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  1. They have not yet delivered at least their three latest projects ...
  2. There is a lot they offer and it looks great, but at that price point ... sorry, no. I don't need those files (got a lot of buildings, even bridges), they would have been nice, but too expensive at the moment for me.
  3. I guess it was me who asked in the comment section, I can confirm that they answered about 31 mm to the eyes.
  4. That's not "backlog" ... that's "supplies for the next lockdown" ... ;)
  5. I also backed stl-file projects before I had a printer ... never hurts to plan in advance ;)
  6. He didn't expect it to go so well, lots of stretch goals already reached. Backers get to choose some stretch goals (pity it's "either or" at the moment):
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/basicaiddesign/more-than-100-designs-to-base-your-miniatures/description Print files, but oh, they look nice imho. There is also an asset pack that you can use to further individualize your bases:
  8. Yeah ... but $100 for 8 minis is a bit over budget (my wife says).
  9. I think ... I need a resin printer for Christmas.
  10. Nice to see that the minis turn out as detailed as (after backing this company before) I thought they would (or even better). I think ... I did not get enough minis during this Kickstarter ... there are so many I still want (and I'm already getting 20 ... give or take a "0").
  11. I have to hand it to them: The situation of their other projects (that they have not delivered quite a lot of them yet) is in the FAQs for all to see. Kudos for that.
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