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  1. Without going into the whole background, these guys are from Prince August “Irish Wild Geese” 40mm semi-flat home casting molds. I’ve been working with these molds and figures for almost thirty years at this point, and have enough for most purposes, so it’s been a while since I painted any. Pictures of games with them can be found on my blog. We generally paint them somewhere in the classic toy soldier spectrum rather than as museum-style diorama miniatures, and these, like the rest of my collection, are done in fictitious uniforms for imaginary countries. (Or “imagi-nations” in historical miniature wargamer jargon...) While they may presently get their own cannon, here they are grouped around one of my generic spares, to show that the field hockey player is really aiming by using a lever to move the trail.
  2. So, it’s taken me a few days to get these based and varnished (and posted), but here they are: two carts and two men at arms. The fellow with the mace is from Accurate Miniatures. Everything else is from Strelets. I started freehanding this shield without a picture of a lion rampant in front of me, and a slight waver in the brush gave me a wider tail than I had been looking for. Deciding it was as much like a squirrel as anything, I decided to leave it as a memorial to my distractability. (Squirrel!)
  3. Oh my, has it really been six months since I made any progress on this? I have been working on the next dozen little goblins, with tower designs on their shields:
  4. In this context, you mean specifically the D&D and Warhammer hobbies? If D&D ceased to be published tomorrow, there would still be companies publishing RPGs not related to D&D, from vintage mechanics such as BRP/RuneQuest/Call of Cthulhu to more recently popular systems such as Powered by the Apocalypse or Fate. I’d guess that they’d be damaged in the short term (at least) as D&D is still probably the primary gateway into the broader RPG hobby, but I see no reason why they’d disappear. I’ve always considered Warhammer to be the anomaly, as they arose in a period when there was an active ferment of a miniatures hobby and industry, and then started in on the vertical marketing and market segmentation (and pretending that no other miniatures existed) against a background of all of the rest of that still going on. But, as one of the geezers, I probably have a jaundiced view of them as “those new guys”. To a large extent, the industry (such as it is) needs the hobby, but the hobby doesn’t need the industry. With a single RPG core set, some appropriate genre literature and a decent imagination, one could be occupied indefinitely... So what do you consider Partha’s utmost heights? Personally, I felt like they topped out in the mid-to-late ‘80s, but that had more to do with the fact that scale creep starting in the early 90s left much of the later stuff looking (to my eye) out of place with my earlier collection than with anything inherently wrong with their later figures. (OK, I’m not a fan of the arms out to the side default posing of the D&D adventurers...) I started buying Ral Partha in 1976, so I had quite a few by the time they started replacing the Tom Meier CS series elves, for example. Now that most of those old figures are back in production, I am amazed by the sculpting detail Tom Meier was putting into things as early as 1978/9. The CS orcs stunned me recently when I was working on some and noticed tiny angry faces decorating the greaves, for example... But miniatures in general? I was involved from about 1974 to 1982, had a brief hiatus with few purchases until about 1987, and have ben continuously involved since then, and miniatures have just continued to improve and proliferate since then. So it’s been a golden age since then, as far as I am concerned.
  5. Honestly, it’s sometimes easier on the road—fewer distractions seems to at least balance (and maybe surpass) the benefits of having more equipment around.
  6. I’m on the road with my portable paint kit. I threw some 1/72 plastics in my bag to work on, since I’ve got a solo game with them awaiting my attention... I didn’t bring basing supplies, so they’ll have to wait until I’m home to complete. The thing on the right is a hand cart; here’s a better view, although it’s all just set in place for the moment. These didn’t feel as hard to do as I feared, so I guess I’ll round out the baggage train with a couple of stands of sheep and cows next.
  7. I’ve made :::some::: progress, so I won’t complain, but it’s a little random. I’m still basing them, but I’ve done a six-man artillery crew in 40mm semiflat, and have the pieces of a 1/72 medieval handcart for the Portable Fantasy Campaign.
  8. I'll pile one here, with another "Absolutely; happens to me all the time"... For *me*, acceptance is easier when I keep in mind that I'm painting these figures to put them in a game. While I'm trying to paint them to my satisfaction as individuals, it's a help to remember that you won't see the irregular belt on the third guy from the left in the second unit holding the right flank in a tabletop battle: For individual display figures, that may not apply...
  9. My Gencon AAR is up on my blog: http://sharpbrush.blogspot.com/2019/08/gencon-2019-aar.html?m=1
  10. GW stores, oh my. I live in the general vicinity of Baltimore, so we’ve had official GW stores come and go several times, starting with their initial invasion in which they bought the Baltimore Compleat Strategist in the mid-80s. In the ‘90s, they had a store in the White Marsh Mall. I wandered in one day looking to have the recently-released Mordheim demonstrated. The counter guy asked if I played any GW games and I said that I didn’t, and that I was mostly a historical player. He berated me for some time about this until I walked out. I sent an email to American corporate HQ (where I knew some people who also played historicals) and asked whether it was company policy to berate potential customers, and they agreed that it was not... Years later, that store had gone out of business and been replaced by a closer one in Bel Air. Warhammer Ancient Battles had come out, from an independent arm of GW, which was later rolled back in to the corporate structure. Sometime during that time period, I stopped in to the Bel Air store to check for scenery bits or something, and they asked if I played any GW games. “Just WHAB”, I replied. They informed me that there was no such game, and if there was, it clearly wasn’t a GW product. When I insisted that it was, they told me it must have been a long time ago, and were incredulous when I said that the latest release had been the previous month. So, no, I’ve never been fond of their business model...
  11. So, next round I need to split that box and start two.
  12. Chris Palmer and I got together for a couple of games of 40mm 18th century imaginary countries with our combined collections.
  13. Of the early books on wargaming, this is the one I haven’t read: Nice copy, too, with a 1930 gift inscription.
  14. So, in our group we have been playing campaign Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago for the past several years. This has whetted my appetite for some other war band campaign rules. What do people like? What I already know that I have includes Osprey/Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers, the Song of Deeds and Glory supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes, and Rangers of Shadowdeep. (I have enough stuff that it's possible I have something else without realizing it... I don't have a copy of Mordheim, but that's clearly in this same sub-genre.
  15. I have to say, while I have been thinking that I don't need Bones 5, a set of court figures would certainly be something that I'd pledge for... As a wargamer, the question of dinner table size has always been of interest. I used to have one that had three leaves, and maxed out at 3.5 feet by 7 feet, but it was abandoned two moves ago. My kids had left it in pretty sad shape by then. Last move, that was replaced by the table belonging to my significant other, which would extend to 3.5 feet by 6 feet or so, although we had access to a multi-use space in that house where my 5' by 6' (2 folding banquet tables) set-up could be deployed. In the current house, we theoretically have more space overall, but it's divided into a bunch of small rooms, so there's really nowhere that the 5x6 table fits with room to walk around three sides comfortably. I still have the tables, currently doing utility work singly. I also have a 4x6 one-piece folding table which will fit in the "library" (mostly), and the dining room table is now a dedicated game table with a dinner table topper. It's 3x5 in the game well interior, so war-games now have something of a "bonsai" quality to them. (Maybe split the table size discussion off on Off-Topic Rampancy?) From my POV, anything bigger than, oh, say 6" square, is really only useful if it is acting as scenery over which other miniatures are moving. A ship would be good, or ruins, or a city gatehouse, but giant dragons and kaiju, not so much.
  16. Looks like a few things will be staying with me when the box goes out again:
  17. The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society conventions (esp Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In) are all miniatures events. Having just gotten back from flying a miniatures game to Gencon, I have to concur that it’s a challenge... One of the game ballrooms at Historicon:
  18. It was a pleasure gaming with you as well—you should definitely come up to Harford county and play some games with us!
  19. Heading home now; I didn’t buy any new miniatures either. My brother and I got our 4 miniatures games run, so that was a success. I’m still pretty exhausted this morning...I feel like I used all of my carefully hoarded extrovert tokens this weekend, and it’s going to take some quiet time to begin to recharge. Burrows and Badgers was popular, and the players all enthusiastic. We had fewer takers for Chaos Wars, mass fantasy battles with vintage Ral Partha figures, but at least they were equally enthusiastic.
  20. Wow, already the 5th...Gencon has absorbed 15% of the month already, but at least I was made to paint 4 figures... As a result, I am still stalled on the 40mm French Revolution, but will still be working on: 6 British light dragoons (in progress, still filing the flash and assembling things) 12 French infantry (one figure converted/assembled; need to decide on the look for the other 11) 4 French gunners I noted last month that I had been playing with my 40mm imaginary 18th century countries figures, and primed a bunch before leaving for the con: So I am expecting that is going to be where the muse leads this month.
  21. Oh boy, was July a bust...I did finish up the needed Burrows and Badgers figures, and did some prep work on some 40mm semi-flats, but pieces of dragoons are still strewn about my desk.
  22. And, last event, Reaper final speed paint. Not the best picture...
  23. Wyrd speed paint finals. Not a clue what it is, but I got a prize for third place.
  24. And my brother explains the last of the four games we were running.
  25. Finished my two back-to-back speedpaint events... Won Reaper round 5, and got a qualification for the Wyrd finals in the next round. The Reaper gal is going to need some touch up when I get home...
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