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  1. blargney

    Converting an efreeti

    New project time! I've got some BBEGs to make for our Kingmaker Rematch campaign. I've already completed Vordakai years ago, and Nyrissa's mini is based and primed. There's another boss monster that I've added: Domog the high priest of Rovagug. The players are completely freaked about him, so I've decided to make his mini first and share my progress here. Here's the starting figure and what I've done today.
  2. blargney

    1st time flocking with Mossbeard Treeman

    Human eyes! Just lean right into uncanny valley :-D
  3. blargney

    Yetis and Friends

    A Wookiee by any other name...
  4. blargney

    Necromantic logging machinery

    I'll post some pics now before my 3-year-old gets his hands on it lol. I actually had a structure and attachment points for a tread drive system. I ended up not putting it in just because I didn't want it driving around and knocking stuff over during the game :-D
  5. blargney

    Necromantic logging machinery

    KruleBear would you like me to post some pics of the build's crucial bits so you can reverse engineer it?
  6. blargney

    Necromantic logging machinery

    I ran the encounter last night. The looks on the players' faces was panic mixed with delight. Success!
  7. Our Kingmaker campaign stalled out almost halfway through a few years ago. Last year we started a new campaign set 40 years later in the post-apocalyptic ruins of the old kingdom. Tonight I finally completed the minis for the party. :-) The guy on the left was one of my first completed minis, and the ruler of the old kingdom. I repaired and updated him today, rounding out the party.
  8. blargney

    Necromantic logging machinery

    Side project completed, here's a video on YouTube! Back to painting Bones now :-)
  9. I'm running a Pathfinder one-shot this week, and I'm chucking the PCs against the Forest Chewer. It's an undead-troll powered machine that turns 30' swaths of the Narlmarches into sawdust to create arcane symbols that are many miles across. So I decided to make a working model out of Lego for the encounter. :-) Turning the crank in back makes the trolls go up and down, as well as whirling all the saw blades up front. Now that I've got a working prototype, I've got to complete the aesthetic touches.
  10. blargney

    Nolzur's Treant, autumn leaves edition

    I like it! Great concept, well executed. Here's my favourite version of Autumn Leaves, it's got a pleasant melancholy to it. :-)
  11. Thanks! I have a number of PCs to complete for campaigns that are not yet defunct, unlike the Eberron minis. I might revisit them after I've got the higher priority guys done. For your Astrid: if the amp you make is big enough, she could stand on it. :-)
  12. That's gorgeous! I've got a partially completed Astrid too. She was a changeling bard, so I wanted her to look like Mystique transforming while she stepped through a doorway. For basing, I find it helps to have an idea of who the character is. Then I set them in an environment that evokes one or two of their main themes. In the party I linked above, the pirate is on a ship, the shadow monk gets serious chiaroscuro, and the bounty hunter with slippers of spider climbing is up on a roof.
  13. blargney

    WizKids T-Rex aka "King of Feathers"

    Our party just took on this guy last weekend! The druid polymorphed into a T-Rex to rip his spine out and raawr appropriately.
  14. blargney

    I`m back

    Those are some gorgeous minis!