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  1. Was wondering what the consensus is on repainting LE figures. The figure I am looking at repainting is the wizkids Cthulhu. It is a LE figure in the horror clicks line. (Here is a rough picture) I am thinking of changing its color scheme to fit my idea what it is supposed to look like. I'm asking cause i don't know if it is taboo to do that. Then the next question is how best to go about it? Like if i need to strip it and how to. Also the best way to rebase it off the game base. I will probably never play the game so I don't need it on that clicky base. Thanks Joe
  2. Awesome painting of the figure. Might have to get another one and try and paint it similarly. Again nicely done and icky looking. I need to find a tutorial on how to do washes like that.
  3. Just starting back to painting so its not elaborate and small, but figured since y'all showing what ya have I figured I would put up a pic of my little cubby hole. Its in my hallway, as I live in a small apt. The door goes to my utility closet which I only go into once a year or so. Small but it works. Got the idea for the peg board from one of you guy's previous post. Good idea and frees up some table space.
  4. Looks like something out of one of my mad alchemists worst nightmares. In our game he made some freaky creatures, but that one takes the cake. I Like!
  5. With my tablet I seem to get better pictures if I just put white paper behind them and under. So it is a neutral background. I also put a paper towel between my light source and figure. It diffuses the light and breaks up shadows. Also I put it real close to my figures, about 8 inches. Here is what my last setup looked. And this is what it wound up looking after edit
  6. They're pretty simple to do; I just follow this process: This uses six colours — four shades of red, chrome yellow, and white — but I found that on this model all I've needed is a dark red base colour, bright red, and white, and the yellow is used only on the big eyes. Thanks for the tip. I followed it to do the eyes on the Mashaaf I am doing and it turned out much better then what I had before. I did only 3 colors tho since my brush control is not that good. Thanks again.
  7. I'm in the process of making pathfinder stats for the fig since I have not been able to find stats for Mashaaf. Going to base her stats on the great old ones in the bestiary 4. So it will be mythic level.
  8. Nice. That is one awesome mean looking fairy.
  9. Nice. Gotta love that hair. Looks like it takes up half its mass. Now I want to play 'another' gnome bard.
  10. Well this my take on the Mashaaf figure. Mashaaf the Devourer of Worlds. ~She is One of the Great old ones from the outer planes. Her home is a deep chasm in the bowls of the earth. She only surfaces to feed during great cataclysmic events or when called upon by her followers with a horrific ceremony. Legends say she feeds on the nightmares of people during times of strife.~ The figure to me looks to be a amalgamation of Slug, Maggot, Caterpillar, Spider and maybe some Crab. I tried to make it look as though her top was possibly a hard surface the stone fused to it. I also tried to make the belly portion look slimy and light emitting like a glow worm. I also wanted to try and make it look like she had purple internals partially showing through her skin, but wasn't able to figure out how to do it. In the process I have about 8 coats of various paints on the belly. So I just went with stripes for coloration contrasts. Also the glow effect I tried on the base doesn't show to well in the photos but it is obvious when looking at it. I'm still learning and developing my skills and being my 3rd figure to do since my long (25+ years) break from painting I like it. Was fun painting and putting the base together. Also I am using a tablet for my camera and no light box. Still trying to figure out how to take good pictures too. 3 different front views hoping you can see the glow and eyes. First time ever doing multicolored eyes effect. 2 side views for the back detail. Its another perspective on the figure. I brought to the game room and the guys liked it and can't wait to see it used in a game. C&C always appreciated. Joe
  11. Real nice. We are doing a sea campaign (almost finished) and my druid would have liked to have that as a companion.
  12. Love this set up. Hope you don't mind, but i am going to try your same color setup on mine. Me and a friend have the same set and i am going to do a forest dragon and he is going to do it as a red dragon, so we have more of a selection of figs for gaming.
  13. Wow. what line is that figure in. Gotta get one. Won't be able to do what you can, but would like to have it in my collection. EDIT Never mind I found it by the number. Cool will order one on next batch.
  14. Now that is an awesome Blue dragon to be feared by all adventurers. I like.
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