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  1. I started painting with GW paints and have switched to all reaper. I love the triads but feel my fine highlighting suffers because of how thick reaper paint is and how I can't just add water like I did in the past with GW paints. I bought some Liquitex and wanted to know if anyone with experience with it could recommend a good water to liquitex ratio and then a Reaper paint to liquitex mix ratio. I only use brushes, no sprayers and I am not really interested in buying additional products to add to the mix.
  2. Will the new bones for Bones 3 be a little more ridged? I have been painting a lot of Cool Mini or Not's stuff lately and liking it much better than my Bones 2 stuff. Their fine detail holds up much better. They have a kickstarter finishing tomorrow which is all D&D type stuff but I figured if Bones 3 are improved I will have no shortage of D&D stuff to paint. Also are there any of the new greyer bones for sale other than in CAV? I would like to order some and see what the smaller player characters look like in the new material.
  3. No matter what anyone says, do not paint a base coat undiluted without primer. GW primer works great on bones and then you can dilute your paints down to washes if you want and they will behave no different than a metal or resin model. *this goes for Games Workshop spray can primer. I have not used any other primer, I honestly dont know why anyone would ever use Krylon or anything else they found at a hardware store on their miniatures. Most primer is made to fill cracks, that is the WORST thing for a miniature it makes all the fine detail disappear. They make miniature gaming primer for a reason. I found GW works great and have been told Army Painter also works well on bones. I have tried GW's/Citadel's brush on primer on bones and it did not work at all. Zero. It was like oil and vinegar.
  4. I have found painting them straight is a BAD CALL. After washing in soap and boiling to get the bent ones back to shape (boiling seemed like it'd be a hassle but was fun, most moved back to the correct possition after boiling automatically, than put in a bowl of ice water). I used a GW primer, fenris grey I think, it dries in minutes, it constricts, hugging to the edges to accenting them. The model then has so much texture that I can use very watered down paints in multiple layers without losing the fine detail. Bones loses a lot of the fine detail of buckles and buttons so anything to preserve that is a win for me. I have painted a dozen bones in the last two months and this is definitely my preferred method. The primer goes on much thinner than paint right out of the pot, even thin paints like P3. If you want them to look good dont paint unthined paints right out of the pot.
  5. Yeah, Warlord is a hard game to get a group for. They havent done the marketing that Warmachine and 40K have but I have heard the hardcore wargame guys mention that they pay it with friends. I think I am going to have to do the same, build a 4x4 in my garage and find some folks on Meetup, luckily Florida has a huge gaming community and I have a big garage and like building stuff.
  6. Do we have to wait until it hits $3mil to add Dragons Dont Share? I dont see it in the calculator and a large dynamic middle ages piece is exactly what my wargaming table needs.
  7. *sigh* Was hoping they would add a new goal when sophie was met. What a bummer.
  8. 2.2mil should be hit by tomorrow morning. Hopefully there is a new reveal for expansion 3 as well. ...or better yet, the core.
  9. Adding good stuff to the core set is an effective way to slay my pledge trolling.
  10. I am hoping the sophie model ends up something that fits the feel of gameplay miniatures. It would be a cool character to add to an RPG or wargame proxy, with her wings, she'd make a cool Legion Everblight warcaster or solo for Hordes. A lot of the other sophies I see seem too posed and pin-up style, more like ornaments for someones desk.
  11. Any minis on mounts, especially if it is not a horse, would be exciting. The dwarf bear riders in Expansion 3 is great.
  12. Also, are the translucents "bones" or is it a different kind of plastic? Does it need to be painted different?
  13. Reaper Sculptors fight over who gets to go through Talin's concept artwork first. I'm sure Bobby will do a killer job on Sophie, no worries. Than they crank out a prototype in a day? That big worm thing when from art to model photo in about 24 hours.
  14. As a Reaper noob, what is the deal with Sophie, is this a mascot or based on a actual person at reaper? p.s. My "Warlord Second Edition" book just arrived today so more Warlord minis that fit in that books factions would be much enjoyed.
  15. That new demon slayer sophie is pretty darn cool looking. Fingers crossed that the mini lives up to the artwork.
  16. Damn right, I made some good points!
  17. Looking at the picture that probably inspired it... Cloak emerging from the shadows? (needs more translucent smokey purple) Dang, there is no probably about it. That looks cool. I will probably heat it up so I can exaggerate the posture more like in that picture. That is a good point about translucents. It would look good painted if the wispy part was left translucent purple with a smokey thin black wash. You have changed my opinion of translucents.
  18. You do realize that you can pledge the money anyway...and once all the unlocks are open you can either allocate that $50 elsewhere OR change your pledge back down to what it was. this way you can help everyone see what they are getting AND make a better decision as to where to put their moneys By that logic everyone should just pledge $1000 or heck $3000 dollars and then dial it back to the $100 or $300 that they intended. ...sorry, I will pass.
  19. Is this model appearing out of a wisp of smoke or is that his cloak that is all tattered up? http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60060#detail/60060_p_1_mj
  20. Or they may change their mind. So far none of the expansions have enough for me to pay $50 but I would gladly give them more than that if I could pick sets out of each. Never say never. Versatile pieces that fit easily into adventures like these guys http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/darkheavenlegends/latest/03418#detail/03418_3418_dalton_krieg_front_unk http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/pathfinder/latest/60118 http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/pathfinder/latest/60134 http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/pathfinder/latest/60031#detail/IG_1101_1 Reaper has a lot of beautiful minis that would be awesome to paint so enough of the giant slugs and space worms.
  21. Brigands and bandits would be awesome. More town guard types. Or add the option to pay for addition items in expansions so if people want town guards they can get more than just 4.
  22. I want updates closer than every $150k and stuff that few people have use for in their gameplay unlike humongous slugs and purple translucents. Orcs, trolls, elves, soldiers, dwarves, robots, heck, even barnyard animals. Stuff that will get regular use.
  23. I feel like the momentum has stopped and am going to have to dial back my pledge. Everyone is saying there will be an end bump but I will be AFK for the end so at the current pace I cant see myself needing as much as currently pledged.
  24. It's way too long to the next goal, that wont get hit until Friday. That's a bummer, I need a new trick card or update.
  25. maybe. Or maybe they are talking about what would possibly make a person need... 22 Crates and 22 Barrels. Or even worse, dark purple, transparent crates and barrels. O_o I was going to update my avatar picture, but now I am thinking I have to keep it. 22 crates and 22 barrels? Where is that option?
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