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  1. I base about 99% of mine. Mostly to match the base sizes used for RPG gaming (so 1 inch round or square for human sized or 'medium' size) but also for stability and, in some cases, weight. Right now I have scads of GW bases plus the ones from KS II, so no need for anything right now, but the bases from Reaper get more attractive as my pile runs low. For the most part, I don't usually cut off the integral bases unless they really don't fit the 1" bases. I'll glue them down with superglue, then use Staedtler FIMO air dry clay to smooth the base into the integral base. Add some minor sculpting as required and just add sand when dry. Sometimes it looks like each character is on top of a small rise, but hey, they're heroes aren't they? There are a few whose stance is a bit too wide (Bones II bugbears, I'm looking at you) for the 1" bases, and so long as they aren't tippy I've left them for the most part. They still fit into the 1" square on the battle map for gaming and look decent, particularly with some added sand. Larger or more involved minis (e.g. DDS2 or other fancy figs) generally get left alone, again so long as they aren't unstable.
  2. I rather like the eyes, and the layering on the cloak looks splendid! Well done.
  3. An update! http://rowanwilson.blogspot.ca/2016/03/dragons-dont-share-update.html In brief, I've finished prepping the model for painting. All the mold lines gone (fingers crossed, white-on-white makes them tough to hunt down) and she's ready for some colour! I'm a big fan of this model. I knew it would be sweet from the previews during the kickstarter, but in person, it's absolutely fantastic! It makes me crave painting it, though I have to harness that enthusiasm and do it right. I will say the model went together with minimal effort. Clean up the mold lines, a little bit of putty work on the right wing join and the upper level of the tower, and done. Well done Reaper, this model is sweet all around.
  4. Indeed. I've already seen a bunch that need to be dealt with. Figure I'll get the cleaning done (cleaning = mold lines, flash, et al) then work up the dragon and heroes. Guarantee at least one will slip by, as Knarthex's sig says.
  5. I hear ya. I looked at the 20 models I had to assemble and/or paint, and figured I'd pick one, single biggie to make the year's project. While a year sounds like a long time, when you factor in writing, day job, family, a household and all the other myriad draws on time, I figured having a go at something major, with a serious stretch of time allowed, would serve as a cool 'start-to-finish' project. Either that or it'll all get finished up in the last three weeks of December!
  6. Nice start. What did you use to get the base on the skin tone?
  7. This is the year to finish (or at least make major progress on) the epic Dragons Don't Share bones II model. To start with, the washing... and the boiling... And finally, the base elements are ready for cleaning: More details can be found here and here. More to come in the weeks ahead.
  8. Super smooth, delightful skin tones. Also, what really pops for me is the work on the crystals in her hands. Stunning work on those. A small thing, but it is often those small things that 'finish' a model. Nicely done.
  9. What Traxia said. Nice pop with the colours, but keeping the overall palette tight. Very nice.
  10. Nice, I like the detailing on the teeth. Old, weathered and a little skungy (from shady adventurers, no doubt).
  11. Thanks all for the kind words. Now, on to more...
  12. Here's another finished piece. The skin tones took a while to get, but with a lot of layering (and time, and corrections, and more layering) it came out really well. More description can be found here. Bear in mind the eyes are Pathfinder elf style, so no visible white is done on purpose.
  13. So far, I've checked over all my Bones II minis. Very happy with them. The detail is good, the shapes hold well, with a reasonable amount of boiling expected. I will admit to having little experience with the material until now, but it seems to be sufficiently rigid and detail-holding. Definitely not as crisp as metal, but not by a margin that I find troublesome or even noticeable. I'll have to do some side-by side paint comparisons with the few I have in both, but not expecting any issues. Overall, very pleased with this material so far, and looking forward to the places it will go (hint, hint ... modular terrain pieces/dungeon dressing)
  14. Very much this. I have an assortment of armies for Warhammer, Warmahordes, Firestorm Armada that being able to paint just one dude, with whatever colours take my fancy (or that the mini speaks to me) is a glorious break from army painting. I love my armies and painting them, but sometimes you just have to creatively cut loose.
  15. Those look really good. Sounds like a speedy job too, the best of both worlds.
  16. Hm, when I pulled it off my drive it said 500k, not 167. Must have reduced in the attaching. Here's the back. The mini has a recessed pattern on the coat, which I made with P3 Quicksilver, then cleaned everything up with Frostbite all the way to Morrow White.
  17. Actually, I rather like the dark blue-grey look. For some reason it makes him look more thieflike, if such a thing makes sense. What really struck me is the face and beard. Crisp detailing with smooth transitions from highlight to shade, and smooth looking hair. Nicely done. It steals the eye right off the bat.
  18. Why thank you. I thought they turned out well, and the photo here (due to reduced memory size) doesn't do it justice. It was a bit of an experiment for the silver thread, but I think it turned out rather nicely. Tomorrow they hit the gaming table. I might add a bit more material for the cat's base, as she tends to fall over a bit.
  19. I recently completed the Piers mini for my Wizard in Pathfinder Society. Full set of photos here.
  20. Wow, I just checked my Sir D, and he's got the same issue. Creepy Rakshasas. Otherwise, the order has every mini accounted for, though I've only checked the bigger ones for their details. Time to more closely check the lot. More picures: http://www.rowanwilson.blogspot.com Many thanks to the crew and especially Ladystorm, who got everything perfectly correct in the order.
  21. And my order is on it's way. Shame I didn't get to see Colwood BC pass by, but I'm a wave 4 ROW so that is stupendous progress. Thank you to the Reaper folks who are hammering away at the fulfillment!
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