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  1. Oh god! That's so expensive but awesome. We always play in keep and castle. I would have so many use of that. And we can mix it with dungeon tiles. I'm doomed.
  2. Yes Qwyksilver, string instrument have an horrible sound at first. I learned quickly because I was an adult so that period was short, but since the girls began early, that period was an act of true parental unconditional love. Oh my god! And you must smile and say nice things. But now they play way better than me so it's better and beautiful to listen. Plus music is a good way to learn concentration, dedication, organisation etc for a child. Now girl no. 1 play viola, a bit of violin, alto saxophone, bass guitare, all kind of flutes and drums. She talk about switching to cello since her sister took viola and she does not like to have direct comparison from people who listen and don't understand that it not because the song is slower that it's easier to play. But i'm pretty proud to have children who share hobby with me including mini and roleplaying.
  3. Qwyksilver: Yay for Viola It's true, if you want to play in an orchestra play viola, there's always room for a good violist. But here in my little town that was a chance to find out that the only violin teacher was a violist first. And I changed from violin to viola because that was a good compromise for the cello. My first girl was small and was saying she would play viola so she began at 5 on a mini violin that we transformed in viola. My other girl was playing violin, but she changed in may because she can't stand the sound of the E string in position.
  4. I like cartography, reading, writing. I play RPG on videogames or computer. I also like music. I played violin and viola. Unfortunately, the pain in my wrist is too big to play anymore. But I listen to my girls who play viola for 8 years now. Ah and I also play dnd and other roleplaying games. And sometimes tabletop or card games.
  5. Got my notification. I laughted to read the text at the bottom. For the moment canada post is tracking nothing, so I wish to see it move in a couple of days. Can't wait to see the surprise inside. And if you have it please don't tell. I avoid the kickstarter comment just to be sure I don't know before opening. /happy dance
  6. Really interesting reading. Our dragons, are separated by the gods domain. We have 11 great dragons, one for each god. They are like the gods and colossal. They are neutral and don't interfere with the world most of the time. After them are the big dragons of their element. They are smaller a bit, but are highly intelligent, neutral and don't bother with human or elves or anything else. All of those dragons can talk, breath something that is near is element. They can change shape, but if they keep a form for too long (I mean really long) they could forgot who they where. They can be invisible, so normally people don't see them. And at last their is corrupted dragon, who are smaller, don't speak and don't shape change. They are not really evil, but they are like beast. So usually they would try to eat anything that pass near. So for the kind of dragon we have: 1: the time dragons. They are dangerous because they control time so they could appear anywhere at anytime and froze time at will. They also know all that happened, is happening or will happen. So they are never surprised. I didn't decided yet what they breath. 2: Earth. They normally dwells underground, have no wings. They breath lava and fire. They could be dangerous because they can navigate easily underground and emerge as they like. They also can do earthquake and such. 3: Water. They breath anything that include water. It could be boiling water, cold one, ice, etc. They control, storm, thunder, rain. 4: Fire: Well they breath fire and would be near the classical red dragon. Except that we don't align them. They are extremely hot. 5: Air: They are quick. Most of the time invisible. I didn't decided yet what they breath. Probably thunder. 6: Darkness: Not darkness meaning bad, but more like night. Well, they do like night, are black. I didn't decided yet what they will breath. 7: light: They prefer daylight. They breath a ray of light, that is hot and burn. They are gold in color. 8: Forest: Well probably near the green classical dragon. 9: Animals: That one will have feather or fur and is quick and agile like a beast. 10: Spirit: That one control thought. 11: life and death: That one will control the life and death and is quite a deadly enemy to have. I'm still working on that. I have to decide what they breath, etc. In our world dragons are not at all common. The great dragons will generally not harm the living human, elves etc. Unless somebody threaten them. But I made the 11 first god like and they cannot be killed. Their servant can but it's not likely since they are near god like. But the lesser corrupted certainly can with efforts and knowledge. And that's why I must decide all the details.
  7. Well froghemoth is not for me but I know many asked him. Keep crying for the giantess folks. We have 9 hours to convince bryan that the giantess must be there. But I like the Mr. and Mrs Bones, they are super cute.
  8. Oh my, just before i'm off to work. Now I must see the update. I'm praying for the giantess.
  9. 5 500 to the 5 headed and I won't be there today. I'm so sad. I will only see the other goodies after work at 5h30 east time. I just wish that I will get to see that giantess. I just love her. And that there will be plenty of awesomeness to come. I'll add everything after in the pledge manager. Unfortunately my budget say no for the moment. We decided to ship to the border. It will not cost us 110$ us of gas to go fetch them and anyway we paid the duty everytime so of to the border and we'll be able to buy more goodies. If at first there was few thing that interested me now I see many. Those hobgoblins are killers, the giants, that 5 headed coolness, the new dragon 2 out of 3 expensions, the golems, the paint, etc etc. I will have to do choices and I just don't want to remove my selection. Oh my. So have a good day. And be bad for me and buy everything so reaper will not have a choice and will give us that giantess.
  10. Awesome end stuff :) I really like the 3rd expension. But, I'm still waiting for that Lady giant, the female oni and a special sophie, and mr and ms bones, and Alhma from paizo stuff, and... I could continue like that for eternity.
  11. Glad to see Sir Forescale in the picture of the manticore and sphinx. They are smaller than what I thought but they are so beautiful that I cannot say no anyway. The modern models in the mythos expension are wonderful, but since I have no use of modern or the monster, I'll wait the retail to buy what I really want. I must choose unfortunately. After all the big five head will come and I guess it will be between 30 and 50$ and my shipping will rise like a god. But for sure the giants, and the sphinx and manticore go in my basket. Also probably the first expension. Can't wait to see the finale. My wallet can't wait too, but for a different reason... the more it last, the more it cost.
  12. Could we have a pic with sir Forscale and the sphinx and manticore. I would like to evaluate how big they are. And I would like to see other angle of mr. Manticore. They are awesome sculpts. Well done Reaper team. I'm pretty pleased at the campaign and a bit afraid of the end. I can't wait for Mr. 5 badass head to show. Maybe i'll get a second one to do a gigantic hydra. That would be so cool.
  13. I know the question may seem idiot, but I don't seem to find what exactly is this temple dragon that everyone seem to want. Does somebody have an actual image of that beast?
  14. All in finally! I'll see later if I add some addons or if I keep it at the 120$ level. The modules are tempting, the kraken... well kraken. The journeyman version of the bard mini and the other optional that I bought in the first kickstarter. The remaining items pack and quest. I don't quite know yet. And the hard cover is interesting. I hate paper booklet.
  15. I'll surely check this to see where it go. It's beautiful but I don't know yet if it's practical. I would have liked to see a video that show how they put a room together.
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