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  1. Thank you. For my SLR I set aperture priority (Av) at 6.3, ISO at 800 and let it fix the rest. There are 3 diffused desk lights shining on the box. Tolkein is the master.
  2. Thank you Pingo. The mouseling faces are difficult to shade, as I also try to make the fur somewhat mixed in colour the way real mouse fur is. I agree more shading would help.
  3. Love the 'walk into a bar' joke. Love the minis, especially the translucent ones. Also the white werewolf. Thanks.
  4. Love the base. Love all of it really. The purple is brilliant, especially in her hair.
  5. I love the pirate. Blue sword is interesting.... The rocks in the scenery look good but I'm not so sure about the yellow (sand?), if you'll pardon a comment/criticism from a fellow 'mostly harmless' member. The sea is great - how did you do this? It looks helpful for a project I'm about to commence. For the sand, try gluing some real sand on then painting it the way you wish, with shadows from the rocks. Wonderful though, despite my comments. By all means ignore me if I've missed something and mistaken things. Still new to this.
  6. Part of 03529 sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Constructive criticism and suggestions welcomed. I've been postponing starting this mouseling because of the difficulty of tight spaces. I've become more adept at using a long brush with a tiny amount of paint on the tip to reach hard-to-reach places without smearing what is already done, but it was still a trial that took a number of fixings. My image of this mouseling was the wizard Radogast from the books of Lord of the Rings (not that shown in the Hobbit movies, much as I love Sylvester McCoy) but couldn't really fit a forest and cute creatures on his base. We are left with soil (reaper muddy brown with Citadel sepia and earth shades), grass (Army Painter battlefields wilderness tuft 4mm) and autumn leaves (Secret Weapon Fallen Leaves Fall colors). I felt the 'staff' was much too thick for him to carry, and that it must be a way-marker. (Does anyone else make up little back stories for their characters?) Radogast is very much looking out from under his hat, so I've included a shot of him tipped back to see his face more clearly. This is photographed using a home-made light box and my nice macro lens. It did take a while to get the balance of light and f number correct. Apologies that its not all in focus.
  7. It is amazing. Excellent work. Many Romans were also blond, not just the auxilaries.
  8. Agree with Malefactus - excellent. The blue is as well done as the green. Somehow the blue seems less 'real'. Not because of the paint job but just because few living things are blue (ignoring feathers and metallic beetles which are different blues). Both are terrific.
  9. Like the shield - worked well. A small suggestion from a relative newbie who maybe therefore does not know what she is talking about - a bit more shading/highlights to the hair top front might help.
  10. Nice dragon. Not so sure about the robot thingies, but I'm not really thinking in sci fi terms so I can say it seems to work.
  11. Looking at the dragon it seems that there's a little too much contrast, given what we saw earlier. Maybe an off white or light grey?
  12. Thank you all. I love the mouseling sets - have ordered the set in Kickstartyer 2 as well. I'm not painting to use for role-play (though it would be fun) but for the entertainment of painting and creating characters. My son started paiting some for his role-playing group and I thought it looked fun, hence mouselings.
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