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  1. blargney

    Converting an efreeti into Doomsday

    Full strip and reset for the orc. He was taking paint even worse today than yesterday! I used a bit of Vallejo airbrush thinner and a toothbrush, took about 20 minutes. Followed with hot soapy water and scrubbing, then a hot water rinse and scrub. Here's hoping the second draft works better!
  2. blargney

    Converting an efreeti into Doomsday

    The DDM bugbear seems to have some kind of repellant chemical on it that is seeping annoyingly through the primer I brushed on. Paint ain't staying where I want it, and the yellow is coming up to lighten and tint my green. :-\ The Reaper lizard is a delight, especially in contrast with El Hydrophobe the dumb orc. :-)
  3. blargney

    Space Kraken (in spaaaace)!

    Neat! Which continent will end up in daylight? Are you going to light up the cities at night?
  4. blargney

    Hakon, Iconic Skald - Bones 4 Version

    Great painting! You deserve a song to commemorate the occasion. :-)
  5. blargney

    Converting an efreeti into Doomsday

    My son has decided in the last week that naps aren't happening anymore, so I've lost my afternoon window for painting. *cry* I've managed to get a few base coats on Eeemmo the (dismembered) Sootscale kobold. If I'm lucky, I get 30 second snatches of time to make progress, maybe once or twice a day lol
  6. blargney

    Made myself a turntable

    Correct! Good eye :-)
  7. blargney

    Made myself a turntable

    Thanks! Roger that, will slow down :-)
  8. blargney

    Made myself a turntable

    First draft was an over-engineered stupid thing lol. Second draft had the motor, but I realized I could get smoother motion with a more direct mechanism. So I settled on the hand crank for the directest power. It pushed all my "good enough" buttons real hard, and here we are!
  9. blargney

    Made myself a turntable

    Thought I'd put a little effort into getting better shots of my little plastic homies :-)
  10. blargney

    77503: Temple Dragon

    Great colour choices, lovely execution :-)
  11. blargney

    "Waylaid By An Enemy" ReaperCon 2019 Diorama

    Holy smokes those faces are outstanding. Also, I love the pink on the orc :-)
  12. blargney

    Giant Rhinoceros Beatle

    That blue carapace is sick :-)
  13. blargney

    Tikbalang Conversion Contest Entry #1

    That is a weird monster that you've done excellent work creating!