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  1. I carved these two irregular stone shapes into the front face of the tower's base section, then extrapolated out the rest of the pattern from there. The photos are from our honeymoon in Peru.
  2. I was doing some tidying today and found an early design draft for the tower from about a year ago.
  3. I spent a couple hours last night trying to figure out how to photograph this beast. It's so huge that it was truly difficult to get it to come across correctly for the camera. Two white lamps covered with sheets of paper did the lighting. Final camera settings: ISO 80, aperture max darkness, no white balance. 5 second exposure >.<
  4. Oh they're definitely going to fight this one of my horcruxes. I've got details from our campaign embedded all over this thing.
  5. Kal is glued onto the tower as solidly as I could. No need to detach: I made the base a square of the correct dimensions for a monster of this size category. It is a dice tower too :-D
  6. Job's done. Posted pics of the finished project.
  7. Thanks for making such an inspiring figure, Reaper! Kal has kept me pleasantly occupied during The Incident. :-) Here's the WIP thread, if anyone's into that sort of stuff.
  8. The glue is curing. I just need to find patience before final inspection.
  9. Dragon feet are gluing to the tower overnight. Tomorrow I'll attach the tail and cover the join. The day after that I'll throw some Dullcote around and see what sticks. And that should be it!
  10. I had an idea and just kinda ran with it
  11. Stopped by the local hobby shop and picked up a new shade of paint. Glow is going much better now!
  12. UGH I am totally botching the glow effect
  13. Wings have been highlighted and glued to the body. Next steps will be covering the glue lines then painting the glow for the OSL. After that, just attach the tail, glue the dragon to the tower, and it's all done. The wing tips are below the feet, so I have to rest Kal on something now. I was walking through the bedroom and just thought this looked neat.
  14. Also experimenting with making grass clumps.
  15. Experimenting with creating custom flower clumps. I think I like where this is going!
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