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  1. My son and his wife came up this weekend; when we were done with the baking we had ~90 dozen cookies in 14 varieties. (“Marzipan cookie” strawberries not shown here.) Between us we had done 6 in advance, so 8 in two days, cut a little short by a Ghost Archipelago game on Saturday morning.
  2. She’ll look fine at tabletop ranges, and the pink part came out well. Personally, for lining around the hand in the back and so forth, I’d have gone with something a little less contrasting, more like you lined the neckline with on the front of the figure.
  3. Now I need to build the ones from the first set, and the Halflings expansion...
  4. So reducing the picture size has left the actual minis pretty hard to see. Any interest in closer up shots? I was interested to note that I don’t get distracted by the differences in depiction across the companies too much en masse; the use of related color schemes ties them together more than I expected...
  5. What I usually do before adding foliage, which will certainly do a lot toward rendering the integral bases inconspicuous, is to fill the rest of the base with white glue and sand. The glue holds the sand in place, and the sand doesn’t shrink when it dries. Then add the foliage...
  6. My brother and I have been considering a Battle of the Five Armies game for a while. I decided to assemble the orcs/goblins/wolves for a grand muster today to get a count. Looks like 325 foot and 36 wolves representing ~5 manufacturers.
  7. It’s a slow day. Next weekend is the big Christmas baking event, but I’m getting a head start with some of these pecan/potato chip shortbread cookies.
  8. Got the cat dragon and tree...don’t know if I’ll be able to do another order; depends on reading some rules and planning a warband while the sale is still running...
  9. Well, I need to paint Christmas figures for the Christmas village (er, Fantasy Winter Festival village), and 40mm French Revolution troops for Huzzah in May, so naturally I painted part of a third project at lunch today...
  10. The ghosts don’t do much for me Christmas-wise, although Christmas Present looks like she’d fit my Ghost Archipelago crew nicely. I’ve got at least $50 in my basket (if it hasn’t cleared), and it probably wouldn’t be too much to go for $100, so Cat Dragon 2 and the Orna-bots? Oops, it has cleared...and I didn’t capture it, so have to recreate.
  11. Well, I ended up finishing three terrain pieces and a vintage Minifigs ent, as well as finally getting a varnish coat on my four speed paint figures from Gencon. Pictures at my blog: http://sharpbrush.blogspot.com/2019/11/november-activity.html I also got in one game, so it was a pretty subdued month. On to December.
  12. So, once upon a time, there was an imaginary country called "Schoeffen-Buschhagen", somewhere in Not Quite Germany...(Map by my older son.) OK, I won't really tell it that way.The real world story of this army is that I picked up a set of Prince August molds for 18th Century "Irish Wild Geese" in 1990-1 sometime, and my older son was a baby. Thinking to myself, under the influence of wargaming magazines I was reading at the time, that it would be fun to do an Old School imaginary countries game with him, when he was a little older, I set to work. Happily, Chris Palmer came along to pitch in in the mid-'90s, because it took longer than I was originally expecting. But my son, and, eventually, my second son, grew up to paint and play with these figures... We were using units of almost 60 infantry or 30 cavalry, so there was a lot of casting and painting to be done. Eventually, we maneuvered by regiments on large tables. Here older son's light infantry in muted organs guard the flank of an advancing unit of Wiegenburg infantry (in white, younger son's unit) with one of my regiments (blue and yellow flag) beyond, and backed up by a regiment of mercenaries (we acquired someone else's similar abortive project at a flea market, flag by older son). With some help from another club member, we built a section of fortress wall for sieges, and the brothers can be seen here planning their attack. Schoeffen-Buschhagen dragoons, supported by S-B infantry and younger son's Wiegenburgers attempt to force a bridge against another club member's troops, in an exciting game at Chris Palmer's house. Chris's green-coated North Polenberg troops can be seen in the upper right in the distance. Family gaming as originally envisioned, 28 years later... S-B infantry advances against older son's Wachovian foot, in field maneuvers (not a battle, since we are traditionally allies).
  13. I trust you're aware that Iron Wind Metals still has the Ral Partha Shadowrun figures available, if you need to expand.
  14. My partner and I went to have Thanksgiving dinner with my son and his new (July) wife yesterday. Apart from it being about a two hour drive each way, it was nice, and I only had to bring back a few leftover dinner rolls. (Bread pudding?) It does mean that I need to figure something out to eat today...probably a big vat of lentil soup in the instant pot. I'd like to celebrate Buy Nothing day today, but I think that the project du jour is going to be Christmas cookies, and there are a few supplies I'll need, so a trip to the grocery store will be on the agenda. In between kitchen sessions, I'd really like to get some paint on some miniatures today. I haven't finished anything in several weeks, and have scarcely picked up a brush. At least I've had a game in the meantime.
  15. Nice! Congratulations! I sold off my Harpoon stuff a long time ago, but remain a Traveller fan. Of those, I’d probably use The Traveller Book (I have a new Print on demand copy from DriveThru RPG so it doesn’t matter if something spills on it...), but I’ve spent a lot of time with MegaT as well. If it’s pristine, though, hopefully you have the errata pages if you go to use it. There are 8 Alien books, by the way...6-8 are Solomani, Hivers, and Darrians respectively.
  16. So it’s been nearly a month since I had a game. Elder son drove up today for some Dux Bellorum and to collect a free turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Saxons against Romano-British; a tough fight overall...
  17. Now that the renders are showing, I’ll need a hireling/henchman set...when we have time to play here, it’s usually original D&D (0e...) rather than anything more recent.
  18. You might also consider getting a bottle of brush-on primer. That could tide you over for a few miniatures in a pinch... I have spent a good bit of time on the road for work as well. I've put together a travel paint kit for such opportunities: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72131-travel-paint-kit/
  19. I’m also on the W&N series 7 000 as the “tiny” brush, though, as mentioned above, paint dries fast in those quantities.
  20. Hmmm... haven’t made these in a while...more spread than I expected, and a little bigger, too. Tastes right, though...
  21. I reread The Last Hot Time fairly recently, but haven’t reread The Dragon Waiting in decades...
  22. Apparently this post has been seeding an idea in my brain all week, because I’m making some peanut butter cookies myself today. My partner and I are going out dancing this afternoon, so I’ll have a chance to bestow some elsewhere, with a cut for my ice dance coach tomorrow. It’s been a baking day in general; I made whole wheat buttermilk biscuits as part of brunch this morning as well:
  23. Soup is always good, and I agree about being willing to drink the cooking ingredients. I had to go back for a second slice of bread after the trial end, so pretty good. One of these days, though, I need to read up on bread theory, so that I have more control over the results at the mixing/kneading stage. That’s usually a good choice, too.
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