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  1. 4 hours ago, primeval said:

    The axe is awesome; overall a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor!


    33 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Great job, love that Axe!

    Thanks, the ax is just 1 coat of contrast color basilicasum (sp?) grey and metallic silver on the edge of the blade.  Super easy.  I cant remember if I put black wash or not.

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  2. 14 hours ago, MediocrePainter said:

    I like the Horns. The  are not just bone colour but the hint of brown makes them look much more rrealistic. Die you dry brush the brown on? 

    There is no added brown.  I just brushed on citadels contrast paint called Skeleton Horde.

    5 hours ago, Iridil said:

    Very nice! Love how the beard came out 

    That's just a heavy coat of citadels contrast color Gore-grunta fur.  It's pretty good for fast red hair.

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  3. Mostly contrasts (the gold and edge of ax are metallics. The reddish leather belt under the gold is reaper msp...and of course the eyes arent contrasts.)  The bone & snakebite are great as everyone knows but what surprised me was how good the grey contrast was for NMM steel.


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  4. If it helps, I have shaky hands from medication. I sit with my right foot either on my seat or on my left knee and then press my wrist into my right knee (since I'm right handed).  I dont really move my hand at all, just bring the mini to the brush.  Both my wrists are usually pressed against my knee and I just move the brush with my fingers.  

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  5. I started using Reaper paint 10 years ago but logged in last week to buy some colors I am running low on and now there are 2 new paint lines (bones & pathfinder) and their description is the same as the core msp description.  It's confusing and annoying.  I bought some new ones and 2 from 2 different lines look identical.  

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  6. @Darcstaar agreed, but for knocking out quantity I would still prefer AP dip.  I would need to find an additional step that made these pop more with minimal effort to use contrast for bulk.  Contrasts would be great if I didnt already know all the tricks for making AP dip pop.

  7. It's okay. More splotchy than I would like.

    I might try some dry brushing & highlight the teeth and nails.  So far my only use for contrasts has been to save time on leather and camo bags & bits. 

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  8. I don't know anything about 3D printing so don't know the specs or materials.  It's the Earth Brewery by Dicey miniatures.  I was thinking of picking up an primer for wood rather than miniatures so it would fill in small cracks then sanding it and priming it again with miniature primer.  I was worried all the vertical and horizontal lines catching light would ruin any illusion of texture and grain.


    Also considering using hot glue to at more realistic texture but have never done it on something this large so am a little gun-shy.

  9. I see a lot of people raving about the new Metallic paints reaper sells, (Dragon, Dwarven, Etc). I have the 8 Game Color metallics set plus the discontinued game color chainmail. Are any of the new Metallics different enough to add to my collection?

  10. I bought the 9001-9111 box of Reaper paints a couple years ago and love them but have looked back at the stuff I painted before when I was using GW and notice I used much bolder combos then.  I have gotten so stuck in the mind set of using the Reaper Triads for everything that I never really looked at the 108 paints that I have to see what other triads I could be making to get more out of the paints I already have.  


    Does anyone have any custom triads they have made out of the reaper paints that they love?


    For example I have a traid of 9029, 9072, & 9006 for painting red hair.  Or 9024, 9274 & 9048 for dark elves.  

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  11. This is a stupid question but are you using a wet palette?  A long time ago I would use a porcelain palette to mix and thin paint but when I switched to a wet palette thinning the paint became much more consistent.  

    I used to use a wet palette but found reaper paints behaved weird even with as little water as sits on a wet palette, so I went back to one of those plastic wheel palettes.

  12. Sorry thought Liquitex was the name, It's called Liquitex Professional Flow-Aid.  I have found reaper paints are very hard to work with when I add water, they get way too runny and the color seems to become uneven.  I will try 3-1 paint-water and 10-1 Flow-aid.  I saw someone else say 5-1.

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