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  1. Starts tallying his plundered gold....a few more monasteries, some jotun and perhaps an elf or two and I might be able to make the journy. depends on how deeply the borderguard would have to be bribed. So envious of all you lucky people living within reasonable distance.
  2. Back again with yet more fun from the painting table. As usuall any critique you can level at me is welcome as it is the only way to improve. First off we have Damien, he has gotten some improvements since last time. Once I had him on pictures though I could see quite a few small errrors that need to be cleaned up A new addition to our list of friends is 77060: Dragonman Warrior. so far I am quite happy with him, a few things with him stump me though. What to do about his skin /scales? and how to make it seem like there is writing on the warhammer style purity seals? The final addition is an old elf piece from a Hero Quest game. I think this is the piece I have been the happiest with so far. The eyes are a bit wonky though, but hopefully it will come with experience. not shaking all over the place is ridiculously hard though. Silly shaky hands. He still needs a few details and a bit of clean up though. I do have a few questions though. Glazes. Ladies and gentlemenn, how do you make these ? if I try to thin it with water it tends to separate and give me spots with the lighter of the pigments in it. And secondly, how do you get whites to be smooth ? whenever I try to do them they tend to und up very chalky. Thank you for any input any of you might have ! -Del
  3. that is a pretty nifty Hellhound!
  4. You will unfortunatly find that one will not get too spoiled for choice here in the cold reaches of the north. Outland which has allready been mentioned is excellent and will cater to your tastes almost no matter what your choice of nerdry is :) it is also fairly cheap, for Norway. And to do a bit of blaspheming here, there is also a Games Workshop outlet rather close to Outland. If you are into things like model cars, railways, airplanes, arts and crafts, and so on I can also give you a few other recomendations that are fairly close to the city center. so feel free to ask. Sorry for threadjacking you Willen.
  5. This proves my theorem that cats not only think they are gods, but great old gods. It is merely trying to greet one of its percieved peers.
  6. Hum, where do the Adepta Sororitas fit into that theory ? Are they male, are they female ? or possibly the universes most dangerous cross-dressers ?
  7. The thought of trying to compete with the 6th miniature I have ever put paint to is quite intimidating. But with almost 7 months to finish it, and 3 vampire boxes of Bones to practice on, it might just end up passable. Guess I will gear up and take a viking whack at it!
  8. I have finally had time to get back to my painting during the weekend and have gotten to start on a few minis. And I thought I'd post them here and get some critique from the far more knowledgeable people here. They are in various states of painting, from has not yet gotten it's base coat to needs a clean-up. But do not fear laying into the comments anyways, as it can only improve my understanding of the art. The first one is 89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist This one is close to done, he still needs some shading and some clean-up where the brushwork hasn't been as neat as I'd like it to be. I messed up the face on this one and I am unsure how to do the eyes on this one. The second one is 77009: Werewolf This one is also close to done, but he still needs some work on the shading. his eyes ended up a bit missmatched, so I have taken to calling him derpy the werewolf. Thirdly I have been working on 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard This one is still only half-painted, but I am enjoying him quite a bit so far. Finally I am working on a bit of a special project. This miniature came with the Collector's edition of Neverwinter Nights 2 and the factory paint-job has allways irked me. So I decided to try my hand at painting him myself. This is what he looked like when the robot at the factory had had tried it's hand at it, from the front: And from the back: and this is what he looks like during the process of applying the base layer. From the front: And from the back: This giant is a lot of fun. He is a lot larger than any of the others I have tried my hand at so far. Which makes it quite interesteng since any mistake I make shows up so clearly. Amd by golly do I make a lot of em. I am quite conflicted about what to do both about his detailing like the rivets and the edges of the armor plates. Should I pick them out in a different metallic, and if so, should I go as different as bronze or gold, or should it just be a darker steel color. Thanks for any comments. -Del.
  9. Wow. That demon! *tries to pick his jaw up from the table* that is quite amazing. Hope you do not mind if I stare at it for hours trying to figure out how to emulate it.
  10. Thank you for all the great advice! I have tried to follow some of it, and have yet to try the others. So far I have tried to increase the contrast a bit. It has mostly been between the shadow and mid layer, as I have yet to get the whole highlighting thing down yet. For the Shoggoth I have so far lined all the eyes, as well as it's limbs, and tentacles. I have also gone over most of it's little folds and deepened the shadows there with a mix of muddy olive and black. This is as far as I have gotten currently: For the Dhole I atempted to drybrush the suctioncups with a paler collour, unfortunatly all I managed to do with that was paint the entire tentacle. Possibly this might have come from being a bit too overzealous with the first layer of paint. The drybrush did however give me a nicer transition towards pink for the tentacle tips. Since I couldn't get drybrushing to work I instead handpainted each nodule I could find, and when I couldn't find any I painted a dot where I expected that one would be. I also gave most of the cracks a round of a darker purple than I originally used. I am however still quite unsure what I should do with the rocks at the bottom and the base, since one still needs to be able to read the stat-card through the openings in the base. Anyone have a suggestion ? There is also a newcommer here. His name is Harvey Walters and is one of the player minis. So far only has jacket is close to done. I have tried to take the advice that you have given to heart and employ it on this one. As such I am wondering what I should do about his head.Shading the face has apparently failed quite a bit, and I am extremely unsure what to do with his hair which is supposed to be whiteish-gray. is it generally the consensus that one would shade that by having a light blue baselayer, and then brushing it with a whiter one, and finally lightly with a pure white one ? or is there a better way to do it ? I am also wondering about what to do about his cane. keep it black ? or do you have any suggestions for what kind of cane an elderly professor would have ? Thank you for any comments or suggestions you might have. And sorry for not doing any Reaper miniatures yet. The snow here in the north makes it hard to prime minis. Del.
  11. Hi everyone. After lurking for a while, and enviously admiring everyones skills, I have decided to finally try my hand at painting some of the miniatures I have. Hopefully it will make both my boardgames and my tabletop roleplaying a bit more interesting if one stops playing with gray and white blobs. So I got some brushes, and some paint, and started to slap it haphazardly onto a couple of miniatures out of my Mansions of Madness box.The reasoning behind this was that I could get away with some slightly lower quality on miniatures for a boardgame. A couple of miniatures in and it if fairly obvious that no amount of reading is going to substitute for experience, and that is where I turn to the people of this forum for critique and suggestions. the first miniature I decided to try was one of the shoggoths which got a green coat of reapers muddy olive with a drop of black in it, and then got got coated with some glazes of pure muddy olive. I tried then to highlight with some olive green, but the contrast with the previous layer was way too high, and it looked quite off. the eyes obviously suffer from my inexperience with every single one having some wobly lines. These are where I am with the miniature currently, and I am unsure how to progress with this one.Hopefully there will be some advice for how to improve it further. The images link to my Flickr account to allow for larger images. The second miniature I tried to do was the Dhole from the same box. I tried my hand at mixing my own colors here in order to get something a bit different from what comes in the box of paints from Reaper. The body was painted with a mixture of Rainy Gray, Sunset Purple, and Deep Twilight. it then had shades done with a darker mixture of the same colors, (basically with more Deep Twiligh). The tentacles are painted with a mixture of Pale Violet Red, and Blood Red. There is an atempt at a gradient from Blood Red to Pale Violet Red, but it does not show all that well. Not sure how to move on with the highlight for this one, if I should add more of the sunset purple, the Rainy Gray, or perhaps a completely different purple or gray. Sorry for the long post, and thank you for all advice, even if it should be "stop it you noob!"
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