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  1. Turtles, tortoises, tarraesques... TMNTs. I dont get it. There already is a giant turtle and some little turtles in the KS call them what you want. Of all sculpts I have seen turtles are the last on my mind.
  2. I don't know if Reaper has any but I wouldnt mind some of the more unconventional Pathfinder classes like gunslinger and monk or maybe "gun-fu". Actually, now that I see the pathfinder gunslinger, I change my vote back to "more Warlord" stuff. Gunslinger looks too cartoony.
  3. Those are pretty nice, except that anime looking barbarian with his oversized meat cleaver. He must spend half his day doing sit ups and gulping suppliments. And not a big fan of that goofy bug-ninja either. The other 3 are beautiful models. I'd be thrilled if they were added.
  4. Anyone know if they will be adding more to the Core Expansion #1 than what is currently shown? There is a lot but the Mountain Troll, Tortoise, Ice Troll and Barrow Warrens, and maybe the zombies are the only things I can see myself using. Unless they are going to add more to the expansion, I'd get more use out of picking $50 worth of specific stuff out of the orange sections.
  5. So is the WereShark a man that survived a bite from a shark and transforms into a wereshark on full moons or a shark that was cursed to be part man?
  6. Those are some good points, maybe they budgeted it as an investment in both new models and win over new customers and building customer loyalty.
  7. I would hope they made more profit off $3million in sales than $60k.
  8. I'm still hoping they add more Warlord minis but... So far (including the expansion pack) there are 3 factions that can put together a nice skirmish group (4 mini's + 1 Heavy) Reven, Nefsokar, and Kargir. Elves have 5 if you count the centaurs but no heavy. Sure, you could proxy in enough appropriate looking figures to make 5 for most all the factions but maybe I am a little OCD because I like the officials.
  9. I thought the pairs were before and after? How is that cavalry? A mounted character and then a single character without the mount? I was thinking based on the way they have done the grouping that it would be similar to mimic. Is there another booby trap like mimic?
  10. So if one of the upcoming pairs is Mimic before and after, what is the other pair?
  11. I second the call for more Warlord stuff.
  12. The trick card was a nice surprise for those of us that have become obsessive about checking the progress. Hopefully there are more pleasant surprises.
  13. Scroll back a few pages, there is an ongoing list by Shakandara here on page 193 is the most recent. Helpful list. Unfortunately it looks like there isnt enough to make a decent skirmish group from the core and with the expansion only 3 factions have enough for a decent 5 mini skirmish group. Maybe they will focus on Warlord in future bonuses. p.s. for those who cant find a copy of the Warlord Second Edition rule book there is a pretty detailed PDF online of all the rules and gameplay.
  14. Speaking of Warlord... does anyone know which of the kickstarter II minis are from Warlord?
  15. I ordered a copy from an ebay vendor this morning, w/ SH it came to $17.
  16. Spending the extra $20 seems like a no-brainer. There are a few that I wont use but plan to cannibalize to accent other figures (like the skulls and coral off the new seahags to add to the Were Sharks base) Dont know how easy it is to trade but I bet if you walk into a gamenight with a box of unwanteds and ask $1 a piece you will make your $20 back easily.
  17. Do the figures come with the black bases? Do the Warlord figures come with the stat card?
  18. Yes, naponatom has made an excellent thread with links to pictures of all the available sculpts that can be found on Reaper's online store: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51663-ks-bones-ii-list-of-miniatures/ Welcome aboard, and especially welcome to the forums! :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Thanks! This is really helpful. Also, I don't RPG, I mostly am into it for painting but occasionally play wargames (Warmachine/Hordes) is there a site that adapts stats for Bones/Reaper miniatures for use in wargames? Looking at all the minis I keep thinking it would be cool to create small skirmish armies out of the similar themed minis.
  19. I am a long time painter but am new to Bones/Reaper. I just joined the kickstarter II. Does anyone have a higher resolution image or images of the mini's in the new Kickstarter. I have found a few combing through reapermini.com but that takes a long time.
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