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  1. Same here. Backed, dropped, backed again. It's simply a lot of cool stuff. Yeah, I don't need most of it, but still ... And Iain is a very nice guy, too ...
  2. Hm ... those super early birds with over 50% savings did/do not sit well with me ($10 instead of $24, which even is still a timed early-bird).
  3. Apart from the Bones core sets that always have dwarves, I backed this one here that really had great minis with awesome detail (yeah, if you've just joined the hobby, it was a bit too long ago): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raffaelestumpoart/dwarves-kings-and-legends/description
  4. As I already have written above: There is resin, metal and plastic. (Cheap) Plastic miniatures are most of the time made in China (this applies to Reaper Bones miniatures, too, because as far as I know, they produce the huge amount of minis to fulfill the Kickstarters in China ... the plan was to move production to the US, but I don't know how far that has progressed), but resin and metal are most of the time NOT made in China (or as often not as they are). I'm pretty sure Reaper's pewter miniatures are not produced in China, but in Texas (and if Reaper's FAQ is up to date, it supports that idea). Wizkids minis are cheap plastic and therefore it's not a surprise that they are made in China. There is also HIPS plastic, which very often is NOT made in China (one of the leading factories for those kind of minis is in the UK).
  5. Um ... there is a difference between "advertise" and "spam". There is a difference between public and private - when you put up posts publicly (like even updates on former Kickstarter projects) to advertise your new campaign that's different from sending people several emails and (private) messages because I feel that's intrusive and to me way beyond "let them do what they can to succeed". It's a less than great move because it alienates some people, resulting in less money for the company. There are several companies out there that make awesome minis (at comparatively low prices) and most metal and resin minis are not made in China (at least the ones I know about). If you talk about China, it's usually boardgame plastic.
  6. Maybe it's because I already have 21 miniatures, but I find that "free" has lost a bit of it's luster as the main "selling" point for me (as has "cheap, cheap, cheap"). - as others have said: those dwarves are nice (how could they not be - being sculpted by artists like Jackson, van Horne etc?) but quite generic (for the most part ... the zombie miner with the sack is awesome) - how a company acts has started to influence my backing decisions. I was all over CMON projects a couple of years ago (nice minis, good games, lots of "bang for the buck") but have stopped supporting them because some of the ways they (have started to) run projects simply does not sit well with me ... being spammed with emails or messages is also a sure way to get me to not back a company (as is the misuse of hobby forums) These dwarves are a great offer for people starting with the hobby (and for that alone the company deserves the success it is getting) or die-hard fans of dwarves ... but please don't act as if everybody MUST fall into that category.
  7. Communications were awful, emails / messages were not answered or very, very late. Some communications might be labelled "misleading" if you put it mildly. They had to scrap a couple of pieces because they had overextended financially (like the walls). Miniatures were bigger than originally promised, making them (partially) unsuitable for other games (which is important to me). Some sculpts were changed and if that was for the better is up for debate.
  8. I think I'm out ... my kids are too old to care for little ponies.
  9. With shipping (and possibly customs), this is simply above my budget (sadly, it looks awesome).
  10. Me neither ... but that's ok, I think I have ... 20 times 20 minis to paint ...
  11. on the other hand: the Nagas, flame and frost spirits and the day 2 unlock are totally not my cup of tea ... if that continues, I'll definitely not up my one dollar. And (just to put that out here): how many of CMON's project have not yet been delivered? Yeah, they are an established company, so in the past, I was willing to accept two or three projects that had not yet been fulfilled ... but now?
  12. well ... at least it's "only" $100. And the amount of stuff int he basic pledge is reasonable (unlike other CMON projects where I felt they were gauging if they could get away with a lot less). Not sure about the sculpts. Some I like, others I don't. Will depend A LOT on the unlocked stretch goals. The first edition game was ok, we played it a couple of times, but not that much. SOme new mechanics might be interesting. In for a buck, get access to pledge manager, see real shipping costs and decide then.
  13. But ... there are no pictures of every sculpt there ... are there?
  14. If they get further down the stretch goal list, this becomes VERY interesting ...
  15. Many thanks for that comparison. Indeed, that should be easy.
  16. Backed. I guess if I scale up that tavern a bit, it can be used for humans, too.
  17. Some really nice ideas ... will take a closer look at that.
  18. Hm ... that ties in nicely with the Bones V pirates expansion and some other Kickstarters I have supported.
  19. Nope, not for me. I already have Secret Weapon's "Mines", a 3d printer and lots of other stuff. This might be great for people who start or do not have lots of things already, for me it's too generic.
  20. Me too ... there simply comes a point when there are so many great minis to choose from, that choosing 12 (or 18) has become difficult.
  21. The whole package including stretch goals at that price is very tempting.
  22. Awesome minis, but a bit too expensive for me to justify.
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