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  1. If they are talking about Tainted Grail: I'm still waiting and probably will be waiting for quite some more time for the mounted heroes ... that's why I said "not fully shipped". Base game, maybe some other stuff, but not fully. So people are still waiting for Tainted Grail (at least some of the things, estimated delivery was August 2019), Etherfields (not even remotely close to shipping as far as I can see) and Great Wall.
  2. Well ... if at least one of their last three projects had already been fully shipped, I might have considered.
  3. Ouch ... pirates and normal ships (even airships) I have ... but Nemo ... oh yeah.
  4. Does it help when I say I've backed a number of his projects and all were quickly delivered and were as great as they looked?
  5. I have been reading books written by English-speaking authors, playing (computer) games made by English-speaking companies for decades in English (despite my native language being German) for exactly that reason. I don't know if it has become better in the last couple of years ... but the original AD&D (or was it D&D) edition in German translated "torch" not as "Fackel" (which would be the correct translation of torch in a medieval setting), but "Taschenlampe" (which is "flashlight"). That's just one example and it proves your point: you need somebody with gaming experience. Add to that that sometimes correct translations even take away from the plausibility of an event in a story (somebody says "flight" and the other person misunderstands that as "fight" - in English very possible. In German it's "Flucht" und "Kampf" - how can you misunderstand that?).
  6. I ... don't play Sci Fi ... I don't need Sci Fi ... (I have just started a subscription for Warhammer Conquest to paint something other than fantasy minis ...) ... I ... well, maybe a smallish ... tinyish Raiding Party?
  7. I do like what I'm seeing, but ... - a bit expensive (ok, lots of stuff in it, too) - 3-4 outstanding Kickstarters? - situation with Time of Legends 1.5 still not resolved? I'm afraid (my wallet is not), I'll probably pass here ...
  8. I think leaving out a wall should not be a problem ... or putting in a low wall.
  9. Entire buildings ... or at least complete floors. Not just for playing (pen&paper), but dioramas.
  10. I'm sorry to read this. But it strengthens my resolve to not give them more than one dollar and not to increase that amount in Ankh's pledge manager (as nice as the minis are).
  11. With the highest pledge level, you can even put names on the gravestones of the graveyard ... lets see if my player appreciate graves for their deceased characters (well, for those where a body was left ...).
  12. Niche? To me that was the most interesting, bad-broccoli army the Imperial Guard had ... If I played 40k, I'd have a hard time resisting. Edit: no, I didn't write broccoli ... but it's a nice expression.
  13. Bed leveling - if you have to do it yourself - can sometimes be a royal pain in the beehind. I'm in and have to think about whether I can stay in, but auto-leveling is worth a couple of bucks to me.
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