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  1. I go back a long way...a very long way, so I’ve seen some doozies in the primitive age. The 1973 Minifigs orc with sword in the front row is pretty sad, although I’ve done what I can with them:
  2. Perhaps? I don’t remember when I started doing that; my first dungeon didn’t have it on the earliest levels, but eventually (before 1979) did, at least for stone sections internal to the trace: Later I also started outlining them; a doodled dungeon here from a 1987 notebook: In both cases, it looks like these were done with my habitual 4-color pen, though mostly using the red, blue, and black. The green block in the first one is a patch of green slime, but I apparently didn’t think a key was necessary and have no idea what the solid red rectangle in the corridor in the lower center of the first map was supposed to represent...
  3. So, looking over the Kickstarter enthusiasm thread, I wonder how many new folks we have drifting in, and whether we should encourage them with a “ What to do while waiting for Bones 5” discussion.
  4. So, I am usually painting for miniatures games, at least theoretically. If you are mostly painting for fun, this may not apply, but I usually have several figures on the table (or on the same craft stick) at a time and will add some color to several figures as long as I have a brush wet. Usually, I’ll just go along until something is nearly (80%) finished, and then I’ll stop adding across figures and finish the one. Sometimes they are very similar, as above, and sometimes not: As you can see, two figures out of that group reached the “finish it” level previously. The advantage is that things make progress even if in the background, increasing the overall speed. The disadvantage is that things often spend a long time in the ugly intermediate stage. I also log all the completions, even if I’m not pushing particularly hard on anything. In fact, the current page shows figures from at least five different projects in three different scales, so no concentrated effort there...
  5. I like the rogue, the landsknecht lady, the cockatrice mini-encounter, and the wildfolk in particular. Guess we’ll see if it grows on me over time as the pledge manager remains open...
  6. So, B&B is a small warband skirmish game. To play as envisioned, you would want two players’ worth of miniatures (typically 4-6 per player), a set of polyhedral dice per player as skills are rated in die-types from d4 to d12, the rules, and 3x3 (90cm square) play area with a fair amount of terrain. As an example, here is one of the battlefields my brother and I used for games at Gencon this past summer: While you are waiting for these miniatures to arrive, you could always order a few of the existing ones. Oathsworn’s customer service has always been first rate!
  7. Flocking...I basically just wiped it in with a finger, and then the final varnish coat holds it in place.
  8. Rob Dean

    Mixed bag

    After yesterday's work on the Bones 4 scenics, I dug around and finished off the first of a set of resin buildings I got from an Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter a year or two back: I also finished basing up a seriously vintage (ca. 1974) Minifig Ent: And, finally touched up basing and finished off my Gencon speed paints: From left to right, a Word preliminary round figures, a Reaper preliminary round, a Wyrd final round, and a Reaper final round. (So, 45 minutes on the preliminaries and 60 minutes on the finals...I added names to the two preliminaries; retitled the Word final, and attached the Reaper final to a Frostgrave-themed snow and rock base.)
  9. Cedar Point; haven't been there in decades, but, yes, an amusement park day is probably pretty pricey these days, and comparable to shows, etc. If by "slow burn purchases" you mean that a computer game will last quite a while before it's been "burned out" for you, then miniatures should be similar in the long run. So, yes, compared to that background, this could certainly seem like a lot of money dropped at once. (We will also hope that you maintain your interest for the next 18 months--what sort of miniatures work are you doing now?) After nearly 50 years in "this hobby" (since 1971), I'm confident that my interest will be sustained, as long as I remain capable of painting and/or playing, but it's not a small commitment if you're newer. Hanging out here is a good way to stay enthusiastic... Chris Palmer posted a few pictures from our recent game day, which I mention because the game I'm playing in them was originally designed to be part of a $100 challenge (less paint): https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64666-house-tabletop-opens-the-gameroom-come-on-in-and-talk-gaming-and-paint/&do=findComment&comment=1874872 Chris, by the way, has a long running blog on painting Bones, and he uses the craft acrylics: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/ Personally, I love the Reaper paints, especially the time you can save for gaming with the paint triads, but it is an area in which some economy can be practiced. (The other is to paint from a limited collection--I take ~20 colors with me when I travel, for example: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72131-travel-paint-kit/) Anyway, welcome to the friendliest forum discussing the greatest hobby. My imagination has been prodded by this one in a way that Bones 4, for some reason, didn't. Sadly, the real question is whether I will still feel that way when things finally deliver.
  10. So, back at the dawn of time, polyhedrals were hard to find, and TSR sold them along with the LBB rules. They all came from some science supplier, and all had the same color set: yellow d4, pink d6, green d8, blue d12, and white d20. The d10 as we know it today was still years in the future... Of my first set, I still have the 4,8, and 12: A little worse for the wear, to be sure. I don’t recall when we started seeing other dice..
  11. It looks, at the moment, like I’m in for: Bones 5 Core Set Townsfolk Troll Bridge Encounter Goroloth The Spiders of Emrith Kul Encounter at Gallowgard Pirate Ship Sirens Brinewind Extras (x2) Greek Odyssey Expansion Dark Depths Expansion Brinewind Expansion The Dungeon Dwellers and the other encounters are possible; as the deadline approaches I’d have to assess what games I’m considering out then. There are some fun pieces in Fan Favorites, but I think they will need to wait for retail. If Henchmen are unlocked, they are in, too. As far as budgets go, one of the things I have always loved about “this hobby” (and for me, that’s miniature wargames both fantasy and historical, and roleplaying games using miniatures) is that you can do a lot on a shoestring if you have to. The corollary is that you can squeeze a shoestring budget into some tight circumstances...if you’re committed to do so. Entertainment from the public library, or a few more potatoes in the beef stew would yield a project.
  12. Seriously? Look at it this way; my partner and I went out to a show last night and I sprang for an extra pre-show chat with the stars. Altogether, with dinner, we were up towards $400, and a Broadway show night is in the same ballpark. We did ballroom competitions a few times, and that was running up toward a thousand for a day of having judgmental people tell you what you were doing wrong. On an hourly basis, miniatures are the cheapest hobby I have, and that’s just counting the crafting time. Add in game playing (if you do that) and it’s even better/cheaper.
  13. You can get started now with the existing underwater figures, like the Kraken or the Dragon Turtle, and a swarm of fishmen, so that your adventurers are ready to put to sea as soon as the ship arrives...
  14. I started strong this weekend with some terrain work, and I grabbed a handful of human-sized Bones 4 figures. Beyond that, I don't think I'm planning; just going with the flow this month and hoping to get more done without worrying too much about what's NOT getting done.
  15. And when the dust settled, that was it...1/72 spearmen finished and based, 8 Romano-British, and a little relaxer batch of 5 1/72 fantasy individuals...Neither my best nor my worst month, so call it a success and move on.
  16. Tufts are very handy to have about... As far as I can tell, neither of these pieces have SKU numbers yet. I was interested to note that the ruined shrine seems to fit better with my 1/72 fantasy set-up than with my Bones. The Bones guy (a bandit from Bones 4 townsfolk) looks like he'd fill up the door, and the whole thing has the air of a roadside shrine. For the 1/72 scale Caesar adventurer, it's a respectable ruin.
  17. BTW, I fancy the Catfolk duelist as Puss-in-Boots...
  18. So, I still want the launch... I had a sudden inspiration that it could be an hourly core set add in, thereby triggering a bunch of on-the-fence people to add ships, Dark Depths, and Brinewinds. Were there more otters than ended up in Brinewinds III?
  19. I knocked these out quickly this morning to take advantage of the Bones 5 enthusiasm:
  20. Yup, moving right along. We should have an unlock before I’m done with my ice dance lesson at 5:00EDT (2100UCT...) In anticipation, I pulled out Bones 4 to get started on some things...
  21. Each year, I hope that it will be cold enough for long enough to freeze ponds around here deep enough to skate on. It's been years since that happened, though... Shrug. I now live loosely in the Philly area; it's not really cold enough to skate.
  22. Down to $1500 or so... I gather we’re expecting that small boat in Brinewind, consensus best guess?
  23. So the good news version of this is that it’s already a success for you, regardless of any additional unlocks?
  24. Regarding the ship/hat thing, back on New Year’s Eve in ‘93, friends of mine hosted a “Come as your favorite Magic card” themed party, so I built and wore the Pirate Ship as a hat... As cardstock, it was troublesome enough. I’m not sure about 4 pounds of Bones....
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