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  1. I've got a couple of the Sakuras actually, but they are as you said larger than the Microns. Generally I have better control with a pen for straight lines even though I can go much finer and smaller with a brush. For patterns that follow the course of a cloak wrapped around a figure, I find a pen much easier to use for laying the groundwork. I usually highlight and shade the penwork anyway, viewing it as "freehand basecoating" for lack of a better term, but there have been many a time when a good .005 white would have been perfect. It obviously doesn't have to be a Micron pen. I was mentioning them because the size is perfect. Opaque white is almost certainly going to be a paint pen. Kep
  2. Hm, well... just what the topic asks: I'd like to find an opaque white pen the size of the Micron .005's. So since that's done, I'll now write a haiku: Micron pens are great, I would kill for a good white, And maybe a beer. Kep
  3. For a pallet, I use a plastic divider wall from a carrying case. It's flexible enough that I can bend it without breaking, which loosens the dried paint enough to pull it off. I usually just washes my brushes with hot soapy water once a week, or after a particularly long painting session (which is fairly often, as of late). Kep
  4. I do not believe that CoolMiniOrNot will die out anytime soon. The very cause behind all the issues is the fact that it has huge volumes of visitors and submitters, and therefore a greater number of malcontents and troublemakers. With that sort of popularity, it's going to remain a pretty standard staple of the online miniature world for quite some time. Only once the best of the best -- Haley, Victoria, Cyril, etc -- pull away and leave CMoN without inspiration for others will it begin to slip into dire straits. And for the record, I happen to enjoy CMoN. However, I also don't take my ratings seriously and knew when I first submitted a miniature that the ratings don't actually mean anything important. I generally don't stress over it as a result. Now... eBay sales, different story. ;) A web designer friend of mine, who is not a miniature painter or gamer, and in fact only knows of miniatures from what I have shown him, waxed on the alternate to CMoN as well. After reading the above comment, he and I discussed it a bit. Our thoughts were: * Require an account to not only submit, but to vote or comment; * Tie the votes to the account name, so there is no anonymous voting. In addition, give each user a vote rating, so that it's easy to see not only who gave a miniature an unfairly bad/good rating but allows you to see who is prone to giving all 1's or all 10's. * All submissions start at 5.0. Any abberant votes that deviate from the average score by too extreme an amount would "slide" down the scale. IE, a rating of 1 against a miniature with a score of 8 would be impacted as though it had been given a 6. Since all start at 5.0, to gain any particular score, you would have to have consistent ratings to that end. Perfect? Not at all, but perhaps those ideas might be useful if any of you actually want to set up an alternate site. Kep
  5. I've just started using the Featured Auction option with four auctions I put up last week. They're not ended yet, so I really don't know what the final result will be, but thus far: * As of this writing I have had no bids. Usually someone bids within a day of the auction going up or chooses the Buy-It-Now option by now. * All the featured auction miniatures have clearly had their scores "sniped" on a regular basis on CoolMiniOrNot. Personally, I think this part is funny because snipers rarely if ever have a long lasting impact on a score, and it's all about jealousy. * One of the featured advertisements has been "viewed" over 8000+ times. What this means I can't guess, but the "clicks on auction" for all the featured miniatures is higher than normal: 40-50, when my usual is 5-10. Of course, the format of CoolMini is such that if you want to view the miniature more closely, you click on the featured link and it takes you to the auction whether or not you have any interest in actually buying it. The end result is that while the numbers might seem impressive, they as of yet are not translating into bids. * The number of watchers per auction is somewhat more than average. I don't know if I should expect a lot of sniping as the auction ends or if they're just curiousity seekers waiting to see what the final prices are. I can't tell if it's helping or hurting, quite frankly. In the future, I might just reserve the featured auction thing for dioramas or display pieces and stick to using Buy-It-Now auctions. Kep Kep
  6. I make a lot more on my commissions than I do eBay. However, eBay has the potential to exceed what I charge on commissions with a good auction, though I have yet to actually hit with one of those windfalls. I keep plugging away at eBay trying to find the "magic formula" that will result in such a nice return. That, and being able to take a break from painting what someone else wants and paint what I want, means I'll probably continue to use eBay. Kep
  7. For most people, I don't believe it to be worth it. As far as I can tell, two big things change this: * Having enough notoriety or a large enough of a following that you can consistently get at least $50 per figure (which usually works out to $6-8 an hour), * Using auctions as a way of getting more notoriety or as a springboard for more expensive commission work. There are many other things that have an impact, but they don't seem to be as important as those two. What's maddening to me is that the quality of the work doesn't seem to be as significant factor as I think it should be. I've seen some really awful figures go for outrageous prices while some folks with real gems sell dirt cheap. It seems that for all intents and purposes, selling figures in auctions is entirely random. Kep
  8. My work station at the moment: 1 GW Dark Elf Sorceror 1 GW Wood Elf Wizard 1 Reaper Lich 3 Citadel ADD Troglodytes 1 Reaper Blood Maiden conversion 1 Confrontation Cairne LePorte 1 Citadel ADD Child Bugbear 1 Reaper Jungle Fighter conversion 1 Reaper Viking (I forget his specific name) 1 Female Necromancer w/ familiar Those all have at least base coating (except the Cairne guy, Bugbear kid and Viking, which are 0%, 10% and 33% respectively) though many are close to being done. That's pretty typical of what I work on at one time. Variety of companies. That also doesn't include the three commissions I have that haven't yet been primed. If I'm working on a squad, I'll paint all of them at once and that'll mostly be all I work on. Even if it's scattered figures like above, I tend to paint the same colour on several of them as I go (all the flesh tones, all the black bits, all the red bits, etc), though as I progress on a figure, I'll focus just on that one or two until finished. That way, I don't end up with a variety of figures all painted in the same scheme. I won't even get into the primed but not started figures... I counted up just the visible ones at one point and it was pretty sick.
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