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  1. Thanks. Jared Blando’s Fantasy Mapmaking is the guide I’m using. One more essay and I’ll get started on my town which will be the campaign base.
  2. I spent a pleasant day yesterday visiting my younger son. We poked around used book stores, and had a visit with his gaming (mostly Magic) friends whom i have not met previously. I finished up the second of my experimental fantasy settlement maps today, with color from watercolor pencils, mostly… I’m starting to think I might actually get an original D&D game on the table this year, and maps will be a nice addition.
  3. Inspired by Dickens, we tried Christmas goose once; as far as I can tell, geese have so much fat that they are practically self frying. Yes. I can shift my sleep schedule, but it usually takes about a week, so a weekend isn’t time to adjust. Too many pictures. By most people’s standards, most of my minis are out of date. Probably more than half of my fantasy collection is from before 1985, and I’m actively acquiring vintage minis for reinforcements. I’ll post this little group of Minifigs Mythical Earth figures from ~1974, though, a
  4. So, I was awake and checked the eclipse info. This should have been at about the max for my area, but, as you can see, the sun was still below the local horizon…
  5. If the proper stuff is in the refrigerator, that would be a good day to pull out the George Foreman grill for a quick tossed salad topped with grilled chicken.
  6. Well, May was not a good month as far as painting went. I prepped and primed a few figures, and that was as far as it went. On the other hand, with everyone in the family vaccinated, my son and his wife came up for the Memorial Day weekend, and we got a bunch of DBA games played, the first face-to-face gaming I’ve done since last March. The wargames club is going back to meeting this month, with the first meeting having occurred last Friday, and the monthly Saturday skirmish campaign games (Stargrave this year) are due to resume on the 26th. We are also headed back
  7. Well, in literature everything gets cribbed from sooner or later. When I first got around to reading The Odyssey, I found that I already knew most of it from elsewhere...
  8. Yucca root/Cassava/Manioc are all the same thing. My elder son introduced me to yucca fries at his favorite Peruvian chicken place, and when I went to make some myself, I was surprised to find that it was the poisonous manioc that I remember a long dissertation about how to make safe to eat in The Swiss Family Robinson which I re-read many times in early life. After that, I made sure that I cooked it appropriately, and generally leave it to the pros.
  9. With my son and daughter-in-law up for the weekend, we broke out some Sushi Go. After a year on Board Game Arena, it felt a little odd to shuffle physical cards...
  10. After a 14-15 month gap, I had the opportunity to play some live games with an opponent this weekend. My son and his wife are now both fully vaccinated, so they came up for a visit. He’s been painting Bronze Age 1/72 scale armies for DBA through most of the pandemic, so had a bunch of them needing a test drive. Between us we had 8 available, so he grouped them geographically in a single-elimination bracket, and we had a few games (7) to determine who would be the King of Kings. (Answer: The Sea Peoples swept all before them ...) (Post pandemic haircut for him wasn’t
  11. More 1/72 plastic arrived yesterday. The Minoans are part of a Bronze Age project, and the hoplites and religious team are part of a classical Greece project. Now to do some work on either ...
  12. Well, if all goes well, I have an ice dance lesson scheduled for today, and have filled out all the waiver, parking, and acceptance of conduct paperwork for the rink I haven’t skated at since the start of this. We’ve gotten in some lessons at one of the other rinks, but even with that, it’s been two months since the last time. I’m just trying to keep from having all muscle memory evaporate before this is done...
  13. I like the temple and the doorway; I painted mine back in the Before Times: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88801-bones-iv-fantasy-scenics—shrine-and-doorway/&tab=comments#comment-1893279
  14. Playing around a little more this afternoon with settlement maps; looks like this one will be another session:
  15. It’s dreary and intermittantly drizzling here, so I decided to give this a try: Since I’m effectively just doodling, I thought I’d keep it small: I’m not sure that I entirely like the effect of the prismacolor pencils on cold press paper, but it’s fast, at least:
  16. I got a package of office and art supplies yesterday; I want to revive my 1976 D&D campaign, so I bought some narrow ruled paper (which used to be my go-to) and a couple of reinforced hinge super heavy duty three ring binders, as well as pens and a book on colored pencil work...
  17. Yes. I want to do something nautical, and started reading up on the Portugese in the 15th century for inspiration last year. But, we’ll see...the other campaign warring for my theoretical attention is something more tradional, using original D&D and vintage miniatures.
  18. I went out for a ride yesterday...and fell over when my wheel got stopped by a pavement irregularity. My wife was a little alarmed when I made it home bleeding. I think the lesson learned here is that some disinfectant wipes and/or a basic first aid kit should go in the bags.
  19. I suppose that I technically did something, but it was a pretty slow month. I finished this batch of vintage hobbits, and then I spent two weeks on business travel. I was able to take the travel paint kit of one of them, but I still haven’t based the couple of 1/72 fantasy/medieval figures I painted.
  20. We just moved in 2018, so there are still unpacked boxes to be disposed of. I’d like to think that we are here until somebody can’t climb the stairs...
  21. As a child, zero. In fact, my parents still live in the same house, and have for, hmmm, sixty years now. As an adult, discounting the two different places I lived in during four years of college, I moved once to Maryland for work, then three moves within Maryland, and one to Delaware, so five times altogether as an adult. Each time I swear that I will take less stuff, and I have, more or less, but next time will still be better.
  22. I’ve apparently been away from the keyboard and the forums most of the week, so my congratulations on your accomplishment are somewhat belated! Good work! (Or, Good Play!, really...) Now that you’ve done this once, you might find that you have a better estimate of the amount of supplies you would want to carry. If it were me (a 200lb guy), I’d figure to go through about a Clif Bar an hour, and have a lunch of a whole wheat PB&J and a banana, say. But I’d have a couple of extra bars. Water is more of an issue; after 3 or 4 hours I find that I start to crave Gatorade or the li
  23. I head out in about an hour to get my second (Moderna) shot. <Later: And that’s done...>
  24. Huh. My AMazon pre-order copy arrived on Tuesday...I didn’t realize it was early, and pressing life matters (mostly work) have kept me from reading more than the intro paragraph so far.
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