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  1. Yay The fun starts! Thanks @Chaoswolf and those who donated at Reapercon.... This is lots of fun for those of us who cannot attend the weekend of shenanigans and miniature fun.
  2. if you can send to Canada I would love to get in on this again.
  3. robinh

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Thanks for those pictures Jay, much appreciated by those of us who could not attend.
  4. happy birthday ....   welcome to the ranks of us senior citizens...   remember you can get discounts now!



  5. robinh

    Dance of Death Paint Schemes

    the one Larry Elmore did for dragon lance was blue versus red (or maybe a white with blue shading). These two seem to match that image.
  6. robinh

    Happy Birthday robinh

    Thanks all for the birthday wishes. A fun time was had by all and a glorious meal was the ending for the night.
  7. Listening to your video... You may want to slow your speech down a bit... might cut back on the coffee maybe.
  8. robinh

    2018 Secret Sophie

    sorry, I did not start up a spring exchange this year due to my current student workload and closing of the fall and Secret Sophie exchanges. I am willing to send a spreadsheet out to someone who wishes to take on the organizing. I will probably look at a summer exchange starting in June sometime though.
  9. robinh

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I second the too much advil warning. My wife ended up loosing her kidneys to it as she apparently was sensitive too ibuprofen. She is good now as she has received a transplant that is working well. So take medication when needed only as it has long term side effects you may not be aware of.
  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Welcome to the start of a new personal year. I wish you many productive days of sculpting and painting as you continue to improve and amaze us with your talents.
  11. Happy Birthday on this fine snowy morning The weather is perfect to stay in and print more stuff so enjoy! PS. you may want to build a backup character as well. Just saying!
  12. robinh

    Jasper vs. Rabbit Season

    and when will I get to face this mighty charge... I am sure I will see it coming...and coming...and coming... wake me when it gets here!
  13. robinh

    Happy Birthday Ghool

    happy birthday!
  14. ohhh! loving the colorful big guy!
  15. robinh

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    glad to hear things are improving and to add some icing on it it is -10C here today with the windchill making it -20C I have months left before I see +17 (probably 3-4 months)