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    Kickstarter Forum Posting Guidelines

    Please Review our Board Rules. These rules apply in all forums of this message Board. We recognize the roles Kickstarter and Crowdfunding have played in our industry, and in an effort to further that role and help others, we provide the space for discussion of other projects. We believe that the community and the industry benefit from discussion of the existence of a project, the merits of a project, or the lack thereof. Given that there are high profile success stories and high profile failures, it is important that the community be free to discuss projects, so long as they comport themselves with civility and respect. Over the years, we have learned that more new members will post for the first time in the Kickstarter Subforum than in any other, so we invite new members and posters to review these rules. When discussing a Kickstarter project, the creators, backers, critics, or proponents of a project, remember specifically this rule: You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. Please note that this includes use of the Private Message system to post any of the above. Should you believe a post or Private Message violates the above rule, use the Report Button, located in the lower right corner of the post/message, and do not engage the alleged offender. This post's primary purpose is to clarify this rule: This board is not to be used to ... conduct commerce in general without express permission from the forum administrator. The Forum Administrator provisionally grants permission to post direct links to Kickstarter Projects, or Crowdfunded projects on Indiegogo. All other platforms are prohibited, unless receiving prior approval by the Moderation Team. Patreon, Fig or "Nickstarter" projects are strictly prohibited and will not be given pre-approval under any circumstances. The Forum Administrator or other moderators reserve the right to remove threads, posts, or links to projects for any reason or no reason, revoking permission for this commercial activity. Each project should have its own unique thread, appropriately titled with the name of the project and optionally the creator. Duplicate threads for the same project will be merged as they are discovered. It is permissible to link to the project homepage, updates, or comment sections. In most cases it is permissible to link to company websites, blogs, news sites, or message board posts where relevant information about the merits or lack of merits of a project can be found. Some external links may come under heightened scrutiny, and may be determined to be beyond our guidelines. It is not permissible to link to a projects' post-project pledge manager, without express permission, especially if that manager accepts additional funds beyond the original project goal or pledge. These systems do not further the goals of the project by unlocking stretch goals or enabling goal completion, and are considered tools of commerce without providing merit to this community. Links to project updates where the link to the pledge manager is given are permissible - because these updates serve an informational need to the backing community. It is not permissible to link to the webstore or retail site of any Kickstarter Funded item(s). It is not permissible to use this forum, including the Private Message Function of this forum, to conduct trades or invite resale of Kickstarter funded items. After a project has completed fulfillment, the thread may be closed by the moderators to prevent abuse and promote an organized message board.
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    Tagging or Name problems v2

    And pinned. FUTURE POSTERS: Use this thread to tell us about errors or omissions in our Tags or inconstancies in our figure finder. We are always looking to improve the system to make it easier to use and work with, and your input is invaluable.
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    Color Charts MSP and RPP

    Pro Paint 2009 Here's the MSP chart in White Background, with Black text to save on printer ink. White Background MSP 2009 I hope these work ok. 2016 Spring Paint line. Swathes were developed for web use, and may not print with precise color accuracy from home printers, and the PDF is noticeably.. faded.. on some colors.
  4. Ye gods what have I started? Ok, well with the proliferation of AMA (Ask Me Anything) Threads, which I feel I must accept responsibility for, we see that you are all adept at being parts of the Quisition. This is good, as it is only by questioning that we grow. Well, that and healthy soil, sunlight, and rain. Wait, that's not people that's potato plants. Whatever. Ignore that. But do you have something interesting to tell me? Don't ask, tell. Tell me something. Maybe it's a fact about yourself. Or about your family/kids/pets. Your latest game or (heaven forbid) your character. A thing you learned on wikipedia or youtube or even *gasp* from a book or other person (or goblin, wolf, or other sentient being)! I'll start - I am a direct male line descendant of an exiled Polish noble family, deposed in the 1700's. I'm not a direct heir, being not a direct oldest son->oldest son (I am in fact the youngest son of the youngest son, with several middle and youngest son's along the way over the last 220 years, so I'm nowhere near the actual now-defunct noble title.) Your turn. Tell me something.
  5. Live link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084069684/tablescapes-dungeons-modular-rpg-dungeons-by-secre?ref=users A little something We've been helping some friends out with, and I'm very proud to be a part of:
  6. Reaperbryan

    PolyHero Dice - Wizard Dice

    These caught my eye. The 1d2 Spellbook was really the one I thought was cute! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/polyherodice/polyhero-dice-wizard-set?ref=friends_backed
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    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I’m intending to do so as a part of my new job.
  8. Reaperbryan

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    My PM was full. As an admin I had unlimited box size, but as a member, not so much. Ive culled messages and have PM access again. Dont be sad. It was an incredibly hard decision because I adore Reaper, but I’ve been given an incredible opportunity. I will Be reactivating my alternate unofficial-personality login starting next week.
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    ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Oddly, I don't remember thier names. I think he was a Brian/Bryan but the last name escapes me.
  10. Reaperbryan

    Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    We do not currently have rules on whether games of skill and chance among guests for Reaperbucks would be permitted. Understand that gambling is illegal by statute in Texas, and we are not lawyers to be able to tell you whether or not this would constitute gambling. We would prefer not to ever be investigated by the state commission responsible for gambling, and as such, would prefer that discussion of such activities that might cause them to look at us not happen here any further. Likewise, we would prefer that no such activities as those being discussed happen on the premises, or are discovered to have happened where it might be construed that Reaper had any part in them whatsoever. I do not want to hear or read any more about it.
  11. Reaperbryan

    Ma'al Drakar 77580

    looking great!
  12. In 38 days I will have my 15th Anniversary with Reaper, and I have attended one or more conventions each of those years, (If I had to guess, I'd estimate I've done over 100 shows). Not every show has a facepalm moment. But I could share tales. Once I was asked why more of our models didn't have hooves, but had normal feet instead.
  13. I wish to avoid getting the fanbase attached to one particular concept - we already know what it is, and at this point, no matter how enthusiastic y'all get over a fan suggestion, we are not gonna be able to change it. Still, I believe this model has a sword, so if you want to refer to it as a swordsister, and specifically Sidrith, while I suspect the companions and comrades of the character in question will raise some eyebrows, you are free to do so. Our models have names because for most people a name is an easier thing to remember than a simple part number, not because you are under any obligation tp use the models as the charters we have envisioned. You do you. /************ Note that, like my "fighter with bow" and "red haired models" stories, I actually do have an experience of a customer putting a miniature back on the peg after having identified the model as perfect for his character because his character wasn't named the same thing as the miniature, and he didn't want to play somebody else's character...
  14. The autocorrect thing itself is not a clue. Its clumsy typing on my part. "receipt" is not a clue. It's a classic character, that I've asked for a re-imagining of before, and finally got.
  15. Reaperbryan

    Kickstarter idea

    My wife runs a casting house, and I can say that a Kickstarter for her products would greatly benefit her. She could get metal in larger quantities*, and save money. She could finance newer, better equipment. She could finance ideas that otherwise have impressive and scary start-up costs. Reaper is a different beast, and a $1200 Green is a very different purchase fo us than for her. Much like how a $20 steak dinner was nigh impossible it imagine back in college but now it's something we can do when we put our minds to it. *Reaper buys SO MUCH more metal than she does that for us there's nearly no bulk savings left that's possible She can buy 100lbs/month, where we go thought a ton a week...
  16. Re sculpt. Autocorrect apparently hates that word.
  17. Reaperbryan


    If you're wanting colors that resemble the traditional color schemes, I like the Marine Teal Triad, although it's (obviously) slightly more teal and slightly less pale blue than the "official" color scheme. If you're wanting to go more for the Blues, 09417-09419 is a nice range of blues, ending in a bright blue. I also think Trollbloods might look really good in oranges, myself.
  18. It's a receipt (that's "resculpt" after autocorrect gets ahold of it and decides that our hobby jargon is actually typos) of a classic character that's traditionally one of my favorite models and character ideas.
  19. Reaperbryan

    Brain in jar?

    The model is part of our Bones 3 Kickstarter rewards. We are releasing 10-20 of those models per month, and have not yet released all of them. It should be released in the next 5-6 months.
  20. I have a model that's about 9" tall - an Imperial Knight by GW. It is not uncommon to paint these with quasi-realistic heraldry on the shields, shoulders, carapace, and tabards. I want to do the same. Sort of. I have a piece of heraldry I want to respectfully deconstruct and use to inform the painting of the knight. What I need help understanding is what do the various elements mean, and what is the best way to deconstruct them and throw them onto the knight *respectfully*? There's 4 versions of the Eagle with the banner and the crown, and there's the two dudes. there's the peacock feathers. there's the crown in the center. I know this is from the household of the Duke of Silesia, which is a region of what is now Poland. Any other help figuring out what the elements mean so I know what I'm doing would be appreciated. Oh., Yes. Here's a Knight so you can see where various elements might be applied. Shield(s) Shoulders, Carapace/back, legs, tabard, etc.
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    Kickstarter idea

    All of these points are correct. While metal in larger quantities *can* be cheaper, the price differences are in cents per lb (which translates to fractions of a cent per model). Even a .25/lb reduction in price only shaves off on average of a penny and half per figure from our cost - but that's just the metal cost. Making multiple copies of each mold (with that many copies, you need to) means we're buying many molds more than our standard process - so mold costs skyrocket. We make 2 molds of everything now. For this, I'd estimate 10 molds per figure, so while I'm saving a penny per model in metal, I'm buying 2 cents per model in extra molds. And that's not even getting into the labor needed to produce 10,000 Core Sets of 150+ models, or 1.5 million models. Without getting long-winded about cycle times and QC rejection rates, a back of the envelope calculation assumes this ties up our entire casting department for 52.3 WEEKS. And that assumes no models have separate bits so everything is a one-piece "drop". As we add second components the time increases on a predictable, albeit linear, slope. This doesn't even assume Optional SGs. During that full calendar year, 100% of our casting, mold making, and Qc resources are dedicated to this job, and so all other sales that are not Bones are impossible. Now, we could be smart and dedicate only half or 3/4 or some such, but that increases the amount of time that half or 3/4 of our resources are spending the money we already made, and not generating new revenue. Even that would be crippling. Or the *faints dead* shipping cost of trying to ship 150+ models per backer. The weight! The size of the box needed because metal models require significantly more protection than Bones! The cost of all that foam and peanuts! Ok, so those are just a FEW of the logistical NIGHTMARES that make me pretty darn insistent that the answer is no. But there's one more *super great* reason not to do it. Zero Innovation. We can, because the production process and the material properties, produce larger, more dynamic models than we ever could before. Ma'al Drakar would be impossible in metal, at least without us developing whole new processes which would increase the cost exponentially. So we'd be stuck with more or less figure models, in not-super dynamic poses (or, as described above, adding complexity via assembly). Well, not to put too fine a point on it, we do that now. We release models every month, mostly figure sized, with varying levels of dynamism and complexity of assembly. It's basically "please spend the next year-plus producing a year-plus's worth of figures, in addition to the figures you would normally produce in a year-plus". you know, Double your output, but make us pay up front for half of it. And honestly, that doesn't sound like a good deal for you, or me, or anyone.
  22. Reaperbryan

    Guindyloo and Buglips paint DHL 03100: Thanis the Bonecaller

    I have fixed your errant Spoiler tag, @Guindyloo.
  23. Reaperbryan

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The AMA's are fine. I started them forever ago, and have had 2 of my very own. I almost made a third, but decided to make this. I am absolutely fascinated by the facts that people are pulling out. Personal, historical, cultural, scientific, this thread is one of my favorites. I do not want to see it become "Eighteen! Purple!! Suirrels! Uber is home and has coffee!" So my new fact - Irregardless, despite the pedantry of the Grammar Police, is in fact a word. It is an emphatic form of "regardless" and means removing the talking point from consideration. As in: "Regardless of the racial and gender issues present in H.P. Lovecraft's work, and Irregardless of the proliferation and cutesy-ism of C'thulhu, I find the entire Mythos to be the most relevant form of horror for the modern era" Meaning "Ignoring the {social issues} and deleting from consideration the {mainstream-plushie aspect} ..."
  24. Reaperbryan

    Is my wit as clever as I think it is?

    The Dragons one you describe I feel like I would interpret initially as "here B Dragons", like on old maps.