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  1. The post office has been delivering packages on Sunday since sometime in the pandemic; yes, I think to dig out from the Christmas crush.
  2. I’ve got no idea either. For something from a major manufacturer, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another early Grenadier wyvern (W-59, with separate extended wings) for sale on ebay (or maybe once…) in 5 years of watching: Just in general, my brother and I contributed a lot of the pictures to the Lost Minis Wiki page on those earliest Grenadiers: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Wizzards_and_Warriors#Single Most of those are ones we’ve owned since BITD.
  3. It’s a day or two late, but we had our local convention this weekend. One of our local dealers sells mostly 1/72 scale (and some other) plastic figures, kits, etc. I painted all the crossbowmen and pavisiers in one box of Italian Militiamen earlier this month, so wanted a second box for a second similar stand. That’s really part of my 1/72 fantasy campaign, despite the historical origin of the figures, and the goblins and El Cid Spanish Command figures will be as well. I’m not sure if the knights are a separate jousting game (some day) or whether a tournament will b
  4. So, our club ran Barrage XXIV last weekend. I wore a mask, but mask wear was hardly universal, so I am monitoring my temperature this week. (Yes, I’m vaccinated…but there are enough breakthroughs that I was having second thoughts about the gathering.) Anyway, on account of the pandemic, it looks like we were the first con out of the gate in this region; we had about 200 individuals through, up from a record in the Before Times of about 130. I still need to update my game log; I was in four games, including a recreation of the last battle in the 1982 Conan movie played
  5. I’m apparently in a 19th century binge. I mentioned the other week that I had read The Well at the World’s End by William Morris, and I followed that up with a second Morris, The Wood Beyond the World. This week I started a re-read of Ivanhoe…
  6. I also fall into the category of that question not really being answerable. I grew up with toy soldiers around from before specific memory. The earliest figures/miniatures/toy soldiers I had that actually saw service with dice and rules go back to before I knew there were rules, and were 1/72 scale Airfix plastics. I had more WWII than anything else (and they formed the basis of my first miniatures wargaming), but also had Napoleonics, medievals (Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham), and ancients (Romans vs. Britons). Because I had Airfix figures already, my first chance
  7. Amethyst. Purple quartz crystals…what’s not to like? If you would; I’m not a geology-adept…
  8. Most of my life is pretty sedentary, so, in general, I like to get up and out and move. Specifically, I like to go down to the ice rink and do some skating, because you have to clear your mind and engage with the ice if you don’t want to hurt yourself. Bicycling is also good, and it’s curious that both of them are literal balance skills as well as metaphorical ones … Painting my library/office some color, and it probably still won’t get done until I order some new bookcases.
  9. I had a summer job doing programming for an outfit that needed medical records checked for surface accuracy, in 1981. I see the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code system we were working with then has been upgraded to ICD-10-CM sometime in the intervening 40 years, so perhaps they expanded on the basis of unusual incidents like that?
  10. Sometimes you get lucky. Looking at the original picture of the group, though, something about the lighting is giving them a bit of a red cast, which I think is a photo artifact. Here’s a shot in sunlight I did to show my son before getting the basing done. (We usually trade WIP pictures for encouragement…) Hmm. May have to touch up a couple of left sides of hands…
  11. Last week I finished up a stand of medieval city militia using a 4-color limited Zorn palette. This turned out to be oddly calming, so I went ahead this week and prepared a second stand of 8 figures (mostly duplicate poses) from the same box of Strelets 1/72 scale plastics. I would ordinarily use 2 stands for something like a Dragon Rampant unit, so it’s nice to have them in matching pairs where possible. I started in on them Friday morning, and had them varnished by supper time on Saturday (when we headed out to a ballroom dance event). I f
  12. While most of this weekend has been dedicated to gaming (it’s Gencon Online), I carved the time back out to go dancing with my wife last night. Ballroom dance is “our” thing, and it makes me happy to be doing something with her that we both love. This wasn’t last night; it was from my son’s wedding in the before times, but it gives the idea. We don’t usually have pictures of dancing; it’s tough to capture in a still shot.
  13. I decided to do a dive into the roots of fantasy, and finished reading The Well at the World's End by William Morris (1894).
  14. As I recall, the human crew has to spend most of the time breathing oxygenated water as well, which seems like it would be tiring on the diaphragm muscles.
  15. Thanks, I was wondering that, too. A repeat of shot 2 seems unsurprising, if mildly unpleasant. If they go to boosters for the more general public (though I guess I’m edging up into “old”), I’ll plan for a reaction day or two.
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