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    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttcombatundead/desert-of-the-dead-fantasy-wargaming-miniatures/description and much more. You can also get character models and army units à la carte (that's what I'm going to do). I backed his halflings and was extremely happy with what I received.
  2. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Great Wall Board Game - Awaken Realms

    hm ... not sure. Looks nice, but Tainted Grail hast not even started shipping and Etherfields has more or less just recently opened the pledge manager.
  3. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Forsaken Lands: 3D Printable Fantasy Tabletop Terrain

    I ... don't need more 3d files of towers, ruins etc ... but ... that's some nice-looking stuff there ...
  4. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Mantic - League of Infamy

    I doubt this project''s relatively poor performance is only due to the Reaper KS or time of the year. Other boardgames, even by unknown companies, are doing a lot better.. Possible other reasons: - perceived worth not there - playing villains is not as tempting as Mantic thought - playing villains and advertised as "you can backstab the other players" ... but then saying it's co-op ... might confuse some people - reminds people of Dungeon Saga - which to many folks was not a good Mantic project. etc etc
  5. Knight of the Dinner Table

    HeresyLab - Redemeers Fantasy / Scifi Resin Miniatures & STL

    What might be interesting for some people (like me) who are fantasy only: " The fantasy version will be released even if we don't meet the goal " (comment section)
  6. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    They have a lot to show before people can make informed decisions. No elves yet ... and some other things. Might have to extend the pledge manager.
  7. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Happy Birthday Knight of the Dinner Table

    Thank you folks!
  8. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    Argh ... still no elves ... ;)
  9. Knight of the Dinner Table

    '2 Tower and Free Siege Tower

    Nice piece, that siege tower. Thanks for it. I don't really need the tower you're kickstarting, but some of the other things on offer (elf fort) have caught my eyes ...
  10. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well, they added lots of great stuff in the last hours. As soon as they have more reliable information on shipping to Germany (costs? from where?), I will have to think long and hard about how much I can and want to spend. If their shipping conditions are ok, it could easily become my most expensive Bones KS.
  11. Knight of the Dinner Table


    I went for the Temple, which is still in production. Did not expect that long a delay and given their history and - at least partially - their style of communications, I'm not sure I'm going to support them again.
  12. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Mantic - League of Infamy

    My problem is ... I was severely disappointed with the rules to Dungeon Saga and the packaging. Some other negative experiences with Mantic even before that (old Basilean Men-at-Arms ... shudder). I'm willing to look at this because those minis look nice. But Elves as the main opponents ... the old Mantic Elves were a lot smaller than normal Elves ... I'd like to get an idea of the size of those miniatures first, but they seem reluctant to post comparison shots with non-Mantic minis.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/city-of-jordoba-3d/city-of-jordoba-3d-printable-terrain-by-otus-and-lovecraft/description Seems to be a good time for 3D printers (and a bad one for wallets).
  14. Knight of the Dinner Table

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    I'm eyeing a resin printer for Christmas. Anybody here with any experience? Is it safe to operate the printer in my office or do I have to keep the windows open all the time?
  15. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Midlam Hobgoblin Raiding Party

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662635043/hobgoblin-raiding-party?ref=discovery_category_newest That might hurt ... Midlam always has some very nice sculpts, great castings and timely delivery ... and I do not have enough Hobgoblins ... (i.e. less than 20).
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecaroth/the-wilds-of-wintertide-3d-printable-tabletop-models/description And here I was trying to tell me that I don't need any more 3D print files ...
  17. Knight of the Dinner Table

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    The higher the quality, the longer the print. With terrain, we might be talking about 20hours plus then. With FDM printers, there will always be some lines visible - which I can live with. I'm not sure resin printers (which start also below $300) can print such big parts and whether that's really viable. I'm quite ok with the terrain I've printed with my Anycubic Mega3 and what I see printed by an Ender looks great, too.
  18. Knight of the Dinner Table

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    as another "non-technical caveman" I can tell you that FDM (filament) printers (which are all you need for the terrain) are easy enough to operate and ... probably cheaper than the average forumite's pledge for Bones V ;) As far as I know, there is a special price promotion for the Ender 3 right now ...
  19. Knight of the Dinner Table

    City of Jordoba: 3D Printable Terrain by Otus and Lovecraft

    Resistance is futile ...
  20. Knight of the Dinner Table

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    Hm ... sounds like a bit too much hassle for me at them moment then.
  21. Knight of the Dinner Table

    MOMminiaturas: Mercenaries

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/84134537/momminiaturas-mercenaries?ref=hero_thanks Base pack (early bird) is about $28 (for resin minis!) lots of stretch goals adding minis to that base pack (at the moment, there are five (!) more minis in the above pack), lots of add-ons at a price that's too good to be true ... so I think I'll be a bit careful (especially since my experience with resin KS is not good). etc ... Anybody heard of this Spanish company?
  22. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Diehard Miniatures: Chaos Incursion

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diehardminiatures/diehard-miniatures-chaos-incursion/description Tim Prow, Chaz Ellitott ... do I have to say more? And lots more ... this is a bad time with Reaper Bones and lots of other interesting projects at the same time. Probably the first time I will take full advantage of every "pledge $1 now and rest in pledge manager" offer possible.
  23. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Traveling Encounters volume 1

    I backed his first KS (and now this one here). The result of the first one was very nice and sees quite a bit of use.
  24. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Midlam Hobgoblin Raiding Party

    When I looked at the minis without reading the text (i.e. without reading "male" or "female"), I was pretty sure there were more females. And I actually thought "nice to see breasts hidden by armor" ...
  25. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Midlam: Halflings gone Bad