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  1. We had our second session today; Chris will no doubt get a better report together than I will. We did the next two scenarios, the spider woods one from the “Missing” mission, and the bridge guards from the tower of Torden Var mission. Let’s just say that the spider woods was pretty much a cake walk, so we were a little complacent going into the bridge guards…
  2. I’d have to check the alloy melting points, but I wasn’t having any trouble with the lead-free alloys last time I was casting. As for detail, you are right, but the amount of detail wanted is variable depending on what your goal is. For a table full of a painted army, you won’t see most of it, so it’s just a distraction. Painting single figures for display, of course, is a different calculation. As for old tech, I do have a bunch (at least a hundred) Prince August molds, and have been casting with them for 35 years, so I’m pretty familiar with the problems and pitfalls. 😀
  3. I’ve been away on business all week. I’m trying to keep purchases down to a reasonable level, so there hasn’t been too much new lately. I got in one vintage Schneider mold making two ~45mm Prussians guardsmen (~1871-1914) to start making semi-flat figures for my next project, 19th century games. Searching the Forum for “home cast” suggests that I’m about the only one here interested in controlling the means of production, comrades?
  4. I do; a flat pack with an Osprey book would be about the limit. We also have a mail slot that isn’t supposed to be used, but occasioanlly substitute mail carriers don’t realize there’s a box. If something is too big tfor the box our regular mail carrier generally brings it up and puts in on the screen porch, which is usually dry in the rain.
  5. Primer, sealant, and proper brush care when using enamels would all have been helpful…
  6. Well, the Gen Con wish list processing starts today. I am hoping that I will have enough connectivity on the inflight wi-fi to mash the button at noon Eastern.
  7. Generally, yes. I’ve got a variety, so it depends on what will work. Usually I’ll prime something in black, so that I don’t need to worry about missed bits or deep areas, but there’s occasionally something that is going to be very light that gets primed in white.
  8. I also have to note that immersion during actual play mostly keeps me from noticing the creases. The ground cloth has been in storage for a while, and I’ll see if I can iron it before the next scenario. Someone elsewhere asked Chris about the figures; I looked them all up, and they are sourced from seven different 1/72 scale sets, both fantasy and historical, as well as including some early Bones giant rats. More Bones will be coming up in future scenarios; quite a few small Bones monsters translate handily into the 1/72 scale environment. (Oh, and buildings are all card models from Dave Graffam Models.)
  9. Honestly, I don’t much care for donuts, and can generally avoid eating one on the rare occasions when someone brings a box to work. (And that’s been pre-pandemic…)
  10. I took almost no pictures, but I did get an overview of the table. As Chris mentioned, this was deployed using my Portable Fantasy Game just for fun (and because I painted zombies and sourced flies for the basic missions). As can be seen from this picture, we had one physical copy of the rules and one on pdf. I am reminded how difficult it is to flip around a pdf rulebook. Neither of us had actually done our homework, so it took a little while to set up the heroes, and we may have made a few minor rules errors where we just went with the general Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago rules. After five years of *Grave campaigns, we have the basic fighting rules pretty well internalized.
  11. I haven’t had any animal problems recently. Last year, though, it turned out that someone was feeding the foxes around work, and they got very bold… That’s the view from the driver’s seat as we attempted to leave work one day without running over any foxes.
  12. I was considering posting something here this week anyway, but to get back to the concrete, I have been reading a selection of Oxford Very Short Introductions (Napoleonic Wars, Trojan War, Ancient Near East, Homer, etc.). One may interpolate the miniature painting/ gaming value of that…. I also read a little Chinese-y fantasy novella called The Empress of Salt and Fortune (Nghi Vo), which has sent my son and I toward the rabbit hole of classical Chinese literature? Anyone ever read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms? (There could be miniatures for that, too…)
  13. Make a note, if we go back to Frostgrave for the next campaign. 😀
  14. I’m not sure how you would make good television out of it (a lot of editing, I suppose), but cooking challenge shows are a guilty pleasure (with a side order of Blown Away). I’d like to translate that format into a miniature wargaming elimination, where teams of painters, terrain builders, scenario designers, and rules writers compete to put on an amazing miniature wargame. Realistically, each challenge would be measure in weeks rather than hours, so you’d probably have to replace competitors’ salaries to get them to sign up, and that would go through your budget in short order.
  15. So, yesterday’s getting to know you question about paint leaves me with a question: Is there a list of the Promo Paints with named/numbered colors somewhere here? I’m not finding the right search keywords if there is…
  16. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96174-creative-storing-of-unpainted-minis/ I ran across this old thread while looking for something else; thought it might be helpful to link it here.
  17. OK, so I had a look. At my office, with the spare paint set, I have 8 actual sample bottles: It’s a little hard to tell, but left to right it’s a grey, a light tan, dark tan, medium brown, deep green, dull maroon, blue, and a slightly reddish tinged metallic. I’ve also got various promotional colors: a breast cancer pink and a Valentine’s Day pink, a red and blue from when they were promoting a new paint formulation, 7 of the Christmas colors from various years (plus bought sets of those at home…), and two different off whites and reds from Halloween 2017 and 2018. Put them all together and painting a mini with just free paint isn’t too difficult, although using the off whites for mixing can be a little chancy. The maggot flesh has green tones, and I’m not sure how the light tan of the vampire flesh would play out. Somewhere around here I’ve got a couple more that were removed from a BoGW, but didn’t come to me directly… I do not. I drive because I have to, so my car is a scruffy 13 year old Toyota Yaris with a stick shift and no electric/electronic features. You open it by turning the key in the door and crank the windows up and down. I have just over 200,000 miles on it so far. I’d be happy to leave it parked most of the time and use a bicycle, or travel by train for long distances. Those are the only two forms of vehicular travel I actually enjoy. At least the FLGS, the public library, and my local indie coffee roaster are all within easy bike range.
  18. I’ve got a bunch of them, but they mostly reside in my paint box at the office, so I can’t count them this morning. I’ve got them mentally classed with promo paints, though, so I’m not sure which ones are samples and which ones are promo colors. between the two catagories, I’ve got enough that I sometimes paint with just the free paint, as a little artistic limitation challenge. My deep red and deep green samples are almost out, though …
  19. Well, he says pedantically, it would depend on the size of the coins and the gold/silver ratio in the electrum alloy (which isn’t particularly “fixed”). Historically the real problem with electrum coins was that it was easy to debase the currency by adding additional silver to the alloy, usually leading to the ultimate end state of the coinage becoming silver without alloying gold. As amusing as I think the whole numismatic world is in real life, fantasy rpg trips to the assayer or fussy merchant weighing of individual coins should probably be avoided…
  20. When I went off on my most recent business trip I grabbed a stick of figures that had two of my pending ME group figures on it, an ME36 Beorn (in bear form) and an ME23 true orc archer. As miscellaneous true orcs land in my collection, they are just getting based up singly. I did, at least, finish that one unit of a dozen archers back in December. So all of you young people can be grateful that you didn’t have to start with miniatures like these…
  21. I finally got the basing and final varnish coat on these folks: And here’s all 12 of the humans, including the seven done previously:
  22. That looks fantastic! I would note that anyone inspired to go buy one is going to need to seach the Stonehaven web site for “halfling gardener” . There is also a “halfling cook”, with a spoon and a chicken carcass.
  23. My younger son used to be a figure skater (ice dancer, to be specific), so I’ve been to many skating competitions. He retired in 2012, though, so it’s getting to be a while. Usually, I was a spectator, although I did announcing at local competitions occasionally. However, I do take lessons in ice dancing just for fun, and have been on the ice in competition a couple of times myself, mostly just so that I could say that I had done it. I’ve been in the speed painting competitions at Gen Con most of the years I’ve been. I’m better at that that I am at ice dancing, but, in general, I’m really not much for competition. No, not really …
  24. Tomorrow is a Stargrave day, but other than that, the weekend is fairly open…
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