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  1. Yes, that was it! Gosh ... I'm old ...
  2. True. But there was a D&D setting with airships even before Eberron ... Mystara?
  3. I think there was ... something before Eberron. Was that "Spelljammer"?
  4. The riders could be the final nail in my wallet's coffin (and in my resolve to stay away from CMON ... yeah, "weak-willed" is my middle name). and there is a Lee van Cleef mini ... and Yul Brynner and ... sigh ...
  5. Yeah ... same happened with the KS exclusive game "Hate" ... they claim it's overstock Min Market bought up.
  6. That stagecoach might go well with the current Zombicide Kickstarter ... maybe I'll use it instead of the train? ...
  7. live, funded ... awesome. And that Celtic village add-on ... oh my ...
  8. I did not expect some childhood memories of Steve McQueen or John Wayne to have such an influence on me ... but I grew up with western movies and those characters ... oh dear ... if they show a good Clint Eastwood ... or Lee Van Cleef or ... characters from High Caparral ...
  9. True that ... sigh ... I just barely made my will roll ... and will have to make one for the next 20 days or so.
  10. It's live. I'm already out ... (see above). $100 plus 20% VAT plus shipping ... my Fomo is not that big.
  11. You know ... if you offered a "conversion box" that enabled me to convert those into medieval / fantasy minis (guess that it would be mostly a weapon pack), I'd be totally tempted. Thy look great.
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