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  1. Funded. On to stretch goals ... as many as can be reached in the remaining days.
  2. I hope people back this ... I want the Araves ... male, female, demonic ... all of them.
  3. This being CMON, shipping will probably be even higher in the end ... they will tell you in the pledge manager, after you can no longer get a 100% refund. I have come to pledging only a dollar for such projects and waiting for the pledge manager to see the real shipping costs. Needles to say, I have skipped a lot of projects since then because shipping plus VAT (on pledge and ON shipping) makes most projects simply not worth the money.
  4. Yes, that's the Witch-hunter ... one mini in a single box. Can't remember how / why we got them.
  5. Miniature scale is true 28mm ... and looks a bit on the tiny side. The humans / elves are quite small, the giant / troll is great. I put together the giant today and it fit really nicely together and detal is great.
  6. Close to the end ... only a bit more needed to get the last stretch goal ... a Castle.
  7. They look great. Unfortunately, current shipping / VAT / inflation situation makes it almost impossible for me to back this ... sadly.
  8. Shipping went up ... with VAT it has become too much for my taste.
  9. Base size 32mm, heroes to eye level 35 mm.
  10. Solution: Put in a dollar and go for the pledge manager ... 😉
  11. What happens if my wife hides my dice so I cannot even try my saving throw? I should fail it automatically ... no?
  12. Still only in for $1. Waiting for the Pledge Manager to get a better guess at the "real" shipping costs. But the base game and that expansion with the giants / trolls / dragon is very very tempting.
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