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  1. Base size 32mm, heroes to eye level 35 mm.
  2. Solution: Put in a dollar and go for the pledge manager ... 😉
  3. What happens if my wife hides my dice so I cannot even try my saving throw? I should fail it automatically ... no?
  4. Still only in for $1. Waiting for the Pledge Manager to get a better guess at the "real" shipping costs. But the base game and that expansion with the giants / trolls / dragon is very very tempting.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solgoodcreations/the-gamers-sampier-project/description For a good cause: "I am Sergy Sobol, and I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine. My American friend, Caleb Goodson, and I decided to put together a project that would help my volunteer group bring food to the refugees in my home city. My group of volunteers and I cook food and feed the people. Their need is great, and your support will meet this need." and there is too much stuff to post pictures ... so if you are interested in bases, terrain, miniatures ... and 3d printing ... take a look. It was a no-brainer for me.
  6. I supported Tytan Troll on Patreon for some months and he really does good work.
  7. In for a dollar at the moment. Waiting for the last moments of the pledge manager to hopefully see how much shipping will really be ... and to give me time to think more clearly instead of "Nice minis ... wanna!".
  8. If anybody is interested: now (slightly) lower US shipping.
  9. A lot of interesting miniatures ... but $130 base pledge plus $37 (let's say $40) for shipping and 19% VAT on all of that ... that's close to $200. That's probably more than I can justify.
  10. Didn't know that, thanks for pointing that out. Though ... they seem to have a good track record of delivery (up to now).
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/destinies/the-dark-quarter/description Interesting setting ... and (at least for me) fresh gameplay ideas. Nicely priced for Europeans, US residents might find shipping (and the idea that VAT - which they usually do not have to pay - is included) a bit off-putting. But I find it's a very ok price point (ok, I'm European).
  12. Sorry, probably will not back. Nothing about continental Europe, only that "all costs are on the backer".
  13. Project is live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/war-is-coming-reinforcements/description
  14. Sad world at the moment ...
  15. You are conducting an very sneaky, insidious campaign here ... I'm going from "maybe a few character models" to "I guess I need a unit box or two ... or three".
  16. Typical for Iain's projects. He does not send many updates, says he does not want to spam his backers. I think nobody would complain about some updates, though.
  17. I usually do not back 3d file projects for miniatures in that price range, but that is A LOT of files and the sculpts look great. Some of the "female" ones remind me of a resin miniature project I backed with quite a bit of money because the concepts / sculpts looked so great - only to be sorely disappointed by the quality of the miniatures. This might rectify that old "wound".
  18. Will keep an eye on it. I have too many miniatures unpainted and do not play skirmish games, but some character models are always a possibility.
  19. Very nice looking mini, but the size makes them a bit "un-dwarvish"? Good for painting (because bigger detail) ... and I guess you can still see them as dwarves on the table.
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