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    Gencon 2019

    My crew of five drew an earliest hotel registration time of 2:00 this afternoon, which wasn't enough to score a room in a connected hotel. It looks like we'll be out by the airport again this year, so that will place a premium on traveling light, and shopping responsibly. Next task, decide whether we're driving, and how to configure two different miniature war-games for air travel. Perhaps this is the year when Fat Dragon fold-flat buildings will cover the table...
  2. Huzzah continued yesterday; Ross and I had another battle with the 40mm home cast soldiers: Time for one more game today before heading home and bidding a fond farewell to Portland for another year.
  3. Making use of some available time during Huzzah to try some new rules... And running, with my friend Ross, a Not Quite Seven Years War game (40mm semiflat homecast figures) in the evening session...
  4. At this point I could probably start two or three boxes and still have 20 miniatures left to paint...
  5. And it’s Ghost Archipelago day again...game in progress, but at least I have a log entry started. Here’s what my zone really looks like.
  6. I had the opportunity to rummage through the Guindyloo box at Chris Palmer’s house this morning. Rich pickings, from my point of view; some GW elves and Bretonnians, some Bones, and some unknown women with guns...any ID?
  7. I’m in. I don’t know how much time I will have since I’m also scheduled to binge bake cookies for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception.
  8. Rob Dean

    Oathsworn Crossbow-mouse

    I haven’t picked up a brush in a couple of weeks, so I was happy to get over the painting block with an Oathsworn speed paint yesterday. (I wasn’t timing closely, but about an hour.) I need four or five more figures before Gencon, where my brother and I will be staging a couple of B&B games. The pictures are a little extra contrasty; I’ll add a follow-up once based.
  9. It had looked briefly like Blogger was going to cooperate with my iPad for a change, but my battle report today was too much for it, and I’ll have to wait until I have access to my computer again to finish it off. Anyway, I brought my Portable Fantasy Campaign set up along with me on a trip, and was able to take advantage of some enforced down time this morning to resolve a pending battle in my Northlands campaign. I had decided to choose a scenario randomly from Neil Thomas’s book One Hour Wargames, and ended up with “Surprise Attack”. I had apportioned the troops and roles back in March but had gotten distracted from actually fighting the battle. It is a little discouraging when you can’t find the players for your solo game. Anyway, it took about 11 turns and less than an hour to resolve. The King of Darmis was able to pull off his plan of using the Blue Sorceress to ensorcel the enemy general, aided by the general deciding to push forward in an effort to eliminate the sorceress before she inevitably bespelled him from afar. There being no available large tables in the hotel’s common area, I just deployed this on the extra bed. Here the Blue Sorceress finally ensorcels the Cold Islander leader in axe to spell combat: Now it’s back to the log book to figure out the next moves (and to my computer to finish the full battle report...at least it’s now sketched into the battle memories book).
  10. We use a lot of magnet sheet and washers across our club for storage, and, yes, it provides good protection from vibration, but you can’t flip it up on end and expect 28mm metal figures to hold. My group bases of 1/72 plastics will, but they have a lot of contact area for theor weight.
  11. I have a little time to relax today, so I am catching up on my battle log before launching into anything new. My personal challenge this year was to sketch some sort of battle report for each game I play/run. Once we get to the first convention of the year in a few weeks, we’ll see how that holds up. Anyway, as I noted above, I had a remote game back on the 20th: And last weekend we had the Ghost Archipelago campaign: So now I’m caught up and can lay out the solo game I’ve been putting off for the last month.
  12. Rob Dean

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Maybe. That stuff seems to get a bit gummy, and you generally don’t seem to have thinner handy, so it would probably be hard on brushes. Guess this could be a post-retirement sidehustle. “Mr. Rob will be creating your new look today...”
  13. Rob Dean

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I’ve always been partial to the P-38 Lightning. I had the good fortune to see 3 at once in an airshow, but that’s been more than 40 years ago now. My father is an aviation fan, so we went to airshows featuring the WWII planes any time we could. He still does, living near Willow Run in Michigan, where they hold one each summer, but I haven’t made it up that week in several years. I like some of the unlikely planes. Back in the late ‘90’s we tracked down an airshow in Ontario featuring a flying Swordfish biplane torpedo bomber...
  14. Rob Dean

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    The Mosquito is a beauty. I just recently found out that the designer was actually the cousin of Olivia de Havilland, so the family’s talents were wide-ranging.
  15. Rob Dean

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Every now and then my skills become useful for something unexpected. I’m off at a singing competition to cheer on my SO/partner/fiancee, and found myself doing detail work on an 1800mm figure... Apparently I can do nails faster with hobby gear than the ladies can with their makeup kits...I offered to put a nice heraldic shield design there, since I’ve done many a shield smaller than Irene’s nails, but the offer was politely declined.
  16. At this point, the biggest burn I’ve had on Kickstarter is one that was a second Kickstarter while the creators were still fulfilling a first. Looks like nobody will get anything out of the second except for a couple of lucky (?) people who got the prototypes delivered (apparently) to keep the rest of us quiet. So my rule now is one at a time, and never spend more than I can lose. But, yeah, a second active Kickstarter would be a major red flag.
  17. Rob Dean

    Ral Partha Female Archer by Julie Guthrie

    And knowing how big those figures are (or, not big, to be more accurate), that’s doubly amazing.
  18. May Goals: Clean up some of the unfinished miniatures on my bench- - Three more urban fantasy figures - A dozen ancient Minifig Mythical Earth goblins - 4 1/72 Viking spearmen to finish two 8 man stands completing my Cold Islander fantasy Viking portable army - Some Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers figures needed for games at Gencon (have 6 primed, I think) And... Something historical, most likely 40mm French Revolution figures from home casting molds
  19. Rob Dean

    How Many Books is a Lot?

    So, I've always been a book person. With two moves in the past six years (rapid succession for me...) I have pruned my library considerably, so that it now fits in three and a half Ikea Billy bookcases, plus a small case in the sitting room for my tattered F/SF paperbacks. I recently counted them, and concluded that, depending on what you count as a book, I've got ~750. Twenty year ago, my kids were sent home from elementary school with instructions to count the books in the house for Book Week (or some such), and we rolled our eyes because they didn't know what they were asking. That year, we had about 4000. Since then, as I said, two moves, plus a divorce and both sons going off into the world with seed libraries... There has been a literary kerfuffle about Marie Kondo and her tidying up, since she keeps a collection of ~30 books and apparently never rereads anything (and doesn't really believe that anyone else does either), which has left me wondering what people now consider to be a lot of books. With my historical miniatures wargaming hobby, I find that the Internet has been rather slow to be able to provide the sort of specialized information I tend to need, and the sad fact is that one's local public library is unlikely to have a single book on, say, Byzantine military history, so borrowing isn't solution.
  20. As the Russians are reputed to say, quantity has a quality of its own... I didn’t post goals, but it’s been a really slow month, with only the four new urban fantasy figures finished.
  21. And it’s with the Post Office...
  22. And the box is off today, on its way to Autumn Hare...
  23. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Star_Trek_(Heritage) I have more of them, but we’ll see how long it takes to get to the painting. What with Discovery and all, I’ve been in a Star Trek mood, but the rules would probably have to be something like Rogue Stars if I did it today. I note that the Lost Minis Wiki doesn’t have pictures of the pack or the individuals, so I should do something about that too...
  24. By the way, this is what I kept for myself out of the last round of the box:
  25. Ok, friends. I have reorganized the box that I am about to send off. I had hoped to get it out yesterday, but it didn't happen. As usual, it is packed to overflowing; in fact I had to reserve some stuff. I usually get to see the box that ends up with Chris Palmer as well, so we'll fit as much of it as we can in that circuit. A warning. The metal miniatures in the box this time around have mostly lost their alloy notations. If you are lead-averse, take heed. I also added a small box of specifically marked vintage lead. Please keep that separated, and don't get stuff from it into the other bags, etc.