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  1. Nice, characterful minis. Pity I already have 20 (give or take a "0") Goblins.
  2. Southlands for Pathfinder is a great source book. Edit: it also fits all those Egyptian / Arabian Kickstarters nicely that have come up over the last couple of months.
  3. funded and some stretch goals unlocked already. More nice minis ... and scatter stuff in-between
  4. as I now have a resin printer ... I'm tempted ... very much so.
  5. Some interesting minis ... but I'm not sure I'm over Dark Souls yet.
  6. I backed a couple of his projects, was very satisfied. But nothing in here that I really want. And ... at the moment a bit pricey for me (too many other 3d file projects).
  7. I'm sorry, had you asked back then, I'd have told you where to get it (but it might only have been available in Germany), now it's back to its original price. It was one of those "only during the next couple of hour" offers.
  8. I already got the Elegoo (have not yet had time to try it). I have an Anycubic as an FDM printer and I'm quite satisfied with it.
  9. For me personally, the undead in other projects (be it files or minis) have more appeal ... personal taste I guess.
  10. I'm still going to print terrain pieces on my FDM printer. Resin is for minis ;)
  11. Yeah, an Ender is an FDM printer ... but nope, haven't tried it yet. My guess is that a number of bases will work with FDM printers. Some others and a number of assets won't. New type of base: Quayside.
  12. I got an email offering an Elegoo resin printer at a 25% discount ... now I'm doomed.
  13. This is even more awesome than I feared it would be ... I'm in.
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