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  1. I dont get it. Why would them being translucent purple be a good thing? If they are ghosts or slime or fire or ice, I get the translucent but wolves and tentacles? Are they not supposed to be painted?
  2. I think they confirmed that the Angels of Sorrow were one of the pairs... That's neat. I hope the other one equally cool. It's a shame they dont let people that buy the expansion buy specific multiples. I am thinking about making a pillar base for the crying one to use as a piece of landscape that attacks anyone player that enters her AOE. If I had several, I could add a haunted graveyard area to my wargaming boards. Sort of like a spooky minefield.
  3. Did we ever find out what the "hungry and not hungry" pairs were?
  4. That hammer test was pretty impressive.
  5. It's a shame you can't buy sections of the expansions like you can in the core section. There are a few I'd want in expansion 1 but not $50 worth and I image the same will happen in #2 and #3.
  6. I have seen people ask for "supers" does Reaper have superhero mini?
  7. Not a fan of the recent stretch goals.
  8. I heard someone say, they did not advise a final clear coat or final rough coat on bones. Is this most people opinion? If so why? Does it look negative or is it just not needed for protection?
  9. I mean the 4 bonus ones that are all the same sculpt. The warlord army creator engine lists the bugbear warrior which I assumed these are, it also lists 2 of the named bugbears and one of the name gnolls on the Reven list, as well as the beast woodcutter and a named beast hero in the core section and then the Hill Giant all under Reven. I counted about 10 figures for Reven in the reapergames army creator. Is the list on the army creator incorrect? Or am I misunderstanding something? http://www.reapergames.com/warlord_ArmyCreator.php Also, are Kagir and Reven allied factions? It's odd that there are bugbears, gnolls and hill giants in both and that the regular hill giant wont follow the hill giant warlord. Is there a story that explains this in the book. My copy of Warlord 2nd ed. has not arrived yet. Also, also, I hope there is a reveal at $2million. The current ones do not excite me.
  10. Plus the core bonus has 4 bugbears and 4 gnolls, people say these arent Warlord figures but they match the existing Warlord bugbears and gnolls they just have different weapons in their hand. So they look like they belong if you want to proxy them as soldiers. Reaper Games army creator lists bugbear warriors, hill giant, woodcutter beast man, traeg, gronk spliteye, bloodmane in the Revan faction. That is 10 figures, one of which is a 198pt giant. Seems like a pretty awesome army to me. Am I doing something incorrect?
  11. Are the bonus 4 bugbears and 4 gnolls not Warlord characters? And are there many figures for 2" bases? The bugbear they have pictured in the base looks way to small for that base. I am used to wargames where the base are 30mm, 40mm and 50mm (basically, 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch.) I was hoping to use stuff like Hill Giants as Heavies. Will those fit in a 2 inch base or does Reaper tend to sculpt them with wider stances? ... I guess what I am saying is a Trick Card of 1.5 inch bases would be nice too.
  12. Wouldnt a gerbil centar be part gerbil and part horse or part gerbil and part man? I'm pretty sure that was just part gerbil and part gerbil. Which I think just makes it a gerbil.
  13. Swapped my core wave 6 for a core wave 3. Doh! While I was gloating an early bird core went up and I missed it. :wacko:
  14. Do they post updates on Weekends?
  15. Frost Giant should get added http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/warlord/latest/14599#detail/14599_p_1_mp
  16. At this point I think we are better off hoping for a separate Warlord Kickstarter possibly with a rulebook update. I think this may Reaper's longer term plan given how few models have been converted to bones for almost half the factions. 9 factions have fewer than 5 models in Bonesium: [bSG: 2 / Darkspawn: 3 / Koborlas: 2 / Kragmarr: 1 / Mercs: 4 / Overlords: 3 / Razig: 2 / Reptus: 3 / Sisterhood: 4] And only 1 faction has 10 or more [ Kargir: 11] Much thanks to Shakandara for compiling and maintaining the list. Any errors or omissions in this post are likely to be mine (cut/paste) issues and not Shakandaras. I would get in on a Warlord Kickstarter. I was going to make Reven & Kargir armies since there are so many in the kickstarter.
  17. I wonder if the next addition will be Chronoscope minis with a hat and long scarf, a bow tie and a fez, and spiky hair and a trench coat?
  18. Sorry, if a thread is growing at 100 pages a week, I tend not to comb through the every single post. Yeah, it would be a shame to pass the $2 million milestone without a trick card.
  19. I hope they are not done adding to the core set.
  20. It seems like they are doing $50,000-$60,000 per day and from past repeat kickstarters that have big first day bumps, the end bump is roughly half the first day bump. That would be an estimate of another $500,000 climb with a $500,000 end bump. So it would be just under $3 million. But we will see soon enough.
  21. I will be happy if I am wrong but I think people are way off on the end amount predictions. I dont see it going over $3 million. Everyone uses how people buying patters were in past kickstarters but the thing that is different about this kickstarter is that it is a sequel. Had I got on the first one and had just received my shipment I would not be getting on aboard another. Because the first one proved reliable (I assume, I havent heard complaints) they got the huge opening day bump which I think is not typical for a kickstarter and a the bump is made up of a lot of people that would normally have been the end bump. AGAIN, I will be very happy if I am completely wrong and it ends at $6 million.
  22. If they added a few weeping angels to Expansion #3 I think I would have to buy it.
  23. Introducing Expansion 2 with just the teaser of a few cool minis only to follow up by introducing another expansion is not only a bit of a bummer to me it makes me worry that I may have jumped the gun with my pledge and that they will not have enough time to flesh out both expansions to make it worth more than just spending the $50 piecemeal. The idea of scene piece is nice, it is sad how common a table full of 30 year old plastic trees is at game stores, but as someone else said, "A shipping container?" I got plenty of small boxes lying around I dont need one made of bones. And do they think I am going to buy the whole set just to get the tardis? ...I wont. Seriously, I wont. ...I might.
  24. UGH!! Ice cream too?! Yeah, it's definitely gonna be too much trouble. Cancel your flight.
  25. Isnt an un-undead Nethyrmaul just a dead Nethyrmaul?
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