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  1. Been thinking about ways to play Warlord, even though there's no one around my area. I was wondering if anyone had considered playign Warlord using a virtual tabletop like Maptools? I have very limited experience with maptools, but it looks like you can program a framework that will make playing a game like Warlord much easier. In case you've never used Maptools or other VTs, they aren't video games. They are computer programs that allow you to play tabletop games by simulating dice, terrain, tokens, and measurements. Code exists in each token and other bit in the game, so the barebones interface can be molded to fit your desired game. In Maptools, you could turn off the grid and go with distance-based movement, then just use the dice and your paper army lists to play. Or you could program it so the interface would show things like character stats, status effects, and stuff like that. The game would not be automated, so you wouldn't be able to play without a rulebook. It would be very similar to the Army Creator's level of detail, where you can see all the stats but without the book you don't know exactly what they do. Still, I'd like to talk to whoever's in charge of Warlord and ask permission before working on a Maptools framework that would allow online Warlord play.
  2. Look sliek this thread will have a sad ending after all. I tried to demo Warlord for my gaming group today, but it was a huge bust. No one bothered to read the quickstart, and got frustrated with me of I didn't knwo the answer to everything. I had two matches going, but the second pair just decided to quit and play pokemon. The other group got farther, but was playing Dwarves vs Frost Giants and the Dwarf player couldn't imagine how they'd hurt the Frost Giant Warriors. I thought I had a decently balanced army selection, but those Frost Giant Warriors are huge! Another player was bothered by all sorts of rules, like no pre-measuring and that kind of thing. Every time somethign like that would come up, it'd be up to me to justify the rule, and my reasons weren't good enough. This is a general trend with this player, I might just stop bringing in new games. Anyway, sorry for the rant, jsut wanted to thank everyone here for the help. Teaching my gaming group was really the last option, as no one up here in the pacific NW has heard of Warlord. If someone finsd this post looking for fellow Portland area players, even years in the future, give me a PM!
  3. I looked into using Gonda and how that might affect things. I'm going with this list for my demo: Troop 1 Dantral, Half-Orc Gonda, Goblin Orc Warrior x 6 Orc Spearman x 5 Luck Stone Troop 2 Ogg, Goblin Beastrider Goblin Beastrider x 4 Troop 3 Goblin Skeeter x 4 Still 21 models, 7 more than the next largest army. Also has some ranged capability from Goblin Skeeters. I liek having them in a band so they add an initiative card, but Dantral can led them because they're mob units. Is it generally better to split up models or cram them into larger troops so they can all activate at once? Once we go to 1000 points, I'm going to look at the Orc caster in the Warlord TV demo game, with the 5 mana Dominance spell. And a Hunting Beast. And Bull Orcs!
  4. Nope, the proxy rules are pretty clear that you can use any reaper model for any other one. Also, there are plenty fo goblins and regular orcs in bones, and the black orcs from kargir would make good bull orc proxies.
  5. I've been gearing up to demo Warlord for my gaming group. I'm making several 500 point armies with no warlords for the demo. I've love orcs and goblins ever since playing the first Warcraft. Here's my attempt at a 500 point Orcish Horde: Troop 1 Dantral, Half-Orc Goblin Warrior x 7 Luck Stone Troop 2 Gakalath, Orc Orc Warrior x 7 Orc Spearman x 6 Troop 3 Ogg, Goblin Beastrider Goblin Beastrider x 4 I completely ignormed ranged or magic in order to overwhelm opponents with swarms of greenskins. This army has 27 models, more then twice that of my other 500 point armies. Not sure if that'll work out, but I want the satisfaction of throwing down a troop of 14 models with cavalry support. Woo! Another thing I'm not sure of is who should lead troops 1 and 2. I have Dantral the captain leading the goblins, because he can inspire them if necessary. But he'd be safer in the double line of orc warriors and spearmen, and thus more likely to influence the battle. Mayeb that troop of just goblins should become a band of 4 goblin skeeters?
  6. As I understand it from page 33 of 2e, you may use cover if you're within 2" of it. So for your example, the shooter is inside the woods but the target is outside. The target has nothing within 2" to declare as cover, so he does not get the benefit. If the woods are not thick enough to block LOS, then they don't affect the shot. Getting cover from them is an act on the target model's part. Keep in mind, I'm new to this. I've been studying up in expectation of these kinds of questions from my gaming group.
  7. I believe that the target would be able to use them as cover.
  8. Wanted to make sure this thread didn't end on such a hard note. I put an order in for paints on the reaper store, i got a good batch that'll let me paint a few specific minis I'm working on, and some general colors for mixing. Eagerly awaiting shipment! Also, I've been poring over the rulebook on my breaks at work, hoping to understand the rules before my second demo game next monday. I've got a much more solid grasp on the LOS rules, turn order, and other rules after reading up on that and watching the reaper TV demo game. I'm going to set up 2 tables with terrain and get my gaming group playing 2 battles simultaneously. I can sort of referee, unless only an odd nuber of people can make it, then I'll play. We normally play in big multiplayer games, but I want to make sure to keep it as close to intended as possbile for this first demo. My armies are all 500 points without warlords, but after the demo game, they're jumping up to 1000 with them. Models cost abotu the same and can be proxied, so there's no reason to limit my army creation! (I tend to play pauper in Magic due to budget constraints)
  9. I thought you alternated deploying units after the first card was flipped, as opposed to flipping cards as normal for turns? Also, wanted to say your writeup and paintjobs, along with the Koborlas look and feel, reminds me a lot of the Canim in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. Notably: The Canim employ crossbows too large for a human without super strength to lift, called balests. I hope the wolfies get some love in the new Bones KS!
  10. Sounds awesome! Great writeup and pics. I never really considered Koborlas as a faction before... Now there's more guys I want to spend money on!
  11. I think it's this one specific employee who has very stark opinions and likes to share them. I've had lots of good experiences with other people working there. not sure if I'll try to special order reaper paints and warlord books there - I mean, they have reaper minis, so they have to be able to get stuff from them! Also, there's lots of table space, but I've had bad luck trying to find a time where I feel wlecome to play. Lots of magic events that crowd people out. There's another game store in the area that always has plenty of table space, and people playing a billion different things, maybe I'll try there.
  12. Kinda bummed up here in stump town. Just went to the LGS to grab some paint, and realised they only carry citadel. They said they might be able to special order them, if i want... Then asked about warlord, and got a kind of dimissive "I've never once seen someone who plays that ever." Guess it's just me and my gaming group for now. If it catches on, i can do a meetup to gather up interested players around the area. But man that took the wind out of my sails.
  13. I see. So with my Griffon in flight and Miners burrowed, I send them after targets that I want them to fight, but I want the first attack. Then, When I'm ready, I pop up/dive down and attack without worrying if they would charge me first! I was mainly considering it a method of ignoring terrain, so i didn't bother on our flat plain demo game. I was also avoiding burrow, since the miners can only move 4 inches underground. But I guess they can only move 5 normally...
  14. So I won't be able to play with the group for another week and a half. Overtime on the only day a week we all can meet. But I'm working on several more army lists, so we can have 4 people playing at the same time. I've got two of the 39" tables, so i don't know if we should do a 4-player game or have 2 2-player games running at once. I crunched some numbers and it looks like I can set the starting locations to 6" deep instead of 12" and still get about the same distance between them. So far, i've been making 500 point armies without Warlords or Faction Doctrines. Most of my group hasn't been introduced to the game yet, so I think this is a good way to learn the basics. I fully intend to up the scale to 1000 with Warlords, especially since the warlords aren't super rare expensive guys (I got lots of them in the first Bones KS!) I just printed off the list for a Necropolis army with Elsabeth Briarkiss and a large entourage of Chattel. The list also has two casters (Malek and the Bloodmagus guy) and a Grave Horror. I'm thinking Elsabeth and the Grave Horror are the heavy hitters, and the casters are mainly support. Chattel look like they'd be good meat shields or a nice snack for my vampires. Also for the dwarves list, I was planning to cut the Miners troop and use the points to add in Shieldmaidens to the main troop. I didn't get a lot of use out of the miners, but I haven't really got my head around burrowing yet. Maybe that troop would be really good if used correctly?
  15. Totally! At first, i was just throwing people together. Now, I'm trying to imagine what they'll do. I'm hooked, now let's see if I can hook the rest of my group. They tend not to get into things as much as I do, just playing whatever game we have at the moment. I'll do what I can!
  16. Thanks for the encouragement! We played our first game tonight, Icingstead versus Dwarves with the lists above. I played as dwarves, and the book of tactics along with one more troop meant I got to go first a lot. The bad thing was that the Frost Giant Warriors are incredibly powerful. I only dealt a few damage to them the whole game. I do believe I failed to take into account the tactics, and locked my griffon down against mere barbarians. The griffon was my heavy hitter, and I flew him in too soon and got flanked by some barbarians and one giant. then the two giants just started eliminating my dwarves one by one. I dealt a few damage to them with defensive strikes, but those giants were nasty! There was one point, where I charged the giant with three swiftaxes and attacked with all three. they all missed with their one rush attack and then got bopped fo one damage each by the giant. Next game night is in two weeks. I hope to even out the army lists and make up a couple more before then. I'll also plan on placing terrain next time. Stay tuned for my Necropolis and other lists!
  17. Well, looks like I'm on my own up here in the NW. I'll get some small forces together from my horde and teach my group. Here's some 500 pt armies I've made with my figures (In M:tG, I'm very Red, as you'll be able to tell. I can also do a necropolis thing with what I have.) i avoided Warlord figures because i read that they have unique powers that destabilize a small point value game, and I'd like to teach things gradually. I've included some mages, but I don't know if that was a bad idea... Dwarves - 494 pts -Troop 1 Freya Fangbreaker w/Book of Tactics Margara Firetongue Swiftaxe x3 Piercer x2 -Troop 2 Abjorn Hofkeg, Miner Miner x3 -Troop 3 Griffon I figure these guys have a solid main troop. The other two troops are more mobile, and swing around to the sides to gang up on enemy forces engaged with the main unit, or go off on their own to pick off troublesome models. Icingstead - 498 points -Troop 1 Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess Frost Giant Warrior x2 -Troop 2 Hurgg the Bloody Barbarian Berserker x2 Brabarian Spearman x2 Luck Stone This one is all about maneuvering the Frost Giant Troop into a delicate spot and having them break things. The squishy humans are there as backup. Looks like Svetlana can either attack with her ice magic, or use Immense Might on her Frost Giant Warriors. Reven - 498 points Troop 1 Gronk Spliteye, Bugbear Bugbear Warrior x 4 Gurm, Ogre Troop 2 Neek, Goblin Goblin Skeeter x 4 Goblin Warrior x 4 Troop 3 Nhoolyan, Hunting Beast Troop 4 Luck Stone (wow that is way easier to just cut and paste from the army creator...) I decided to have Orcs only in the Kargir and the other guys in the Reven army. These guys would tie down enemy troops with the goblins and finish them off with either a Bugbear Charge or Trampling Hunting Beast (Proxied by my D&D prepaint Bulette). Can the Beast trample through friendly models? Do they take damage if he does? Last but not least... Kargir - 495 points Troop 1 Hrodash the Painmaster Black Orc Marauder x 3 Black Orc Hunter x 2 Goblin Stinger x 3 Troop 2 Torg, Tundra Stalker Tundra Stalker x 3 Troop 3 Luck Stone These guys completely forgo ranged attacks in order to have one big wall of orcs and goblins, with pike support. Much like the Dwarf army, the rangers try to get around th enemy to take out targets of opportunity or come in against the enemies from the side. I imagine there's more to the tactics than that, but we never readlly got far into the tactical side of mini games. We got stopped previously at the army creation step. Hopefully with Warlord, we'll be able to experiment and progress in playing skill without breaking the game at unit creation. Also, I don't have a 4x4 table. I do have two 39-inch square tables that I can either run 2 games on, or put them together and have one bigger game on. Which do you think would be better? Should I alter the deployment areas since I have a smaller space? One more question: Most of the players in my group tend to play one big game, as opposed to breaking up into twos to face off. How would you do a 4-player game with Warlord? 6-player?
  18. I just found out about this game and have been scouring these forums. I've read many a battle report and army list these past few days. I've been playing with the army creator too. I've got a large amount of minis, mostly prepaints from D&D or Mage Knight. I love reaper's scultps, thought I haven't painted any of the bones I got from the first kickstarter. Anyway, i was wondering if there were any Warlord players inteh Portland/Vancouver area? I usually see 40k and Hordes players at my FLGS, Rainy Day Games, but thought I'd throw out a line. I'm going to try to get my friends into Warlord, but sometimes the mini games don't go over very well. Last time we tried Song of Blades and Heroes, and one of our group broke it pretty quickly. Speaking of which, how well do you guys think Warlord takes to players who like to break games? I know you can't create your own units, I think that should help a lot. I'm encouraged by so many of the comments after battle reports being "I can't believe how balanced this game is, and how many armies are viable. You never know what's going to happen until the end of the game!" That's what I've been looking for.
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