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  1. In this neighborhood that would be Cabela’s, as long as she wanted sporty/outdoorsy clothing.
  2. Add enough inimical wildlife to a scenario, and opposing Heritors become quite secondary...
  3. I picked up one vintage toy soldier mold this week; I tried casting with it today, among some other molds. Naturally the guy with the leveled bayonet, who would be the most useful, is the one I couldn’t get to cast.
  4. Yup, no problem. If you paint an army, they'll be on the table that much sooner...
  5. So, I broke down this morning and ordered 13 molds from Germany to make 40mm figures from the Franco-Prussian War. I'll assess presently whether that was crazy or not, but they were mostly used molds from the flea market section of Berliner Zinnfiguren, and the manufacturer has been out of business for 35 years. They still have some old stock as well, which I used to fill in the gaps in the used collection. Everybody needs a possibly fictitious later 19th century project, don't they? (How fictitious it ends up being depends on what I can scrounge for opponents...one army may be Prussians with a different paint scheme.)
  6. With my British infantry unit done, I finally sat down this morning to get started on French Revolution project expansion unit #2 (of 7+). This time it's British cavalry, and with the rules we'll be using (A Gentleman's War), the default cavalry unit is six figures. My recent casting sessions have produced the parts, so it's now a case of assembling them into some semblance of what I'm looking for: I see that I will be going back to file off even more of the original lapels and lace from the basic casting, and I'm going to try to add the rest of the helmet crest with some green stuff before painting. I built up the first figure as a test this morning.
  7. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    Thanks, Chris. Working with these has reminded me that I think this is really where my heart is. Not that I'm going to stop painting fantasy or anything like that, but I do think I'm shifting around priorities in the near term (next year or two) to emphasize the stuff I find most fun.
  8. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    And done... https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86727-40mm-french-revolutionary-wars-british/
  9. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86590-40mm-french-revolutionary-wars-british/ As described above, finished up today... Now on to the next unit...
  10. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    And a flag. (Internet example printout forming the backdrop...)
  11. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    So, with the nine troopers done, I got to work this morning finishing off the three command figures. I did a little quick research and discovered that the 37th Foot, my basic model for this unit, had a special flag showing the Minden Roses, a distinction granted after the Battle of Minden in the Seven Years War. At least I know what it looks like... So here are the fifer and the officer: Happily for me, I’m going for an “enhanced toy soldier” style on these; museum diorama style painting on Napoleonics is beyond my current capacity...
  12. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    And then there were 9...
  13. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    I managed to do the lining and final face work on one at lunch yesterday, and two today, so I’m up to six (of twelve) waiting for basing. With any luck, should finish up the unit with the basing this weekend, and start on the next... Yesterday: Today:
  14. Rob Dean

    40mm French Revolutionary Wars British

    Yesterday turned out to be less productive than I had hoped...but now I’m up to 3: