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  1. I don’t want to get into Beekeepers, but, IMHO, the range of scenarios is uncertain enough that I am trying to keep a two month supply in reserve, above the two to three weeks at a time we’re shopping for.
  2. The figure in question is an old Ral Partha “Valar Warrior”, catalog number ES-11, later replaced by a more conventional angel.
  3. Based on last month’s disappointing activities, my goal this month is to clean my desk again and do something.
  4. I’m just a rider, and I’ve bought just two bicycles as an adult. Basically, fit is a question of your posture, and the seat height is a question of not being at full extension on the downstroke of the pedals. There are probably youtube videos out there to help. An actual bike store should help as well. As far as what would be good, the short answer is that you can feel it. When I went to buy my new bike: (a Trek 7.4 hybrid), they had me try each of the models from 7.2 to 7.6 (figuring that I didn’t need to worry about the steel frame 7.1), and I could feel the difference with each test upgrade. From the 7.4 to the 7.5 was a big jump in price for a smaller marginal increase in how good it felt, so it was a 7.4 at the end of the day (in safety orange, which pleased my partner). So, try a bunch of them, if you can. I think you’ll know. Inspired by all of that discussion Saturday, and by the good weather, I rolled out for a 26 mile ride, with a 10 mile easy ride on Sunday. Thanks for getting me moving.
  5. I also had one more look through the box before sending it on its way, and pulled out: A bag of black sand, a Ral Partha watery tart, a Dark Sword bard, and a sea serpent of unknown provenance...
  6. Rob Dean box is out waiting pick up, on its way to @Mutilatedlips...
  7. So, all Tetris’ed up. I know we don’t ordinarily show identifiable pictures, and most of the good stuff is buried under the bag of bases, and the Clan War stuff. I wanted to highlight that, though, because it was passed on to me by a family friend last summer, and I said I’d find it a good home. So, it’s free to anyone in this circuit who wants it. If it arrives back here, it’s likely to get recycled into 40mm home cast figures... I have things sorted into known lead, identifiable Reaper pewter, unknown metal, bases, plastic, resin and 3-d prints. Try to keep things grouped when you look through. Thanks! (Looks like it should go out today...)
  8. Fingers crossed for you on that...bicycles are, in my experience, in the category of sports equipment where you have to have a decent one, because trying to use the cheap ones is usually painful and frustrating. I currently have two, so the older one lives at the office (where it hasn’t been seen in two months). I got that one used, after someone had done a bike tour of Europe (according to the dealer). It’s served me well, though...approaching 40 years that I’ve had it. I’ve been through at least three sets of gears by now, and it’s gone from being a 15 speed to a 21 speed. So you never know...
  9. I have the day off today, so it’s time for a game of Box Tetris...with luck the box will be off today, but if the postal person arrives early, it may be tomorrow.
  10. I’ve got all four of them (from the ‘90s), but a collector would have to unbase them and then clean up any basing bits from around the bottom...
  11. I see I’m not the only one to use those can lids as palettes, @Lord of the Dish Pit. All of my spaces are in disarray, but we are experiencing HVAC problems which will probably require me to restore order in one of them (at least) before a service crew arrives on the 3rd. (Non-emergency HVAC issues, I should note...)
  12. The month isn’t quite over, but I got as far as repainting the tower this month. On the bright side, I did do a batch of hills, so at least the scenery upgrade is moving along a bit.
  13. probably...what time period? (My Grenadier nostalgia is ca. 1977...)
  14. The Postal Service must be behind if they are delivering today, but here’s my 2nd 1930s Buck Rogers mold. And it’s one that @Chris Palmer doesn’t have. (I say that not as some sort of boast, but because broadening the club combined collection expands our gaming possibilities...)
  15. @Mutilatedlips, @Dilvish the Deliverer, @Disserrma, @Cygnwulf, @HateToWin Welcome to the box circuit. I’m also going to propose that we skip the group paint on this one, as it will be slow enough through the pandemic postal precautions plus pile-up. There will, of course, be a bag of Bones, a lot of unknown carryover from the previous round, and so forth. Any vintage lead fans, or vintage lead haters? Let’s just say my basement could use a little emptying...
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