'd use a wet palette in either place, because I can never tell when I'm going to have to step away from painting for minutes or hours.) If you go with a wet palette, I'd recommend using baker's parchment rather than the porous paper that comes with the palette, because the special paper seems to be optimized for thicker paint than what miniatures painters use. I l
  17. Lol you guys are silly =P I currently just squeeze my bottle of craft paint onto a paper plate. What is adviseable for Reaper paints? Those little plastic things with the 'cups' to put paint into?
  18. Hmm I think I'll pick up 3 on friday...a nice shade of blue, white, and black. II'll pick up the pathfinder dragon as a test piece, using those three colors [and perhaps a daub of craft paint for inside the mouth] mostly, I want to just see how the Reaper paints work. How they blend, etc. THe pathfinder dragon should be big enough to give me plenty of opportunity to explore the nature of the Reaper paints, better than a small mini. If I like how they work, I can start experimenting mixing my paints as I slowly add more hobby paints to my selection, but for this first piece I want to use a
  19. See, that's the problem with troll flesh...never stays where you put it. Maybe because it's from a troll? Nasty creatures. Maybe go for a bit of gob...er....no offense! I said nothing! >.>
  20. Sound advice, thank you. I think I'll probably pick up white, black, and a bottle of blue. I can do a fairly decent dragon using those, and supplementing any other colors I need [like pink inside the mouth] with a dab of craft paint For example, this guy was done with 4 colors only [brown, black, white and a gold-yellow color, all from Apple Barrel]...mixed and blended to get the various hues:
  21. I use hair spray on wasps that are indoors myself =P sticks their wings together so they can't fly and you can then execute it at will. Only reason I have hair spray in the house.
  22. I can do a fair bit with few colors, and I"m mostly looking to just see how much difference in the quality of my work there is between my craft paint work and my experimental piece with Reaper paints. =) I like complicated color patterns, so more colors would be nice, but initially I need to just pick up a few for now
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