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  1. After soaking my head in hot water for a while to loosen up my thoughts, I believe that the author of the article was Phil Olley, and that it was published in an early issue of Battlegames magazine. 

    Here’s a discussion of a similar Olley bit of advice:






    OK, found it, “A Project Too Far” Parts 1 and 2, Phil Olley, Battlegames magazine issues number 2 and 3, May/June and Juily/August 2006.  Available on Wargames Vault, one of the DriveThru RPG branches.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Great Khan Artist said:


    My religion preaches having a year supply of food. I also live in the middle of nowhere, so in the winter the fridge has 2 weeks worth of goodies. I even freeze cartons of milk (it works better with skim and 1%). It's gotten so bad that when food comes home, before it goes in the pantry, I write dates on it in black marker.  


    That seems like a good plan in general, although I usually only manage to execute it on packages going into the freezer (e.g. vacuum bagged meat and bulk-prepared soup).  I haven’t gone full-prepper, but, after 2020 my Maximum Credible Event for readiness went from being a 2-week hurricane event to being a 2-month pandemic lockdown event.  I still need to ensure that I cycle the medium shelf-life items, and writing dates seems like a “could do” level of habit...


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  3. 6 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 14th:

    Besides minis, what else do you hoard? Is it something you are aware you do when it happens, or is it something you realize after the act (i.e. open the fridge and say "wow, I have a lot of ketchup packets")?


    In addition to minis, I am also hoarding molds for minis, both current and vintage. For example:




    I need to spend some time getting the mold library organized before spring, so that I can find what I need when it’s time to cast it.


    I also am a bit of a book hoarder, but with two moves since 2013, I’ve managed to keep that a little more under control.  


    At least they are on shelves, with the history organized chronologically and the fiction alphabetically by author.




    At this point, I’m under a thousand volumes, down from a family peak of about four thousand.  That side of the library is probably 60% of the total shelf space spread over two rooms.  


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  4. Is it Tuesday already?  :blink:


    I set up a remote game with a friend in Nova Scotia on Sunday, using my home cast 40mm 18th century collection.




    That part of it was fine, and I was glad to get the first game for 2021 in the log book. Even digging the troops out wasn’t bad, because I am very good about getting the figures back into their proper labelled regiment boxes after the game.


    No, the depressing part was trying to find where all the scenery, markers, and auxiliary tools (such as magnetic movement stands) had gone.  I have not yet found the movement stands.  I need a week (or two) to tackle the storage situation and make sure that everything has a labelled home so that I can find it when I need it. ::(:


    This feels like a year to retrench.  Less is probably more...



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  5. 6 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 12th:

    How many starter boxes/armies do you have for games you never got to play? Estimates are ok if you don't feel like digging through your hoard. Or do you just like painting and never actually intended to play a game?


    Almost none...I have been in this hobby now for 50 years, and have seen the new hotness in gaming come and go so many times that I don’t get excited by new boxed set sorts of games.  They’ll be gone before I get around to painting them.  My vast hoard is built in the other direction, by period/genre, and what *I* end up accumulating are new rules that might be used with existing miniatures.  I think the most recent time I caved in and bought the new exciting thing was The Great Rail Wars box for Deadlands.  I did get all the figures painted, but never played. 




    That said, I did pick up an Age of Battles box last year at the flea market at Cincycon, since I got it for less than the two boxes of Zvezda figures would have cost at retail.  But it’s basically just raw material...like all of the boxes it’s stacked on, full of 1/72 scale scale medievals/fantasy/ancients. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 11th:

    They say to never lose your inner child. How frequently do you find yourself engaging in "childish" behavior (of the harmless variety)?


    Daily, if possible...I don’t actually track it, but I do try to at least keep my sense of wonder from scabbing over, and putting on ice skates or roaming around on a bicycle with no expectations never gets old.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Inarah said:

    There's also going to be limits based on the box size.  If you take out ten metal minis and want to put in 20 Bones figures, you may find there just isn't room for them.  Most of the boxes are already packed to overflowing. 


    Thanks Chaoswolf for organizing this again. 


    Yes, it’s time to split some of them in two.  Every box I saw the year before last was packed to the gills...


    So, generally, I think if you are new to the hobby, feel free to take somewhat more than you put back. 

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  8. 11 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 9th:

    Go to your unpainted hoard, close your eyes, and pull out a mini. What is it? Is it something you forgot you had? Pics are optional, but always welcome. (If your treasure trove is like Russian dolls, storage box within storage box, keep going until you get to a mini.)


    You don’t know what you are asking.  I resolved, without walking downstairs first, to open the top box in the middle row (since I had no idea what order they were in) and grab one from there.




    Turned out to be vintage Minifigs historicals, and the grab turned up a sorting bag of DA23, Irish Dark Ages Chieftains....





    I don’t specifically have a catalog number by catalog number inventory in my head, but I am generally aware that I have a cache of Minifigs DA figures.




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  9. 9 hours ago, VitM said:

    My state university was so large as to make any reunion meaningless as well, like @Evilhalfling


    I might note that I was in that boat as well, as the University of Michigan had 40,000+ undergraduates when I was there, but I have attended a couple of alumni gatherings of the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club.  That's a much smaller group with plenty of esprit, but so much so that when they gathered an alumni chorus for the 150th anniversary, the 400 guys were spread over 60 years of alums.  Overall, though, it was still a great time.

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  10. 5 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 6th:

    Have you ever been to a school reunion? Is it awkward seeing all the people you graduated with again? If you are from outside the US, do they do these reunions or anything similar in your country?


    I went to my 30th high school reunion.  It was ok, but noisy and somewhat awkward.  There were enough people I hung  out with (so to speak) to make it interesting.  As far as I know, they didn’t organize a 40th, so I didn’t have to decide.  50th is still a while from now, so we’ll have to see.  I’d be inclined to let the past go...


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  11. 14 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    One wonders, @Crowley, given that you got a much larger mini last year and that he requires/came with a lot of accessories, where do you store your collection in a NYC apartment?


    Granted, I probably shouldn't be too surprised, given that once-upon-a-time my sister managed to store more shoes than a Footlocker in her tiny Manhattan apartment. New Yorkers can be quite resourceful for storage.


    8 hours ago, Crowley said:

    I'll do an update on that probably next week, but the short answer is we got rid of the coffee table, and a storage rack thing and got a big shelving unit got the Hamsterling stuff.  Much of my stuff continues to live on the living room shelf where it started and a bunch has moved onto the top of my wardrobe.

    @ManvsMini, there were pictures of @Crowley’s storage etc back in this thread:




    subject to recent revisions, of course...

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  12. On 1/2/2021 at 12:19 PM, Crowley said:

    Then I think I'll try pulling out all the minis I painted this past year to get a group shot.


    My son did that, and posted the results to his blog on the 1st:




    I’ve got a log of what I’ve painted, but the results are generally too dispersed into storage boxes to be worth digging out. :rolleyes:


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  13. 7 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 3rd:

    One final query about last year, then we're putting that behind us! What's one mini/bust/box-set from your stash that you wish you had painted last year, but didn't get around to doing? Pics are welcome, but not mandatory.



    The most nagging unfinished 2020 project I have is this unit of 6 40mm cavalry home cast from Nuernberger Meisterzinn molds. They are intended to be British 1792 light dragoons, and I decided I would enhance their acuracy by extending the helmet crest around to the brim with green stuff, as on the front figure.  Clearly I am not cut out to be a sculptor, since procrastinating on that pretty simple little project has kept me from finishing all last year.  Once I finish these guys, the NEXT unit should be simple and straightforward by comparison.  The previous unit I painted took only a few days. :wacko:


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  14. 1 hour ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    Game day!!!  Another group gets summoned into West Marches styled hex crawl game.  Let's see if they cause as many problems as the first group did.


    I know what that means; I am curious whether most people here do.  If not: http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/


    I’m off to a good start today. I made buckwheat pancakes for brunch in response to my wife’s previous request, and I’ve been to the grocery store on a cautious supply run.  I’m taking up a 2021 reading challenge by Gretchen Rubin, and have been working on getting into the habit of reading a book with the first cup of coffee in the morning, rather than news and discussion groups. As a result, I’m nearly done with Victory in the East: A Military History of the First Crusade (John France, Cambridge University Press, 1994) and happily I already have a cache of Zvezda 1/72 scale siege engines and castle models in case of uncontrollable inspiration. ::D:


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  15. I have an end of year summary and general plan for 2021 posted on my blog:




    With December having been devoted to baking rather than painting, I am hoping to get back into hobbying again this month.


    To do list:


    1/72 mercenary “free company” (8 figures, one stand) for my ongoing fantasy campaign

    12 vintage 25mm Minifig “true orc” archers, for the Tolkien project

    6 40mm French Revolution era British Light Dragoons, who languished all last year



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  16. 6 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Question for January 2nd:

    What piece of hobby equipment did you use most last year? (A brush does count if you are so inclined.)


    That’s a tough question...it wasn’t a terrible year for painting, so brushes got used more than dice :rolleyes:, but I’d have to think that a more realistic answer would be “a pencil” because I spent more time doodling about plans, or “reading glasses” becuase they get used for hobby reading, painting, and the aforementioned doodling.

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  17. Most of my 2021 goals would have to do with recovering from 2020...which is to say, I need to lose some of the sourdough weight, get back to ballroom dancing, skate more, and do some longer bike rides.  So, generally, be more active and eat more sensibly.


    But I also intend to set a daily reading goal.  I did better this year, but still spent too much time idly doomscrolling.

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  18. 9 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    December 28:

    How did you spend new years last year? What are your plans for this year, if any?


    Last year (and several years before that) it was dinner and dancing with our ballroom buddies.  This year, that won’t be happening. We’re probably having a remote family Board Games Arena night, which scratches a different fun itch entirely.  I’m really missing ballroom...

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