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  1. No, that wont work at all. Knowing you were coming all the way from Oklahoma just for wargamining I would feel the need to bring punch and pie.
  2. Wow, that is a really nice model for a common warrior. I know I can proxy but it always bothers me a little for some reason. It will be easier since it looks nice.
  3. I'm not the one making it a point to try and argue that other people's tastes are somehow objectively wrong. I'm the one arguing that all tastes and opinions are equally valid and Reaper offers many products to accomodate this. And you certainly don't get to cry about anybody being "defensive" after specifically calling them out to defend their tastes. Be more reasonable, and you'll get it back in kind. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk. A good start is to maybe complain a little less harshly about things other people enjoy. You don't have to enjoy them. Or like them. But that doesn't give you the right to badmouth them and then claim immunity from criticism. Doesn't work like that in reasonable discussion. Nowhere in my posts did I badmouth anyone. Please stop being so dramatic. You asked me to explain my opinion and I did. I asked you in return to explain why you considered it 5-star and instead of having a discussing you got defensive and changed the subject, now still unable to explain your opinion get defensive about being called defensive. You off all people clearly should not give advice on how to have a reasonable discussion.
  4. ...I dont know what she's fighting, but she's obviously enjoying it! Seriously, she is holding the sword like she just got done buttering the largest slice of bread. I guess that is what she is so happy about.
  5. Buglips, Not everyone that disagrees with you is doing it to be mean or upset you. It is part of discussion. If you really are as concerned with ruining peoples funtimes as you claim you might want to try remembering that and not be in such a rush to get defensive. People that disagree with you are entitled to their opinions as well.
  6. Googling "Sandra Garrity miniatures" and I find a alot of unnaturally and statically posed sculpts holding their weapons out more so that they can be seen than if they were are actually being used. They remind me more of characters from a medieval times festival posing for the camera. With all the miniatures out there they seem like simply passable representations.
  7. If you are a fan of the sculptor than you are a fan. But it definitely looks like the kind of miniatures you would find in the 80's and 90's. Miniature sculpting has gotten so much better in the last 10 years and maybe that is one of the reason this artist does not make as much as she used to. If you like your figures to have a certain nostalgic D&D feel than, perfect. But to call that a 5-star miniature, I'd be interested to hear what factors you are weighing in your decision other than a past affection for the sculptor. on a side note, taste would mean I was stating my preferences. I was stating faults I see in the mood, anatomy and physics of the sculpt. If you think these are not faults than by all means, please defend them.
  8. If you have a good eye for detail, can I suggest a better use of your time and energy might be in seeking out and recommending the better ones? Just searching female crusader, the first one I find is better in my opinion. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/female/sku-down/30011 The movement of the cape, tired expression, the sword and shield have weight to them, there is a specific style. It's not the best sculpt (the legs are a bit too thin in my opinion) but the other one just looks like the sculptor did the bare minimum a female holding a sword and shield posing as if her weapons are nerf and her opponent has a waterpistol. Also, her arms are way too short, no matter how bent her arms are her wingspan wouldnt come to even 3/4 of her height. If a sculpt is not correct proportions it should be done for the sake of style. I can't imagine unnaturally short arms was a style choice. It's not a strong sculpt. That is my opinion. No need to get defensive.
  9. That face came out nice on that lady templar but it is such a childlike expression for someone with their shield extended, is she fighting her way through dew covered cobwebs on a sunday morning? And I guess she has her arm out and her sword tilted open so we can get a good look at it. If I was playing a female crusader there are much better ones at Reaper to pick from.
  10. Weird to see people fawn over that Lady Templar, seems like a rather bland figure to me. Nothing really special about it. The pose doesnt even seem natural unless it is supposed to look like a person posing for a sculpt.
  11. Guessing we will see our first addition to the Expansion 2 around mid-day. I am hoping it is a good one, their choices for first figures are all good ones but it seemed like a small start for a new $50 expansion. Actually, I guess the next addition isnt to Expansion 2, at least I hope not. The next expansion 2 addition is at $2,160,000. That is $360,000 away. Not sure how many additions the Expansion 2 will hit at that pace. Maybe I added expansion 2 to my pledge too early. If not expansion 2 than I hope they have some additions to the core set.
  12. That is a shame. I have frequented half a dozen or more stores in both LA and Miami and have never heard mention of Warlord until this forum. I always thought Reaper was just for RPG players. I mostly paint but looking at all the stuff in the Kickstarter I cant help but start building skirmish groups in my head.
  13. Hey, Newbie to Warlord and Reaper here. There is a Reptus Dragonman warrior in the Kickstarter II core. It says warrior, is it just a solo, sergeant, warlord? It seems like a pretty sharp looking model to just be a common spearcarrier.
  14. Most gaming systems have promotion teams that set up gaming nights and events for attracting and teaching newbies. Maybe I am spoiled living in Los Angeles but my local gaming stores saw "reps" (I put it in quotes because I think they only loosely represented the companies in exchange for swag) from Privateer Press, Malifaux and Games Workshop. Not to mention the prepainted games whos names escape me. Is this common outside of Los Angeles? Does Reaper have people pitching and teaching Warlord?
  15. Are there any? I'm new to Reaper and Warlord. Just supported the Kickstarter II and was wondering if there was already Warlord players in South Florida, where they play and if there is a regular night.
  16. Not a fan of whatever this godzilla Tarrasque thing people are spazzing about. No interest in it being added to the kickstarter. There is already one big turtle in the expansion.
  17. TANGENT! Someone please grab the handbrake, the thread is going off the rails.
  18. They should add a carry case for people that buy both paint sets. Their carry case is nice and just so happens to carries the exact number of paints from both sets... hint... hint
  19. Why such interest in Reapers decision to be the low cost leader? Is this the miniatures for MBA students thread?
  20. I have never painted bones plastic. My main concern is that most of the bones minatures I see look like they have too much paint piled on. A good spray primer made for miniatures (meaning it contracts when it dries rather than expanding like most hardware store primers) goes on very thin. I then use watered down paints as the base, depth and highlighting. The idea of painting on a layer right out of the pot makes me cringe.
  21. What do you mean, freeze them? Why? Are some of the figures pre-glued? Also, I know the bones are different from resin in that they dont need to be primed, I intend to prime anyway, unless there is some advantage to not priming. Are their any other difference to working with the bones plastic than normal resin?
  22. I thought the next addition was going to have two pairs (hungry & full)?
  23. I was wondering when Mr. Bones would be added. I want to build an undead skirmish army and use him as a junior warlord/warcaster or cannon spotter type character.
  24. So... this thread is not about the kickstarter anymore?
  25. What do people mean, when they say things like backlash against Reaper will be harsh? Do they mean because KS circumvents the local game store? If that is the issue than welcome to the 21st century. The local game store will have to adapt or die like all businesses in the internet age. Local gaming stores have gotten by too long on just being a shelf to buy stuff and some card tables to play. Of all the gaming stores I have visited on both coasts of the US only a couple I have been to in Southern California really put effort into building beautiful gaming tables. Every other gaming store has been dusty caves that smell of stale take-out food, with green felt tables and mis-match scenery. Reaper is investing in some valuable customer loyalty with the KS, more local game stores should do the same. It takes more elbow grease than money to make your store welcoming and clean.
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