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  1. Both plastic and metal minis have their up and downs. Check out Fenryll's minis, even though they are made of plastic (specifically resin), they are very detailed.
  2. Hee hee hee! All this is PAYBACK for what happened to Ral Partha!!!! A celebration is in order!
  3. Hmph! Another bomb in the making. Once again, the bad karma they incurred after what happened to Ral Partha will bite them in the rear end!
  4. I have seen these official LOTR minis. They cost an arm and a leg.
  5. I just discovered a new way to paint drow. I paint them black, as they should be, instead of that phoney baloney drow flesh purple, and then dry brush it with gray..... Now I can see the details, and they are still black skinned!
  6. Very nice. I never have the guts to modify anything. I would be two scare of screwing it up and ended up with something worse. I only modified one mini so far, simply gluing in a pair of bat wings in the back of a scantily dressd wood elf and made her a succubus.
  7. Strange... Just last year, the place where my brother works at had this scarecrow building contest where Christmas is the theme. So he built a Succubus dressed as Santa, shoveling coals into a Christmas stocking. Hmmmm....coincidence???? ???
  8. That Vandorendra has better be the marilith that some people are talking about. I passed up the one on E-bay for this!!!
  9. Well, at least you realize that there is nothing wrong with thinking about what it's like to be a woman. Those who protest too much often have something to hide. :) Then again, everything has a price....being a man you have to put up with all sorts of backward attitudes and hangups,and being a woman you have to put up with periods and all sorts of weird things associated with the reproductive system. :(
  10. Hmmmm, once again the heterosexual male mentality puzzles me. They would have no problem playing a non-human male character yet often balk at playing a human female. Madonna is right in her song "What's It Feel Like For A Girl": It is okay for a girl to look like a boy but not the other way around because for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because being a girl is degrading. Oh well, then again, men are not exactly having it any easier than the ladies. They couldn't get on the lifeboats on the Titanic!
  11. This coming Wednesday I am going upstate to help my brother move into his new house. There is a hobby store near where he lives that is packed with Reaper minis (none where I live....) :( I will be checking out the place and see what I can pick up from there..... :)
  12. I might as well have a "topless army" consisting of 18 succubi, three lamias (two with snake tails), three medusa/gorgon (all snake tailed AND topless). They need no weapons.....they have their own Deadly Weapons ala Chesty Morgan! :D :D :D
  13. Blond huh? Look like Falco Steelcross by any chance? :D
  14. Yes!!! Practice is the word. All the reading about techniques and method doesn't do you an ounce of good unless you practice. Knowing about something is an altogether different thing than actually doing it. When I started painting again....I would take me FOREVER to finish one figure. After a while, it almost becomes second nature. I would go through a dozen minis in a week, if not less time than that. Then again, I like to believe I have a life....so I don't spent three hours just painting a face, like the "pros" do.
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