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  1. One more huzzah for the camo scheme. I've got him on my desk primed; you've inspired me to move him forward...
  2. Count me in... North East, Maryland Domestic shipping Can start a box, oh my... (I reread that and found that it was ambiguous: I would love to start a box...Any idea what international shipping would run?)
  3. I recently saw the almost fully restored Metropolis, and was inspired to dig out Marie the She Bot (aka Maria) from my box of pending painting. There ought to be a Rotwang the mad scientist to go with her.
  4. It should. The legs are reasonable thick compared to the weight. I haven't had any trouble with Bonnie (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bonnie/sku-down/80025) from KSI reverting after the boiling, and that's as tiny a support cross section as anything.
  5. If things go according to plan (which happens when...?), more frogs will be in the first order I put in after the Bones II figures are added to the retail line. I like your idea a lot; it would also be a good excuse to use any other random Chronoscope figures as gate travellers. My frogs are dedicated to a similar idea: they are the opponents of the descedents of Atlantis in a lost valley somehwere, and will also involve the various pulp figures. I'm still debating over the actual Atlanteans.
  6. Well, I'm not quite sure how it's going to show up on the table at this point. :) It's on a 40mm by 80mm rectangular base, which isn't a standard size in any of the games I play in which base size matters. As can be seen, I like to think of myself as a competent wargaming painter, so everything is supposed to be justifiable by its tabletop use. Most of the Bones I figures I've completed have seen action, so far, in Song of Blades and Heroes skirmishes, or for tactical display in OD&D games.
  7. I had the day off today, and found out that my Bones II box was arriving, so I worked on painting a few more Bones I figures in the morning, so I wouldn't feel guilty about adding more miniatures. So, based and varnished, here's today's output.
  8. Khanjira is going to require a big brush...
  9. The cultists look pleasantly straightforward to do. I' m off until Tuesday, and want to see how many I can get done...
  10. My Bones II box came today; there are a lot of nice sculpts I'm eager to work on (and I've got a dozen washed and awaiting some primer already). 92701 from the Pathfinder Heroes turned out to be a pleasant surprise--I hadn't realized that the figure was levitating. The Burrowing Horror was the first figure I primed this afternoon...
  11. The brightly colored warts/growths are something I wouldn't have thought of... Mine is rather more timidly painted.
  12. So my box arrived today, huzzah! I've run through the inventory and everything was there, also huzzah! One miniature in all of that was missing a piece (shield on that mounted fellow from expansion 2), but I'll wait until I put in an order to worry about that. Expansion 2 had an unexpected fallen column scenery piece, not picture anywhere in the Kickstarter. Anybody know what's up with that? Scenery is always good, but I'm wondering if it belongs with the Deva or something...
  13. Given the timing, one had better make one's Valentine's Day arrangements now, before the imminent arrival of the Bones II package drives out all other thoughts...
  14. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than my dreaming last night of seeing other people's Bones II arrival pictures online. (Really. :P)
  15. I want to do the Battle of the Five Armies, so I need the giant eagle: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/eagle/latest/14086
  16. I've been playing a string of fantasy skirmish game using Ganesha's Song of Blades and Heroes rules with a friend who also got a Vampire box. I've got a few Reaper metal figures in the mix, but it's mostly Bones. Here's a sample battle report: http://sharpbrush.blogspot.com/2014/03/fight-song-of-blades-and-heroes-day.html
  17. Maybe that was the librarian's point? Librarians used to be the subversive freedom of information folks before the internet....
  18. Oh yes! Bonesium would be perfect for a roc; it'd be way too heavy in any sort of metal or resin. Has anyone ever done one before?
  19. So which fantasy figures could be passed off as wisemen?
  20. Huzzah! Box 2 arrived today. All is well with the world.
  21. Well, today will be the make or break day on my Reaper-involved Christmas plans... I split a large order across three days to get three stockings, with the intention of passing them along to my two sons and my brother. I also ended up throwing in an unplanned order to get the zombie mouslings... Anyway, Box 1 of 4, and Box 3 of 4 have arrived, and box 2 is at least in my state. Unfortunately I won't be around on Monday to collect it if it doesn't show up today. I should have sprung for faster shipping on Box 2, I guess. For those tracking these things, no paint in Box 3, but they did get my note and threw in the head of a Pathfinder Red Dragon to complete a figure I bought from my FLGS that turned out to have two separate arms and no head. Thanks Reaper folks!!
  22. Well, I've got a bunch in pewter as well as the forthcoming Bones. When painted they'll get used for Narnia (at least the Duelist), and I'm thinking they're also going into post-apocalyptic games as a race...
  23. My Day 1 order arrived today. I'd ordered a Chronoscope selection: 50167: Frank, Scuba Guy $5.99 x1 50166: Iris, Scuba Girl $5.99 x1 50085: Deep Sea Diver $5.49 x1 50241: Sparg, Illyrian Agent $5.99 x1 50129: Illyrian Scout $5.99 x1 50246: Marie, She-Bot $5.99 x1 50227: Dee Dee, Astro Girl $5.99 x1 50206: Professor Kraken $5.99 x1 50138: ALF 24, Robot Assistant $5.99 x1 50064: Briony, Cybertechnician $8.99 x1 50015: Tool Bots (3) $6.99 x1 and got a stocking with several IMEF figures. Connection or random? I can't really inventory it; it's a present. I also got a Christmas wreath bottle, and Madame Gorgonzola, of course. :-)
  24. Sigh. I broke down yesterday and ordered another $35 worth of stuff to get the zombie mouslings yesterday. Add that to the previous orders, the forthcoming Bones 2 and Bones 1, and I'll be painting for as long as my hands and eyes keep working. :P I'll have to look for the 12 Steps of Reaper next...
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