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  1. More stuff added this week: 1) 3" tall bloodstone columns 2) Pentagonal archway for an elder thing city 3) Work in progress doorway with genuine functioning door
  2. Decided to find out how much stuff I've made in the last three weeks.
  3. Tiny furniture created, just got a few more decorations to paint up and glue onto them.
  4. Made me some cave walls. Turns out they can stack to make a cliff too.
  5. Yep, those guys are in my watching list! Tonight I made some wall spell effects. Next project will be making naturalistic rock walls.
  6. For the floor tiles, I used a fine grain particle board attached with DAP caulking to dollar store foamcore that I stripped of its paper. The arches, stairs, and pillars were 1/2” extruded polystyrene attached to the particle board. I've got it all sitting on a 4' x 3' sheet of cheap black neoprene.
  7. I've reached my saturation point with the uninspiring top-down view of the virtual tabletop. So this week I built and painted a bunch of dungeon tiles and terrain features. I'll mount my phone on a tripod and give it its own discord account, then stream the map directly into our video chat. Trial run is tonight. Fingers crossed! If this goes well, I'll keep adding to the set over time. That cheering you can hear in the background is my little plastic homies who've been in lockdown for 8 months.
  8. I carved these two irregular stone shapes into the front face of the tower's base section, then extrapolated out the rest of the pattern from there. The photos are from our honeymoon in Peru.
  9. I was doing some tidying today and found an early design draft for the tower from about a year ago.
  10. I spent a couple hours last night trying to figure out how to photograph this beast. It's so huge that it was truly difficult to get it to come across correctly for the camera. Two white lamps covered with sheets of paper did the lighting. Final camera settings: ISO 80, aperture max darkness, no white balance. 5 second exposure >.<
  11. Oh they're definitely going to fight this one of my horcruxes. I've got details from our campaign embedded all over this thing.
  12. Kal is glued onto the tower as solidly as I could. No need to detach: I made the base a square of the correct dimensions for a monster of this size category. It is a dice tower too :-D
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