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  1. I have the pots large enough to boil whole turkeys, so that’s what usually happens and the results end up as some sort of turkey barley vegetable soup. This year the bones from the turkey breast weren’t worth boiling, so I’ll have to use the leftover meat I’ve reserved for soup with some commercial stock.
  2. Cool! I would love to see this by Christmas, when I might have some time to try some techniques.
  3. I had almost given up on this paper copy of Everywhen (the generic version of Barbarians of Lemuria). I had received a shipping notice back on the 27th of October, but it was sent by USPS Media mail (formerly known as Book Rate) so tracking wasn’t included. It final;y showed up today. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember what impulse led me to purchase it...clearly some idea that needed generic rules.
  4. It’s the first day of the last month...while I think the 2020 feeling will be with us for a while yet, it’s nearly the end of the year. I think that I am working on 1/72 scale fantasy project figures, and still trying to get the Prince August fantasy game on the table. With some modified holiday preparations, I’m not sure how that will go, and I intend to post a refined goal after I think about it a little more...
  5. We are all adrift in time these days. I ended up collapsing on Saturday, and used my limited energy on going for a hike on Sunday, but, heh, at least some painting got done on Thursday and Friday.
  6. Well, it’s the last day of the month and I’ve cleared my desk to be “at work” in 20 minutes. I’m doubting that I will get anything else finished. It wasn’t a nothing month, but it wasn’t a record-breaker either. I ended up concentrating on my 1/72 scale projects, with a chariot for the Bronze Age historicals, and a handful of skirmish-game individuals and NPCs for the fantasy game. Next month? We’ll see...
  7. Croutons is a good choice. A bread pudding will also use up some extra firm bread in a pinch. I was fiddling around with some 1/72 plastic personalities today. The merchant on the mule is from a set of Crusader baggage, and the “dryad” is from a Celtic Warrior Queen set. She’s got slightly inhuman proportions to her face anyway...
  8. I have to say that does look a little unusual on the bread. My usual “normal” (i.e. quick rise dry yeast) bread usually looks like that after kneading. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sourdough, and those doughs run even wetter (say 1000 g flour to 780 g water plus 220 g of a pre-ferment that’s 50% water, 50% flour). I’m trying to play along on the Paint Binge this year, since I’m not going anywhere. I ended up working on 1/72 scale plastic figures yesterday, with a couple of Caesar Miniatures orcs and a pair of trolls from the Age of Mythology board game. It should be back to the painting shortly...
  9. My wife and I had Thanksgiving dinner just for ourselves yesterday, so we kept it pretty simple. I cooked the turkey breast in the slow cooker; sides were mashed potatoes (scratch) and roasted brussel sprouts. We had some commercial help with the gravy and canned jellied cranberry sauce. Dessert was an apple cobbler, since I still need to work on my pie crusts. My wife did set the table with the antique turkey plates, which only come out for festive dinners featuring turkey, and we had a three-node Google Hangouts call between dinner and dessert with my son and daughter-in-law at one remote node, and my parents, brother and my second son at the other remote node. The last two years, my elder son has hosted the gathering for his inlaws’ family, a total of 20 or so, so this did feel rather subdued.
  10. I’d have to dig around and see if I still have Warmaster Historical around; I picked one up from a flea market but never played, and it may have been sold back out again by now...in principle, yes, I’d think so. To be fair, internal to the family, son and I both tend toward the nitpicky, but we try to keep it among ourselves. DBA is ok; I got the first edition when it came out in 1990 or so. We’ve spent a good deal more time playing the fantasy version, Hordes of the Things, which we also tend to do in 1/72 scale plastic. My second son plays that as well. He’s the first one in the family to have bought DBA 3.0, which is why elder son and I took it up, but got overwhelmed by grad school again, and hasn’t actually painted on his El Cid project since last Christmas.
  11. The Caesar Miniatures aren't too expensive; the suggested retail price is $13US for a box of two, and we've gotten a lot of them at 20% off sales over the years. My son developed a love of 1/72 scale plastic as a kid, due to the frugality, and he's kept it up as his earnings have increased. (He's 30 now.) One of my friends blogged about the first game we played with them, at which time we were going for some popular fantasy cross-over potential by playing with Warhammer Ancient Battles. Our ambitions were probably a little unrealistic at the time, which is how we came to generally set the project aside for a while.
  12. It’s taken a couple of months for my team of saprolings to move to the front of the painting queue, but I am totally using that idea today...
  13. This hasn’t been a particularly good month for painting. I had a week off back on the 9th, but, as shown here, my desk had gotten too cluttered to actually get much painting done. I’m also off this week, and decided that I would try just putting one task on the desk at a time, to see if that would help. My son has been diligently working on his Bronze Age DBA armies, so I decided that I would finally get started on the last stand of figures I needed to finish my 2nd DBA army. (DBA : De Bellis Antiquitatis, a popular set of ancient wargames rules for small figure collections to be played on a small table.) Earlier this year, I had managed to get all of my 13th C BCE Libyan infantry done, to match against my New Kingdom Egyptians, but I still needed a “chariot general” base. Son and I have been working this project intermittantly for about fifteen years, and we have a deep stash of Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale plastic figures. There is no “official” Libyan chariot, so I cobbled one together using an Egyptian chariot body, horses from a different (Mitanni) chariot set, and a Libyan commander pose. He’s a little too wide to be able to fit a driver in as well, so, artistic rendering... We used to mount our chariots on a 40mm wide by 60mm deep base, but the DBA rules call for 60mm by 80mm. The single chariot looks a little lonely, and there isn’t room for a pair of them, so he and I agreed that we would generally mount a couple of “chariot runners” with each vehicle. Most of my Libyans are done with cloaks painted to represent hairy hides from spotted cows, in keeping with the modern painting guide depictions. However, searching around for actual contemporary Egyptian depictions of Libyans came up with this (I’ve cropped a single figure out of a group of four): I did my best to replicate the alternating rows of “eyes” and “arrows” on the general’s cloak, and echoed the pattern on the chariot body decorations because “why not?”. At least any historical nit-pickers are likely to have seen the same picture... Here’s the completed “army”. With the Egyptians, I can at least stage a remote game without using proxy figures, although we are starting to look forward to getting together for an actual games day sometime again (probably still six months off...). Maybe my next army, the Nubians, will be ready by then as well.
  14. It’s one of those months...I finished a 1/72 chariot for my Bronze Age Libyan DBA army yesterday, my first figures (vice terrain) for the month, but that project isn’t on my t0-do list as posted here...
  15. My wife and I got ours today as well, in preparation for a visit with my parents next month. They wouldn't want me to say so, but I think it's safe to say that, since I'm almost 60, one might consider them to be elderly. Anyway, I haven't had one lately either, and it feels like someone punched me in the upper arm this evening.
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