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  1. I always think "This time I'm safe, I have enough" ... and then Iain manages to put something in there that is so nice that I have to back ;)
  2. Oh shhhhiny ... but when my Bones 5 shipment arrives, I'll have 21 unpainted minis here ...
  3. Those dwarves look good, but I was so disappointed with the "resin" minis from one of their other projects (having quite noticeable 3d print lines), that passing on this is easy for me.
  4. Thanks, that is very helpful. I guess I'll go with one Tower and the Cathedral and if I feel the need, I can still add one more room ... (ugh ... my wallet).
  5. As some of you have more experience ... I'm in for 5 rooms. I have other terrain options for "Dungeons", so this is more about village / city interiors. My "biggest" plan is to make a nice tavern. To that end, I think one Wooden Cottage and two Tudor Mansions should fit quite nicely. So I have two more choices left ... options are: Stone Tower and Cursed Cathedral ... would it be better to take one of the two twice or both once? Does one of them go better with the Cottage or the Mansion than the other one? (The builder app does not work well for me ... gotta play around a
  6. Exactly my problem. With other games, I can justify it with "lots of minis I can use for other games" ... but games I have more than time to play.
  7. Sigh ... seems like every vote goes against what I'd like to see. Guess I have too much "generic" stuff already ;)
  8. The 85 Euro pledge is: 1 Fantasy Core OR a Sewer and 3 rooms. You can exchange the Core/Sewer for 2 rooms, so you could get five different rooms. My plan is to get the Tudor Mansion twice, then the Cathedral ... and then I'm not sure yet. Maybe the Core because lots of walls ... or the Stone Tower room and the roofs.
  9. I will probably add another set of stretch goals as an add-on. I do not want / need another ghost dragon or giant, but a lot of the normal minis are really nice and a lot of the scatter is quite useful.
  10. I also hardly play, don't sell, just paint ... but painting is a hobby for me. So I'm just buying a couple of things for my hobby ;) The journey is what matters, not what you do at the end ... ;)
  11. As I said ... I'll probably get an extra set of stretch goals and then there will be a number of bases to choose from left. But yes, an add-on would be a good move.
  12. Nope, I have more or less skipped the Bones Kobolds (heresy!) ...
  13. I ... might need a second set of stretch goals. There is a lot in there I think I can use a second time. 4 Kobolds are good, 8 are better ;)
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