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  1. I went to the hardware store and picked up some caulking. Filled the gouges, so it's cosmetically okay. I'm just worried about the structural integrity of the finished product at this point.
  2. Woke up this morning to discover that my kid got up early and put a bunch of gouges into my tower.
  3. I had an idea. Still in progress.
  4. Rocky texture applied, then Mod Podge + black paint. Whoops, wrong photo of a black smudge on my tiny little phone screen
  5. All the brickwork is finally carved in! Next step will be applying the rocky texture to everything. I don't anticipate this being a particularly long or arduous step. Who wants to take up a pool on how wrong I am?
  6. The upper floors are all done, so I've moved onto the bottom section. Here's the diagram on the floor before I add the cobblestones.
  7. Been chipping away at the tower. 8/10 of the top layers are now completely bricked, inside and out. The last 2/10 are about a third done.
  8. Been a while since I did a dry fit, time to check how this is looking!
  9. Done sculpting this floor! There's still some clean-up and texturing to do, but that will come after I've carved the other segments so I can do it more uniformly.
  10. Well the twist is baked in at this point, so buckle up! It's gonna be a spirally ride. :-D Definitely skeletal. This guy has been picked clean.
  11. Outside bricks are all done on this segment, and this is the first of the interior brickings.
  12. Second side of crenellations bricked up.
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