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  1. Thanks! The basing is pretty straightforward; it is just white glue and sand of a reasonable color, with the occasional Army Painter tuft and some Woodland Scenics flock glued over ~1/2 the base. It doesn’t take long to do, minus drying time, and is unobtrusive in battle games. Everybody was supposed to have a distinguishable unique shield in case I need to tell them apart for an RPG. Looking over the picture, some may be a little over-subtle.
  2. The next piece of my DBA 3.0 Bronze Age Libyan army has ben varnished and is ready for battle...as soon as 5 more stands of things get painted.
  3. This is unabashedly a nostalgia project, but there is definitely an appeal to getting a lot of miniatures on the table, and one of the practical benefits of simpler minis is that it is faster to get that done to some reasonable level. Today was a regularly scheduled off day, so I was able to put some time in on miniature preparation this morning. I finally have some Gondorians in process: Like the goblins, they should be pretty quick, and I’ll spend the majority of the effort on the shields. For Gondorians, they are going to the the uniform treatment, so that should also speed things up. While I am getting them primed, I still have the true orc archers to work on...
  4. I had to buy my own Humbrol enamels...Dad was/is a model railroader, so had cans of spray paint in colors like tuscan red or Pullman green, which weren’t all that much use for minis. I suppose Pullman green would have made bases...At least the model railroading meant that getting him to visit the hobby shop was never a problem. But yeah, in some respects I’ve been around since the beginning. I probably bought my first Minifig MEs in 1974, although the intention was to do Lord of the Rings battles with Chainmail. The D&D didn’t come along until ‘76, but we already had (some) miniatures when it did.
  5. I love mine, but it would take ME into my next life or two to build something like that. I’ve seen blog posts, though, by people who have, using a Geek Chic design that’s out there. If you can do it and time is easier to find than money, go for it... Most recent picture back upthread aways: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64666-house-tabletop-opens-the-gameroom-come-on-in-and-talk-gaming-and-paint/&do=findComment&comment=1899799
  6. The last of 72 painstaking acquired 1974 vintage Minifig goblins have finally been finished. This batch of a dozen went very quickly as the third batch of them I’ve done this month. I have ambitions to play some D&D as we played in in 1976, but with more and better miniatures, so I based this last crew individually for flexibility. I am tempted to do a grumpy old man routine about how you young people don’t appreciate how good you have things in sculpting and miniatures choice these days, but I won’t. I suspect that everyone does appreciate it. Nevertheless, like clanking away on my manual typewrite is fun, it’s been interesting to see what I could do with these guys, a process made much easier by the use of modern tools such as acrylic paint and a wet palette.
  7. I finished this troop of Libyans over a couple of lunches last week, but it took until today to have time to finalize the bases. These will be skirmisher (psiloi) stands for a 12-stand De Bellis Antiquitatis army to oppose my New Kingdom Egyptians. I need to magnetize a new storage box, since the Bronze Age project has now overflowed the first 4-liter Really Useful Box.
  8. I was able to take advantage of the holiday today to play at painting for a while. I got the last batch of a dozen little goblins finished, the tribe of shields with stylized mountains. After basing the first group on 1” bases, and the middle 4 groups on 60mm by 30mm group stands, I decided to give myself some flexibility by basing this last tribe on 3/4” (20mm) bases. I still didn’t get as far as doing the metal prep on the first dozen Gondorians today, but hopefully soon. In the meantime, a dozen orc archers, shown above, are likely to be finished next.
  9. Glad to see somebody is playing something...I missed my game club meeting on Friday while feeling under the weather, and I’m needing some inspiration.
  10. It’s mid-month check in time. I haven’t done anything with the French Revolution, but I have done 32 retro-Middle Earth goblins and orcs, and ~20 1/72 scale figures for Bronze Age or Fantasy, with basing in process on some of the latter. If I stopped for the month today, it would still be a pretty decent month.
  11. A quick Google suggests the answer is Etsy for a nice one, or Walmart’s Halloween department for a cheap one...
  12. A package of Hittites and Egyptians arrived yesterday, so that I can (someday ) round out my collection of late Bronze Age armies for DBA 3.0. My son has been diligently working on creating his own set, and has been painting new Hittites this week (based for DBA rather than our “house standard”) to keep reminding me that I should be painting. Some army-in-progress shots here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89874-this-week-172-late-bronze-age/&tab=comments#comment-1911471
  13. I’ll have to go back and reread the WIP guidance info. Unlike the usual, though, I wasn’t expecting it to be a call for help, and it wouldn’t necessarily be show off since things might not usually be completed.
  14. Looking over randomness, I am sort of surprised there isn’t a perpetual ”what I was painting today” thread...
  15. My father’s model railroading hobby led to a lot of father/son bonding time visiting hobby shops. That’s how I ended up investing my allowances in boxes of Airfix 1/72 scale plastic figures. That, in turned, prepared me for a chance encounter with a 5th grade classmate in 1971 who had a book of rules. The rest, they say, was history...followed eventually by fantasy after Messrs. Arneson and Gygax did their thing...
  16. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89874-this-week-172-late-bronze-age/&tab=comments#comment-1911471 Mostly that, but I did select the next batch to work on.
  17. I gave my older son a copy of the de Bellis Antiquitatis 3.0 rules for Christmas, and he has been inspired to dust off our joint 2009 project to do Egyptians vs Hittites in DBA. That did entail rebasing some chariots, and it looked like they might look lonely on the 60x80mm stands (vice 40x60 we had been using), so I painted 8 Egyptian infantry to serve as chariot runners and put two on each base when I rebased yesterday. Since I had some unfinished Libyan archers from BITD, I dusted them off and did four as two light infantry stands, to start an opposing army of my own. I picked out the rest of the Libyan foot last night, but they’ll need a chariot converted from an Egyptian one (most likely). In between those tasks, I also put a quick paint job on a Bones hordeling, who looks like he’ll be happier facing 1/72 scale opponents than heroic 28+mm figures.
  18. I hope a little thread necromancy is acceptable. Since it’s January, I went through my game records to see what I actually played last year. Of the 45 miniatures games I participated in (played or gamemastered), it looks like 19 were historical, if one will accept 18th century imagi-nations as being history rather than fantasy. Of the 19, 13 (?!) were the aforementioned imagi-nations, the same figures being played with three different sets of rules: A Gentleman’s War by Howard Whitehouse (9 games); With MacDuff to the Frontier, home rules by my friend Ross Macfarlane (3 games); and one game with Charge! (Peter Young, 1967), the rules for which the figures are primarily organized. I also ran 1 54mm medieval skirmish game using Medieval Mayhem, my own home rules. I was in 1 25mm Dark Ages skirmish game using Saga (1st edition), and 1 25mm Dark Ages battle game using a different collection of figures with Dan Mersey’s Dux Bellorum rules from Osprey. At conventions and club meetings I was also in three other random historical games using rules and figures I don’t own. In the late fall, my younger son picked up a copy of Phil Barker’s De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) 3.0, since he was considering reviving a medieval Spanish (i.e. El Cid) project, and wanted to keep it manageable in his grad student space and budget. I’m not sure that he’s picked up a paint brush yet, but my elder son and I also got copies of the rules (to update our DBA 1.0), and have been starting to revive a 13th C BC Egypt/Hittite/enemies project in 1/72 scale plastic. We usually play a fair bit of Hordes of the Things, the related fantasy rules, although not too much last year as we were preoccupied with A Gentleman’s War. I painted at least some figures for several of the historical projects, 40mm imagi-nations, 40mm French Revolution to be used with A Gentleman’s War, 25mm early Dark Ages for Dux Bellorum, and 25mm later Dark Ages for Saga. I’ve been working on 1/72 scale Egyptians etc. this week, and need to get back to the French Revolution. I’ve also got one stray stand of 3 Dux Bellorum horsemen on my desk.
  19. I haven’t, but I’ll have a look around ...
  20. So, in this group, families probably do have these discussions. Son and are a reviving a little Bronze Age project, leading to a shallow dive into available cloth dyes for plausible painting: https://www.academia.edu/30917356/Aegean_Dyes_Unearthing_the_Colors_of_Ancient_Minoan_Textiles Lunch project, sample 13th C BC Libyan...
  21. It would depend on how you count them. We’ve got a closet of boardgames, and have played Ticket to Ride, Wingspan, Seven Wonders, and Carcassonne out of it in the past six months or so. (My partner will play boardgames, but not the other categories.) In card games, Magic, Keyforge, and Euchre. In RPGs, I’m only in one active, a D&D derived homebrew, but my collection is substantial (and in need of a thinning....). In miniatures? Lots. Ghost Archipelago, This is Not a Test, Perilous Encounters, Dragon Rampant, A Gentleman’s War, Charge! out of my own collection (at least) and I’ve been to club meetings and conventions and played whatever in that time. Miniatures games are my primary hobby activity. I’ve got painted miniatures collections in about two dozen combinations of period and scale, and most of those are capable of supporting play with more than one rules set, with my rules collection being vast. I am between computer games; the last operating system upgrade on my computer wiped my Civ IV, and I haven’t replaced it with a newer version in several months so far.
  22. ...and the 5th (penultimate) band of goblins is ready to take the field. The last unit has hit the desk; with any luck I’ll have them done this week and be ready for the next orc category. At some point I should start some Gondorians to have another opposing force...
  23. The 31st was a bit optimistic; elder son today suggested that it might be nice if we leveraged the existing Bronze Age project into multiple DBA armies, so I spent most of the morning looking through my stash of Caesar 1/72 scale Bronze Age figures to see what might be achievable. As it is, I might want a couple of boxes of Hittites, and I just ordered some stuff from Michigan Toy Soldier, so it would have been nice if this burst of enthusiasm had hit two days ago so that I could have added them to the order. My younger son wants to work on armies of the Mediterranean in the 11th century for DBA, which led to a family text string regarding inventories of basing materials, which bemused my partner. Play is serious stuff in my family... At least the retro-Middle Earth stuff has been getting done the past few days.
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